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Forcing Trump's Hand, Sanders and Dems Intro Bill to Lower 'Outrageous' Drug Prices


Forcing Trump's Hand, Sanders and Dems Intro Bill to Lower 'Outrageous' Drug Prices

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During campaign, Trump said Big Pharma was "getting away with murder." Now he has a bill to support that would actually do something about that.


Consider giving free public screenings of the documentary, Big Pharma. This is a topic that will resonate and can lead to more public support for single payer , a.k.a: Improved Medicare For All



I want to assess this bill’s chances of stirring Trump.

But the dude is so full of horseshit, I can’t.

Is this country a mess, or what?


But . . .   But . . .   It’s not “OUR” government, it’s THEIR government – bought and paid for 100% legally with “campaign contributions” – so what’s the beef??


If the soul and heart of people like Bernie Sanders and Robert Weissman cannot break through “that” mind, then nothing can. I will be completely shocked, but I welcome being that kind of shocked, if this Bill is signed into law. THIS president has no heart, no soul. He is empty, devoid of humanity. So I’m not going to hold my breath, but I welcome the challenge that Sanders and others have put before him. He must be challenged on these very, very important issues, and challenged every single day. Do not let him rest for a moment. He wanted to “be” top dog for a day. Now let him face the consequences that brings on. PUSH HIM HARD!


Bernie actually has several bills introduced on this topic. S2011, the bill referred to here, provides for Medicare to negotiate drug prices (a common proposal) - but more interestingly, it creates a public option for producing drugs. It’s that last part the makes the bill more exciting to me.


Thanks to likes of Cory Booker, et al, this bill won’t pass either, but I appreciate Bernie trying again.