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Ford Revealed as Funder of Climate Denial Group ALEC


Ford Revealed as Funder of Climate Denial Group ALEC

Nick Surgey

Ford Motor Company, despite its much-hyped commitment to the environment, has been quietly funding the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a group widely criticized for its promotion of climate change denial and for its opposition to the development of renewable alternatives to fossil fuels.

A Ford spokesperson, Christin Baker, confirmed the ALEC grant to the Center for Media and Democracy/PRWatch, but said that the funding was not intended to be used by ALEC to block action on climate change.


Quelle surprise. Just "follow the money."
Ford Motor company gave the world, Nazi Germany rather, Ford-Werke. Anything for a profit, including aiding a racist dictator.
I would not be surprised if Ford was complicit in helping the oil companies buy up the highly efficient and user-friendly trolley lines in Los Angeles just to dismantle them in order to plunge that coastal city into the traffic-jam, smog and carbon monoxide hell it has become. For a profit.
Like the parable of the scorpion on the frog's back, funding ALEC is in Ford's "nature..."
Be well.


Look beyond ALEC's climate change denialism efforts to see why Ford would support this organization. Anti-labor, anti-equality, anti-regulation of any type that infringes on unlimited profit taking at the expense of most of humanity.

ALEC is one of the most regressive organizations that has the audacity to put its efforts out in the open. Just think though, there are un-official and unknown alliances and groups that will remain hidden that are far worse than ALEC; re - the cabal of sub-humans that gave us the PNAC manifesto, who after kicking the boulder off the edge of the cliff continue to control the destinies of most of the world's current inhabitants.


I make a habit of going to the biographies of the auhors that write here on Common Dreams and seeing which of these "foundations" they work for. Far too many of them are compromised by the sources of their funds,

PR Watch itself just as example indicates it receives no funding from for profit corporations yet will accept money from Philanthropic organizations. Ford has such an organization. As does George Soros and other very wealthy persons who made their money via a corporation and by extension environmental destruction.

So while the authors points well made and I agree with them how can any of us anywhere trust that the funding sources of ANY group ,even those that seem to speak of things we might agree with , are not compromising what being said? This speaks to a major issue and that how much control that money has over the narrative. PR watch might not even exist without those funding sources so it like being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea but if one indeed "follows the money" virtually every road leads there.

The best we can do is to try and determine the motivations of a given individual when he/she writes on such matters because at the end of the day unless one lives entirely "off the grid" we are all compromised to some degree.