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Ford Supporters Descend on Senate Offices of Grassley and Collins to Demand GOP #CancelKavanaugh

Ford Supporters Descend on Senate Offices of Grassley and Collins to Demand GOP #CancelKavanaugh

Julia Conley, staff writer

Women and men from across the country crowded into the lobby of the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill on Thursday morning, affirming their support for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, who she has accused of sexual assault.

The Women's March, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and the Center for Popular Democracy all participated in the protest, where demonstrators chanted, "We believe Christine Ford! We believe Anita Hill!" before proceeding to senators' offices.


I really like and appreciate this smart move by supporters of Ms. Ford (and opponents of Kavanaugh) to put pressure directly on Grassley and Collins.

May this righteous protest effort spread and build until these right-wing unworthies withdraw K’s nomination!

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Show the elites we don’t want any more of their Great White Hope lawyers with checkered pasts of spoiled entitlement full of lies and deceit.

Dr. Christine Ford is seeking the truth to be revealed by a full investigation by the FBI.

Trump, the Republicans, and Brett Kavanaugh have no use for the truth, as the Truth will not set them free, it will show them for what they are.



Orin Hatch needs to have his outrageous doublespeak aired daily until he admits to his blatant hypocrisy.

And why aren’t Kavanaug’s lies enough to drop him? We are allowing a false idol president to negatively change our country, as bad as it already was. And the whole damn bunch of republican jerk offs need to go. They have shown us their colors. Many shades of greed, unwavering prejudice where they can assert it, and as much class warfare they are allowed to get away with. G


I think that Hatch’s magic underwear insulates him from awareness of his hypocrisy.

I believe that it is reasonable to have a rouge group of dirty, lying, mean spirited republicans in office somewhere at sometime. But how in hell do you get 30-40% of the citizenry to goose step along with them?
As political theater becomes more and more mainstream the level of anger will rise with it until something blows. Wait for it, wait for it. G

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The Grand O L D Party

1 Dianne Feinstein 85 years, 89 days Democratic
2 Chuck Grassley 85 years, 2 days Republican
3 Orrin Hatch 84 years, 181 days Republican
4 Richard Shelby 84 years, 136 days Republican
5 Jim Inhofe 83 years, 306 days Republican
6 Pat Roberts 82 years, 152 days Republican
7 Barbara Mikulski 82 years, 61 days Democratic
8 John McCain 82 years, 21 days Republican (RIP)
9 Thad Cochran 80 years, 286 days Republican