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'Foreclosure King' Mnuchin Put On Defensive at Senate Hearing

'Foreclosure King' Mnuchin Put On Defensive at Senate Hearing

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

At Thursday's hearing before the Senate Finance Committee, U.S. Treasury secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin was forced to defend his offshore holdings and his record at the bank dubbed a "foreclosure machine."

Can’t remember who said this now, but it was something like, when Mnuchin makes a mistake with complicated financial paperwork, he expects forgiveness. When a homeowner makes a mistake with the paperwork, Mnuchin forecloses.

Steve Mnuchin: ruiner of lives.


This Munchkin has no shame, no shame at all.

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One word for this diabolical non-human occupying a physical (albeit quite ugly) body: Mnuchin = Balaam (Hebrew devil of avarice and greed)


The republicans are obliged to reject at least one horrifying candidate to show that they aren’t stooges. Maybe it will be Mnuchin.