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'Foreclosure King' Steve Mnuchin Says Never-Before-Seen Surge in Unemployment 'Not Relevant'

This comment is too damn precious not to share: “Even in my best attempt to respect our leaders, I can only say that Mnuchin reveals his complete elitist, self-rightous idiocy once again. Last year he didn’t see the Trade War as negatively impacting the economy. He berates the 14-yr old courageous Greta Thurnberg. He continued to call for lower interest rates, without recognizing those consequences. And now he thinks $2T stimulus will somehow get the entire engine running full steam again?” Attributed to Trevor Bacon on Market Watch today. Thanks Trevor.


What logic, stay home from work as your business is forced to close. Told to stay home for safety reasons, but hey if you cant make it, get out there and expose yourself to the public with some half assed part time job. What a pathetic asshole he is I am really sick and tired of this in your face corruption and deceit !!


i have an acquaintance / sort of friend (friend of a friend)…
like me, a SOCIAL WORKER…she gave me, as I had personal troubles,
voluntarily $600.00 to get me through until I moved in with relatives…
She is on disability because of health conditions; she has worked with
prisoners, homeless elderly, and still is crazy about Trash…
why? being a devout Catholic, she loves that he is pro-“life”= anti abortion…(when we know he could care less one way or another)…
Myself and others literally scratch our heads.


Not voluntarily, at any rate.

Notice average males - fully grey by age 60 or so. Politicians? Most of them dye their hair every day with some comb-in something. PLEASE MARY, they are big queens!

So gross and disgusting. His wife must keep a vomit bucket beside their bed.

Imagine for a moment, that you are practicing social distancing in a crowd of 10,000 people, spread out necessarily over many miles, all cheering wildly as the guillotines are brought out and the criminals such as Mnuchin are lined up. What a show!


Scary to think Biden is considering establishment Dem K Harris for VP. More recently & possible but unlikely is Congress using capitol police to lock up this sorry corrupt con in jail for refusing to hand over the con man tax returns under a term called “inherent contempt”.