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Foreign Correspondent: Sex, Russia and Impeachment


Foreign Correspondent: Sex, Russia and Impeachment

Reese Erlich

America's largest city is abuzz over the latest revelations about Donald Trump's crimes. I'm here on book tour discussing Iran, but audiences want to know if Trump will be impeached.


Great piece. To anyone with eyes to see, Russia-gate is an obvious CIA/NSA/FBI PSYOP designed to promote the Democrats’ New Cold War against Russia.

It’s sickening & depressing to me that every single liberal and most Lefties are falling for it. Goes to show, if you re-package old school Republican BS, somehow link it to BS diversity politics, liberals will eat it like candy.


Excellent piece as I had all but given up hope that there would be articles like this on Common Dreams . The “Russians did it” meme is more then just a little tiresome.


the Beginning of the end, the walls are closing in, a tipping point, oh that made me laugh.

If you want Collusion look no further then these reporters using the SAME language.It like they all reading the same tele-prompter.


The Southern District of New York will be uncovering Trump’s crimes for at least the next ten years.

When they get through with Trump, he’ll be on the street trying to sell single cigarettes.

He’ll also likely be pimping out his kids.


Hey look at it this way – if he’s having to walk or stand all day he’s going to get a lot healthier, so he’ll actually live another 10 years! … Uh, only as long as he’s far, far away from power of any sort!


After researching the Russian/Trump history i find this article to be superficial and tabloid-ish. Dismissing the magnitude of the Russian internet influence, and, the interactions with Trump people as limited (!) and therefore irrelevant runs contrary to the documentation provided from other sources indicating its pervasiveness and, through social media mechanisms, and the omnipotence of huge sums of $$$$$, its power. Saying that millions of false, political postings receiving widespread public attention are insignificant is bizarre and summarily rewrites everything we know about the effects of social media and recent history.

Next time you read the “Russia did or did not” mantra, try researching the specific ways Russia and the Trump gang are/were connected, who the people actually were (what kind of people are they?Boyscouts or state actors?), and what their cooperative activities accomplished. Later, note that the articles you read don’t include them or other key items of obvious significance.
Working with the Russians, whether through capitalism or collusion is demonstrably comparable to working with the Mafia, except much worse. Actual Russian political statements verify this. Putin’s regime history verifies this.
Blaming Russia or Trump or neither misses the underlying crisis that is well documented elsewhere. I recommend Timothy Snyder’s, The Road to Unfreedom - each piece of media i have read since examining this book has confirmed what the author evidentially determines. This article is pulp and does us all a disservice.


Another useful idiot ? What puzzles me is why “liberals” would try to excuse dictatorial thug Putin ?


HI Edmundo, you know what’s really amazing and fun to read? How America went to Russia and got Yeltsin elected! There ws a really good article from TIME that used to be on line—but who knows now. It’s truly amazing and weird because that Gorbacheov guy and Reagan actually did some good together, the Berlin Wall came down-----so assuming Russia is the bad guy from the 1950s is kind of weird.
Are you sure all of those problems are Russian, because the and our own State Dept. have been dissing governments everywhere ever since Remember the Maine and Teddy Roosevelt…Read up an Americans Nuland and Powers with Ukraine, and the Hillary with Libya------ Albright with Afghanistan and the Middle East. The CIA since Kennedy has done a lot of what many see as negative stuff, and to tell you how lacking in sense the public is-----Bush and the media got people believing that Iraq flew into the World Trade Center. : (
People complain about Putin all the time, but when he took over in Russia, the economy was in the trash, and in not that long of a time—things did turn around for the People of Russia----Americans have been waiting since 2008----but Mr. Hope and Change would rather work with the banks… and so would Mr Swamp Drainer. Remember, the press doesn’t work very much for the People . : (


The Dimocratic Party has been crucified on the Birchers/Reactionary/Super Patriot cross for decades: soft on Communists, Socialists, " pinkos ", " bedwetting liberals " and scores more other jingoistic garbage from the MSM and RW Thinktanks. And, they’ve lost elections because of it. Landslides from corrupted and criminal RW elements like Nixon, Reagan and the Bush Mafia.
Now, they possibly overshoot the mark on Russian involvement in the 2016 election and they’re getting gut kicked from the left. Funny that, really.
I don’t know what the Mueller report will conclude about all that Russian borscht shit. I don’t really care. We’ve knocked their nuts off in 2018, in spite of gerrymandered and very unlevel playing fields. We’ve taken Trumpster and tossed him, his family and his ilk into The Towering Dumpster Inferno. Where he should of been put 40 years ago. If NYC wasn’t such a shithole place, that is.
A few down, a lot more to go.


If people want an example of how agencies that work on the behalf of Foreign Governments hoping to help shape the Government to ensure policies past are favorable to that Foreign Governmnet, look no further then AIPAC.

AIPAC will work directly and openly to defeat Political Candidates that they feel are not supportive of Israel enough.

Mentioning that apparently makes one “anti-semitic”


We can only hope so. Perhaps, his last words will be, “I can’t breathe.”


Dear fascist the very name depicts your curious stance to reality and reflection of your values.

At least from the name it is underood why you like Putin, but do not pretend to be a liberal.

Please continue your echo chamber of dems are bad Russia is good , reality though is different and it is treasonous.


Read Snyder’s The Road to Unfreedom then get back to me.
Absent is any comprehensive, detailed analysis but instead
$4700!!! Pearl Harbor!


Unfortunately you went off on a tirade that had nothing to do with what i said.
Remember that recognizing Russian activity and threat does not ignore America’s corruption. Read Putin’s political philosophy from 2010 on and show me how constructive and noble his politics are.
Apparently, according to you, if the economy improves under a dictator, things are good.
But, do read Snyder’s book, connect it with recent developments, and get back to me about how Russian influence is irrelevant and okay.


If you want to see foreign collusion, you need look no further than Israel.


Frankly, I think even those who’d been braying that “the Russians did it” never believed so. So news that Americans generally don’t fall for that “Russia meddling” story is unnecessary.


HI Edmundo, I have watched Putin in the sense that he’s not trying to bomb everything, and seems more interested in building his economy. and protecting his borders. However, since NATO and war hungry politicians seem to want to be right at the border of Russia, that seems very strange.
I see how China and India and Russia are working on their economies together and looking to their side of the world—and who can blame them as America seems to suffer from believing that this nation is the King of the World. When a nation spends 60% of his money on the military and war building, and have insane unaccountable bookkeeping methods( aka LYING) ---- this does not help the People or the environment. Those are 2 things that need
help now as people here are suffering.
I don’t see Putin as a dictator, but I do see an improved economy in his and other nations that are not spending time and money on war That would include, America, the UK , France, and Israel.
I am against all wars as they solve nothing–but the people and the planet are injured, and often are terminally injured.
I try to look at a lot of viewpoints, but I am appalled at the major media in this country and often that in much of the world too.I don’t read political philosophy because what most say they believe in—they do not do. Perhaps it was Obama coming after Shock and Awe Bush—but I don’t see any democracy anywhere-----just a bunch of people who say what they will do----but then they do not. : (


Thanks I guess it is an upgrade from “the idiot” !


As they say you had me at hello [quote=“stardustIBID, post:26, topic:58481”]
he’s not trying

Really ? What about Georgia, Ukraine and Syria , never mind Chechnya.