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Foreign Correspondent: The Russians Aren’t The Only Election Hackers


Foreign Correspondent: The Russians Aren’t The Only Election Hackers

Reese Erlich

Welcome to the latest Washington crisis. The American people are supposed to be petrified at the threat posed by Russian spies who hack our emails, buy ads on Facebook and impersonate Americans in chat rooms. The evil Ruskies have the audacity to use phony websites to divide us over issues of racism and immigration — as if we aren’t perfectly capable of doing that ourselves.

And these no-goodnicks are getting ready to do it all over again for the 2018 elections!


The rough numbers are that the US is five percent of the world’s population and uses twenty percent of the world’s energy consumption. The only way this is possible is by controlling large swaths of the rest of the world by hook or by crook–and the US uses both to “defend” its “national interests”. Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States is an excellent place to discover how the country’s internal and external dynamics reward the “national interests” at the expense of peoples everywhere.


Gaping holes in this article. Neither Levin nor Erlich refer to the massive US interference in Russia’s elections to install the compliant stooge Boris Yeltsin.


Note, too, that some of the very same Democrats who are feeding “the Russians did it frenzy” are the same Democrats who had no problem engineering regime change under the Obama and Clinton administrations. The Democrats have to keep using the Russians as the villain in the 2016 election because they still have nothing to offer voters in 2018, other than they are not the Republicans.


If the US used paper ballots counted in public by hand, instead of black boxes running proprietory software, “hacked elections” would never have become an issue.


My only interest is the Russian election issue is in using it as leverage along with money laundering to remove Trump from office.


Hope you like President Pence & hope you like nuclear war, bro.


Literally EVERY FREAKING LIBERAL/DEMOCRAT I KNOW is drinking the Russiagate Kool-Aid & they all have a big fat boner for Putin…meaning they will be on board for ‘Regime Change’ in Moscow or proxy war in Syria, or wherever else the Pentagon wants.

The worst part of the 21st century has been watching Democrats/Liberals becoming just as dumb, war-like & ideologically blind as the Republicans…perhaps even moreso.

We’re doomed.


"But there’s no evidence that the Russians succeeded in electing Trump, or even had a major impact on the elections.'
How could any citizen actually ever know whether any and all elections have been corrupted since the corrupted run the elections machinery without accountability and transparency? Voting machines just make the crimes even more impossible to detect. Looking for democracy.


Pretty clever of Putin to deliberately allow USA to install Yeltsin, & to allow USA/NATO to surround Russia with nuclear missiles, and to allow USA to orchestrate a coup in Ukraine…all to give Putin an excuse to spend a couple hundred thou on Facebook ads! A diabolical genius he is!


Hacking would not be a problem if there weren’t so many millions of dumbfounded dipshits out there (to misquote Maynard J Keenan) who are so easily manipulated by Facebook ads.


It is correct that it cannot be assessed to what extent Russia’s inference in the US election affected the outcome. It might have tipped the victory to Trump or it might have had little effect. It seems pretty clear that the Wisconsin ID law gave Trump the victory in that state. The law made about 9% of residents unable to vote and it had much more effect on African Americans than on whites. It has been estimated that it kept 100,000 people from voting in Milwaukee, where Clinton was strongest, and it kept about 200,000 people voting statewide. Clinton lost the state by 11,000 votes, I think the biggest factor in Trump’s election was his appeal to racism. Even in the Midwest many towns have seen a large rise in Hispanic populations and this has caused a lot of resentment among white voters who grew up in nearly all white towns. I thought Clinton ran a good campaign except for the way she dealt with the e-mail issue. She had a great convention, did very well in the debates, organized numerous campaign staffers in swing states, and made several very good speeches considering the fact that she is not a great speaker. She got Bernie Sanders on board and Elizabeth Warren. And she was willing to alter her platform to make it more progressive. The platform she ran on was probably most progressive platform any Democratic has ever run on. I think she got about 95% of Sander’s supporters to eventually support her which is pretty good. You can say but election day turned out to be a great day for the alt-right, the KKK, the neo-Nazis, the Oath Keepers, the Three Percenters, and just white racists and Patriot Movement types in general. It was a great victory for the white race if you look at it from the perspective of most Trump supporters. It was just not the best time to make “stronger together” your campaign theme. After Obama was elected the white backlash picked up a of steam and in 2016 it sent Donald Trump, as unqualified as he was, into the White House.


Clinton herself appealed to racists in the 2008 primary season, dog-whistling against Obama. And many of us still remember that she called African-American youth ‘super-predators’ back in the 1990’s. And seeing as Hillary opposed same-sex marriage till 2013, she is pretty much the George Wallace of Sexual Aparteid…

‘Inclusiveness’ was supposedly Hillary’s strong point. Don’t even get me started on her genocidal ‘foreign policy.’

The point is, maybe if the DNC had chosen not to go with a moral monster, there might have been a real reason for people to GOTV.

As it was, the Dems offered NOTHING.


“Hillary Clinton lost the election because Trump’s campaign lies fooled people. She ran a bad campaign, which failed to mobilize the progressive Democratic Party base.”

Democrats ran their neoliberal candidate and DNC operatives like Wasserman Schulz further corrupted an electoral process already laden with dirty tricks like superdelegates.

Trump won because disgusted Democrats didn’t vote, wrote in Bernie, or voted for Stein or even Trump.

Direct Democracy


Yankee disingenuity


Far more important, IMHO – but so far deliberately ignored by the MSM – the DamnocRats have NEVER den­ied the authenticity of those e-mails, which prove the utter corruption of Podesta, Dirty Debbie and the DNC in doing everything possible to thwart Bernie Sanders’ campaign and to hand the nomination to Krooked Hilliary,
a clever move which virtually assured Tweetle-Dumb’s victory:

And it doesn’t look like the DNC has gotten the message — at least not yet . . .

As noted previously, the voting machines in critical, usually-DamnocRatic districts in Cleveland and Cincinnati that went for the Lying Son-of-a-Bush in 2008 were supplied by Diebold — a company whose president at the time was one of Bush’s donation-bundling Rangers . . .



Your comment would be much easy to read, digest, and understand if you broke it up in paragraphs.

I dont know why this is so. But that blank space between groups of sentences really makes things better.

The basic unit of writing is not the word or even the sentence; it’s the paragraph.

I really shouldn’t be giving you helpful advice on how to improve the style of your writing when I so disagree with the content of what you write. Oh well.


Like this, maybe?


Lurx wil never concede that the DNC and the Clinton campaign carry large responsibility for the Trump regime.


I never use paragraphs either. I read that Trump before the election had ongoing discussions with Putin to build a large hotel in Moscow close to the Kremlin. I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine.