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Foreign Correspondent: Will Trump Bring Peace to Afghanistan?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/08/foreign-correspondent-will-trump-bring-peace-afghanistan

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Reese Erlich has his ear to the ground. Since he wrote this, Orangeman tweet-cancelled secret peace talks with Afghans, because of some attack, I guess. US negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad had been claiming to have the agreement all sewn up, just before it fell apart.

Doesn’t matter where you look: China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, California, or Afghanistan. This is where Orangeman’s legendary deal-making leads: freaking nowhere. You’ve been dealt out.

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Erlich sez:
“It’s not at all clear that Trump will agree with the plan, nor implement it if signed.”

Ayuh. The guy does have an established record vis a vis international treaties, after all. He appears to spend the bulk of his negotiating time dueling the capering demons that dwell under his corn-silk cap.

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No, there is no peaceful end to Afghanistan. We never should have invaded them for the crimes of a small terrorist group. This was always about strategic interests and resource control, never about human rights or democracy. Whenever we leave, the Taliban will take the country back over within six months. It is not possible to force Jeffersonian democracy on a people who do not want it (at least not a majority of them). We need to get out. NOW. I’m sorry so many Americans and our allies have died there in vain, but we need to stop the bleeding of our people and get out and leave the people of Afghanistan to whatever future they decide for themselves. We also need to get out of Iraq and all of the other messes we have made in that region. Just get out, close the bases and quit trying to run the World for our benefit, which is what we do. We have no right to do any of that, and it needs to be a major issue in the 2020 campaign, and we need to refuse to be shouted down when we call for a broad demilitarization of our foreign policy and outlook. We must become a good citizen of the World, and quit being the bully on the block.


What a joke. Amazingly there are still people in the media that take what Trump says at face value. The truth is probably that there were never any “talks” with the Taliban, or any other group in Afghanistan. Like his phony trade talks with China, the only place an afghan peace plan exists is in the imagination of Trump. Any time trump makes any claim whatsoever, any real reporter at this point should simply say “prove it.”
This whole Afghanistan pullout story was from the start a big nothing burger. We will not be pulling out of Afghanistan anytime soon. And even if we did pull uniformed combat troops out, we would still be leaving behind an expeditionary force of tens of thousands of paid mercenaries.
How many more times is the media going to fall for this bullshit?


Hecka of a lot more than one trillion dollars.
Our US air force transports, loaded with pallets of our paper currency, touch down and refuel in Afghan - then fly to Dubai to unload.
Afghan po;ice and soldiers had over 16,000 dead in 2018.
US army soldiers are in garrison.
Very few out in the hinterlands.
Sitting there, waiting to invade Iran.

How much peace has America given the world via the force of the gun since ww2?


The good news today is that John Bolton is out of the white house. There were remarks that he scuttled the taliban / US agreement for ceasefire. I commented that he wanted the US army there in afghan to attack Iran from the east when he went to war there.

What most Americans do not know - or are ever told - is that Pakistan is the instigator, strategist, supplier of arms, etc.