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Foreign Meddling in Our Vote? Remember How This Feels


Foreign Meddling in Our Vote? Remember How This Feels.

Peter Certo

Even in an election year as shot through with conspiracy theories as this one, it would have been hard to imagine a bigger bombshell than Russia intervening to help Donald Trump.


"We should remember that feeling as Trump, who’s spoken fondly of authoritarian rulers from Russia to Egypt to the Philippines and beyond, comes into office."

One problem with representative government of right or left is that liberal or progressive rulers don't seem to last long. Was Machiavelli right when he wrote "The Prince", advising the rulers to become authoritarian or be deposed? If true, the solution to authoritarian rule would be to stop relying on representatives to do the job that we the people can do with the help of modern technology.

Direct Online Democracy


I haven't seen any evidence to support the assertion that the CIA is taking a break from subverting democracy abroad. It would be an interesting change of course if that were true and would be worthy of reporting.


A few days ago, 5 major Russian banks came under denial-of-service cyber-attack from what is believed to have been a consortia including the USA.

Ho hum. I suspect Putin did it.

Reported yesterday in Al Jazeera.


They sure have never taken a break from subverting Democracy in the United States.

Or paid for what they have done, starting in 1963.


Gee whiz, an American who has the intestinal fortitude to stand up and recount history as it i,s not the propagandized whitewashed version you usually get from the MSM. Are there any other Americans who are not gross hypocrites? None in Congress, I know but just ordinary Americans unafraid to face the truth of their nation's enmity to democracy in other countries!


Never trust anybody favoring anything coming from the CIA!


'The CIA is accusing Russia of interfering in our free and fair elections to install a right-wing candidate it deemed more favorable to its interests. Yet during the Cold War, that’s exactly what the CIA did to the rest of the world.'

Come now, you are being much too timid, too coy!

Iraq, Syria, and Lybia in spades was/are the direct result of US interference. Jimmy Carter said that the US had interfered in more than a hundred countries and that was some years back.


The CIA which has traditionally stood for Corruptive Influence Abroad is now officially allowed to expand its scope of operation to the US. The CIA now has a domestic unit designed for Correcting Inappropriate Attitudes along with the NSA (NarcoticsSabotageAssassination).


The irony is that the entire article could run its course without the author apparently noticing that it would most likely be the serial election disruptor that is disrupting again.



This IS the History of the United States all around the globe. Going wherever "we" wished, and interfering however we could.

So this Russia Gambit is the very height of Official Sustained HYPOCRISY. In fact it might be said to represent the very lowest point insulting our quest for a constitutional democracy here, through the use of deceptive words, outright lying, and massive disinformation designed to keep our nation in the dark about our own past, while it distorts the present!

What our "leadership" did in other nations included not only "fake news" and outright lies from "official" sources, but massive cash infusion, instigated "civil unrest," ... and even murder! The case of the attempted kidnapping, turned murder of Gen. Rene Schneider in Chile, to prevent elected President Dr. Salvador from coming to power, comes to mind.

This is NOT speculation. It has been documented repeatedly ... for decades ... if not centuries.

If the people who conceived of, and committed these atrocities were ever brought to justice, we might not recognize our nation ... and its history ... anymore!

This not only puts the "mock" into "demockracy", with total disrespect for Our People and Our Constitution, there is little reason not to see this "Game" as a serious SECURITY THREAT to the U.S. on the same plane as the accusations leveled at those of foreigners we choose to call "terrorists." These ... are fully Domestic, however.

Given the threats it poses to our Constitution, and to both our political and social stability, this could well be seen as an attack, and interpreted by some ... as treason.


Here we go CD , we see a campaign of pro Russian articles doubting , minimizing or marginalizing impact of hacking on US democracy.

So far I have heard

  • no evidence revealed , must be untrue
  • why would Russians do it?
  • it is Democrats fault , insider or otherwise

Now comes , US also have done it!

So many doubt that Russia did it , so much conviction that US is at fault!


Adding that US interference in the internal affairs of other countries continues to happen and wasn't confined to the cold war period.


your presumption is meaningless.

What U.S. DID (not speculation) is long-term destabilization of elections & governments, not mere speculation of 'hacking' to reveal INFORMATION more damaging to democracy than any hacking itself.

Your msg only serves to sow doubt & accuse of creating non-existent "pro-Russiam" bias, in order to divert attention from the REAL threat of Dems' electoral cheating & lies they hope no one will notice ... because of their (and your) hysterical antics and speculations.

What Dems did during the primaries is real and observable and anti-democratic — no matter WHO said so. "Who" revealed the information is NOT the issue ... "what went down during the election" IS!

It is YOU ... who is marginalizing impact of electoral CHEATING on US democracy by the DNC & others on HRC's "team". Stop your games!


The CIA has been involved Correcting Inappropriate Attitudes, in the US, since its Allen Dulles led Nov 22, 1963 coup d'etat when their team murdered The Sitting President of the United States, well documented in James W. Douglass's 2008 work of Historical Non Fiction "JFK and the Unspeakable - Why He Died and Why it Matters."