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Foreign Secretary Refuses to Condemn Saudi Mass Execution



It's confirmed! UK Foreign Sec'y the complete set douche bag, douche hose and douche nozzle!


Well, look at the classification of terrorist. Any nation or government that objects to or opposes invasion of its land by the US Fourth Reich or any of its many minions automatically becomes a terrorist nation, subject to regime change or destruction.
* Any person who picks up a weapon to defend his family, home or community from attack is automatically a terrorist and will probably be droned, or overrun and killed.
* Until We the People of the World wake up and isolate the Empire of the Fourth Reich and all of its sycophants, this insanity will go on and increase.
* BDS works! Pay it forward and isolate all of the terrorist nations until they decide to join the community of nations and behave in a civilized manner. That could be a non-violent way to end this crap. Worth a try?


How can any member of our government condemn the targeted execution, if our drones kill with >90% "collateral damage" killings, - if they hit the targeted at all?
At least the Saudis limited their killings to those they actually wanted to execute. Their actions are deplorable, - no less, but "ours" are infinitely worse.