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'Foreseeable Train Wreck': Warnings That Ballot Technicality Could Toss Out 100,000 Pennsylvania Votes—and Throw Election to Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/25/foreseeable-train-wreck-warnings-ballot-technicality-could-toss-out-100000

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IT will not b e solved by voting.


If Trump wins the Biden supporters will call fraud. If Biden wins the Trump supporters will call fraud.

No matter the outcome the peoples on either side will sincerely believe massive vote fraud occurred. How can this be reconciled ? There no winning scenario.


It will probably be a close call and that big southeastern dick of a state, Florida, will probably win it for the orange Cheeto. Oh well, we are all used to bad news just about every day.


"How can this be reconciled ? "

Well, you’d have to go back a few weeks, starting with the postal fiasco, and somehow erase all mention of voting fraud from people’s minds and news coverage. (Quite a tall order.)

I may be missing something, but mail in ballots require following directions. If voters were careful there would be no naked ballots.

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An UNMARKED ‘secrecy envelope’ is not a bad thing. Its is nothing more than the mail-in equivalent
of rules that apply to in-person voting - the elections people for in-person check you are registered and have you sign a book that you have voted. The mail-in equivalent is the declaration of the voter on the
outside envelope. The elections staff on in-person voting don’t follow you to the voting booth and watch to see who you vote for. In the mail-in option the outside return envelope equates with what the check elections people do for in-person voting. The mail-in equivalent of in-person voting booth voting is
the opening of the secrecy envelope, and tallying the votes afterward. The mail-in option comes with
clear directions.

So the pandemic response, which was the reason Trump was going to lose, is turning out to be the reason Trump is going to win? This is the slapstick comedy that brings the collapse? Damn.


I just have to ask: what is a naked ballot? (Non USA citizen.)

Go away, fucking canuck! The Republicans are the ones actively corrupting the election. The Democrats are NOT. Just take my word for it - I live down here (in working class rust belt Pennsylvania - not oh-so fashionable and snobbish-yuppie-liberal Vancouver) and you, canuck, do not.

The either required or optional procedure (depending on the state) is that for mailed-in ballots, the ballot goes in an inner unmarked envelope, and the inner envelope goes in an outer envelope that contains the voters address, a bar code verifying the voters “registration” and most important of all, a line for the voter’s mandatory signature (I know, there is not even such a thing as “voter registration” in the world’s real, decent democracies).

When the mailed ballot arrives at the county election office (managing elections, - even federal elections, is the responsibility of the USA’s thousands of counties - yes idiotic) the outer envelope is scanned and the signature verified (they may even check it against an image of a past signature of a voter to check for forgery). They outer envelope is then opened, and the inner envelope removed and put on a pile of inner envelopes with the ballots inside. These envelopes will not be opened until the election day for coompiling the votes (via op-scan equipment). If they open an outer envelope and only find a “naked” ballot, not an inner envelope containing the ballot, the ballot is thrown out.

Many voters will get the ballot in the mail, and even after reading the instructions, will say: “this inner-and-outer envelope stuff is just silly! - I know better!” and only use the outer envelope. A fellow co-worker engineer who I thought was pretty smart even did this.

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Voting is just one of many tactics - but sometimes, like now, can be life-and-death important.

Ah so says the guy who helped elect a Fascist to power. Not only blaming Russia but now It Canadians to blame.

Perhaps had you not supported Corporations counting the vote count you could run one that was fair. Remember those hanging chads and the Supreme Court appointing Bush to power? That was not Russias doing either. The fact that Republicans are calling fraud even as the Democrats are calling fraud should demonstrate clearly to anyone that can think for themself that the system is broken .

Why even vote. Just get your Supreme Court to decide.

Stalin would have envied the system you guys have set up but hey, it what you voted for.

Just lock your doors come election night. One side is not going to be very happy and when that happens they just cant help but shoot off all of those guns.


Thankyou so much Yunzer for that info. So those uninformed people never get to vote and their vote is lost is how i now understand. So that is a big feature really, considering how many people might be discarding the inner envelope due to ignorance/awareness of its importance. How come they are so naïve.

WTF How is it that voting rules can be changed after people have already voted?
I see more than ONE court battle ensuing.

Rather like poetic justice, after all it was the Democrats in Pennsylvania who managed to have the Green Party pulled off the ballot. Oh the irony if they now lose PA to Trump anyway.


For what it’s worth, my apologies on behalf of my vicious, small-minded culture.

And perhaps you’ve noticed the tendency of the noseholders here to resort to ad hominem attacks early and often, accuse others of dishonesty without providing examples of what untruths have been expressed, and insist that support for anything other than their script is the product of Russian bots. I was even physically threatened by a blue-no-matter-who commenter here a few days back – you know, someone who detests Trump except for the part where Trump encourages violence.

And ironically, the only trolls I’ve actually seen here were the paid Pete Buttigeig operatives who swarmed in during the primaries. The right wingers who troll here can’t possibly be paid operatives: their argumentation is too obtuse to command renumeration.

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These are the same types that attacked Julian Assange as a fraud and Russian operative working on behalf of the Trump campaign. They hold no values other then “loyalty” to the Party. Any not of the cult are to be attacked. Good little Fascists one and all.

Oh and there no need to apologize on behalf of that individual. He has always been this way. He can’t argue any point on its merits so resorts to those type of attacks. It very Trumpian and Trump represents that type quite well with his own bluster. (Mexican Rapists, Muslim Terrorists , Fucking Canucks is all part of that same ugly subculture of exceptionalism)

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You have no business intruding in US affairs. Your assertion that the Democrats and Republicans are the same in this election is utterly lunatic, or maybe you are deliberately spreading nonsense for Trump.

I am an anarchosindicalist and so I am probably far to the left of you. So I know that Putin, Assad, Lukashenko or Trump, are not some kind of Salvador Allendes or Patrice Lumumbas, or Ho Chi Minhs - yet this sick wing of people who call themselves “leftists” rally behind these leaders of the members of the Fascist International. and the only causal connection between these vile individuals and this browning of the “anti-imperialist left” is the state controlled Russian media - notably RT. Meanwhile, on the right, they use other tactics - promoting extremist right wing Trump cultists So yes, Russia has a big role. They under Putin-supported neofascist, neo-medievalist “scholars” like Alexander Dugin, envision a word dominated by a “Fascist International” and an end to the Enlightenment era and democracy.

I have every right in the world to express my opinions on any topic I wish. Unlike the United Sates of America I am not sending in bombers or sponsoring Coups or proscribing sanctions just because some other Country elects a Government I do not like.

I would note you have expressed your opinion on Politics in Brazil, the Philippines, Australia, the UK , Russia Syria , China, France, the Ukraine, Belarus, India and countries too numerous too mention just in the past weeks. More of that “American Exceptionalism” one rule for you and a different one for everyone .else.

You helped elect a fascist to power and now you want to blame everyone else for it. Typical.

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