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Foreshadowing Paris, Failure in Bonn Chastised as 'Calamity' for Climate


Foreshadowing Paris, Failure in Bonn Chastised as 'Calamity' for Climate

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The final round of preliminary climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany came to a close Friday without much consensus on some of the most pressing issues, including cementing wealthy nations' financial commitments to guarantee assistance for developing nations grappling with the impacts of global warming.

The talks in Bonn represented the last chance for United Nations (UN) member states to settle on a draft climate treaty ahead of the upcoming COP21 talks in Paris, where leaders will finalize a global agreement on curbing global warming.


Obviously, the big corporations and banksters that run this world are giving us the finger saying essentially... Bring it on! They think they can survive in their wealth bubbles. They can't, of course.


This is a big test for Obama. He is the leader of the developed countries. I hope he has something in his bag of tricks to pull off a near miracle here or we are sunk. I would expect the the US and China to be working hard on this during the next several weeks. As they say, this is crunch time.


In the Tibetan book of the Dead there is an interesting passage about helping lost
or stuck spirits turn towards the light and make their way into it.

The comment paraphrased is that don't expect success, because
...when a person has spent their whole lives avoiding the light,
they actually become fearful of it, and there aren't many ways to help them choose it...


So, gridlock in Bonn: Anybody surprised?

Yeah, there's a lot of that going around. What they can remember is predation: There was TV coverage today of the French delegation in Greece, waiting to snatch up the remnants as they are privatized. (Vultures - like the ones in another article today on CD about the vice the Puerto Rican economy is in.)

On the other hand, a "teaching moment" is bearing down on the coast of Mexico. Good timing, perhaps? I couldn't say it half as well as redravensounds did:


I don't know. Obama hasn't done that well in his environment tests. We're probably going to get a lot more help from the likes of Bill McKibben.


The fable of the Frog and the Scorpion has never had a more apt parallel. The multinational corporations ignore the horizon of doom toward which we hurtle with no thought of turning simply because it is their nature.


Creating a movement to push political "leaders" to make hard decisions and make substantive significant policy changes, and corporations to change their ways is hard enough. But ultimately it will take a movement of people who change their own ways of how they live. This is particularly challenging in the US because Americans will have to make the hugest adjustments. So the movement should be modifying their live in practice for the necessary transformation, not simple demanding nations and corporations make change. Doing so now will not only push political/economic change, but also facilitate and make easier the transformational process.


I'll second that.


Hey, I have a solution. We stop all the nonsense activities and nonsense manufacturing... then, we go ahead and do the WWII style renewable production. Any one that has a problem with no more NASCAR no more professional sports... no more casinos ... no more stupid plastic stuff... can take a hike... as for the jobs that would be lost... there are multitudes of jobs that can take the place of all that... oh, I left out no more advertising... either... so that industry/career choice is out, too....
Ya' know, I bring up all these AS EXAMPLES... of a mind set that we humans have. We think we are going to beat this thing and still just live our lives the way we always have, having fun, having convenience... etc... Well, it is really way past time to wake up. REAL LIFE IS NOT PRETTY FOLKS... now, don't get me wrong. It can be very pretty at times... just overall... it is different than we thought... WE HAVE TO EVOLVE.... and to some degree that phrase has become passé. However, it is so true. The kind of evolution we need is SOCIOLOGICAL.... NOT NECESSARILY TECHNOLOGICAL.... So, we need to set our PRIORITIES..... WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT.... So, now I will add, that since there are ssssooooo many people who still do not GET IT.... I doubt very much, we will be able to make any dent in what we have to do in order to save ourselves..... because.. we are too far behind the eight ball... It would take billions of people WAKING UP AND OVERTHROWING THE POWERS THAT BE... TO SAVE THIS PLANET.... NO MORE ACTIVITIES THAT ARE SOLELY OF THE PURPOSE OF MAKING MONEY.... only those activities that are directly related to survival are acceptable... DOES THAT INCLUDETHE MANUFATURE OF COMPUTERS?.... I do not know.... WISH I DID.... WE ALL HAVE TO COME TOGETHER AND FIGURE OUT WAHT TO "DO".....


Ha!!! Good one....


Yep.... and Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio... ( so a I do... I am not being prejudice here...)


It has seemed obvious for the past several years that their isn't the political will to deal with this problem. It is down to individuals unfortunately to change their behaviour. Even the environmental organisations are dodging the real elephant in the room here which is eating meat. according to research carried out by worldwatch, the animal agriculture industry actually accounts for 51% of greenhouse gas emmisions and not the often stated 18%. This is something that NONE of the large groups like greenpeace or WWF are mentioning. Their sole focus seems to be on the fossil fuel companies. Of course this needs to be addressed too but as is clearly evident, the political will to tackle the hand that feeds them is not there. It's down to us but fortunately all we have to do is STOP eating meat and drinking milk. A vegan diet for everyone would decrease emissions by HALF! I understand that this is not something people want to give up and I love my cheese on toast but quite frankly when given a choice between a livable planet or cheese on f###### toast, I know what I'll be choosing!

To view the research, search for worldwatch animal agriculture report or watch the cowspiracy.


You're right, I suppose, and I'm not against that. I just wonder if it wouldn't be more effective - and humane - if we didn't have an effective mechanism, up to and including "death," for corporations.


"which the Group of 77 (G77) plus China coalition of developing nations"

China a developing nation? Bloody Chinese hypocrites. China likes to remind the world that it was a developed nation when the rest us of us were using stone toothpicks. China has invested in doubling its population since 1959 so it now has both a massive consumer market at home and a massive industry that has been ruthless in dumping all manner of pollution everywhere it could get away with. Both China and India need to face up to their responsibilities. Both countries have nuclear weapons, nuclear power stations, and very strong industries supported by a lot of people kept in poverty to enable cheap labour and high profits. But no, they are going to try to hide behind a moral high ground neither have any right to claim.


Obama leads nothing. He's a figurehead mannequin for pentagon civilian morale management.


So what do you want us to do?

I suggest a balanced budget and an exciting enough plan B to bring out non voters even if Bernie is shoved aside by upper class war hawk wing nuts.


There was such a delegate in one of the more recent conferences. From the Philippines IIRC. He made a very impassioned speech, IIUC he got a negative invitation to the Paris talks. (negative invitation meaning; don't you dare come and mention reality to us again.)


Oh, yes, Obama has plenty in his bag of tricks. And here is why he will commit only token US funds (and that will be in military weapons) "cementing wealthy nations' financial commitments to guarantee assistance for developing nations grappling with the impacts of global warming": he has too much money and military aid going to Turkey for terrorising the Kurds; he has too much money going to Israel for terrorizing the Palestinians; and he has too much money going to South Korea to keep the North Koreans terrorised; and too much money going to Pakistan to keep their own population terrorized; he has too much money going to Iraq for keeping the Iraqis terrorised. Of course, these five instances could be multiplied five times and still only be at the tip of that imperial terrorism export bonanza which is entirely for Wall Street's profiteering. So there is no more money to borrow for dealing with climate change. Obama will never deal with it. Neither will Hillary. Of course, the GOP will continue denying climate change even happens.


Anyone with even a remote understanding of collective human behavior should realize by now that climate change will continue unabated with the inevitable result that human civilization will be set back millennia if not actually destroyed. It doesn't matter any longer if there are possible solutions. They will never be implemented sufficiently to alter the future course of human history. Sorry for the doom and gloom but I believe I am being realistic.