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Forever AUMF Stalls at Senate Foreign Relations Committee


Forever AUMF Stalls at Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Renee Parsons

As the Forever AUMF 2018 (SJRes 59) (Authority for the Use of Military Force) continues to await action by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, one can only imagine the extent of the behind-the-scene efforts underway to sway those few wavering Senators who may be reluctant to go down in American history as voting to eliminate Congress’ sole, inviolate Constitutional authority ‘to declare war’. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11.


Nothing is Forever, especially, “this” Hate Filled administration and it’s need to create a War.


“Since more than half the Committee, fourteen of its twenty one members received a grand total of $3,397,755 from pro-Israel PAC’s as identified by the Center for Responsive Politics, whenever and if ever the final vote comes, it will be positively titillating to compare the vote and the money.”

U.$. Congre$$ = Optimal Return on Inve$tment


The fact that the Senate, with the usual Democrat war-monger faction on board, is seriously pushing this at a time when an impetuous adolescent is in the White House, shows just how deep the madness runs. They don’t just have blood on their hands, they’re swimming in it and want more. And they call ISIS evil. What a sick bunch of maniacs.


This article is about 70 years too late. Since the U.S. capitalist elites determined that our exceptional nation was going to be the last and only empire on Earth at the end of WW2, every post-WW2 Kabuki Kongress has abrogated its responsibility to declare war – and accept the many immense consequences of such an act.

Despite that (or because of that) the U.S. capitalist empire has been in a state of Permanent War since then as its grinds it way through the biosphere, controlling everything that it can and destroying what it can’t.

But it’s all Trump’s fault…


Saw a pic of what Dumpf would look like without his fluff combed down on top of his head, what a gross demonic looking perverted monstrous murderer for real.


Sounds to me like a precursor law to the Enabling Act of 1933. First, give the Executive unlimited war-making powers forever, without any need for any input by any other entity (which, to be fair, he already pretty much had), which this law clearly does. Next, just pass the equivalent of the Reichstag Fire Decree and we can officially call ourselves a dictatorship. All we really need is a single terrorist attack on our soil to make that happen.

Kinda shows you how flimsy our Constitution and other democratic “safeguards” really are, when it is this easy to destroy them, doesn’t it?


Not just that, the Pentagon has been unable to perform an audit since Congress mandated it back in 1992, yet these morons continue to give them ever more money without knowing where it is going.