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Forfeit Your Pay and Resign: An Open Letter to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg

Forfeit Your Pay and Resign: An Open Letter to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg

Ralph Nader

Dennis A. Muilenburg
Chairman, President, and
Chief Executive Officer
The Boeing Company
100 North Riverside
Chicago, IL 60606

Dear Mr. Muilenburg:

On April 4, 2019 you somewhat belatedly released a statement that “We at Boeing are sorry for the lives lost in the recent 737 MAX accidents.” You added that a preliminary investigation made it “apparent that in both flights” the MCAS “activated in response to erroneous angle of attack information.”


It’s fanciful, but were Muilenberg to formally resign in apology, it would show amazing attentiveness to principles of honor which are from some other planet, respective to Wall Street.

I know Japanese culture is no more admirable than my own in many ways, but it would not surprise me to see a Japanese executive behaving in the way Nader recommends, because at least some ruling-class individuals in Japan feel bound by principles of honor, some of the time. Never happens over here in the USA, Ralph. Not anymore.


The Seattle Times reported two days ago that Muilenburg is fully cooperating… with Boeing’s lawyers, who have him repeating accusations that the pilots are to blame because they responded inadequately when MCAS initiated the disasters. You can run, Boeing, but you can’t CYA.


Boeing did exactly what all corporations do - maximize shareholder value. The problem is, most corporations believe they have a “right” to profit, not a right to pursue profit. A kid trying to run a lemonade stand has the same right - to thin the mix for the lemonade, and use as little sugar as he or she can get away with. This can be done for thinner tires on cars, less varnish on guitars, et cetera. There is no statute requiring businesses to be moral.


I’m all for capitalism, but not for capitalism run amok.

Conscientious leadership is absent in too many companies.

Nader’s letter should be read in Congress.


I love Ralph Nader, and imagine how much worse the world would be without him. It’s appalling what some of these corporations do—and then get away with. As for their stocks—buying their own to raise the price-------who can believe any company with its stocks—as it appears that to buy their own is just to inflate appearance and gain a higher price.
Boeings own engineers were warning them about disaster-----BOEING—another company that is UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED!


Whew!! Give them hell Ralph!


Here is another interesting take on this issue by TruthDig. It acknowledges everything Mr. Nader wrote in this article but adds some more detail. Like the engine design. Here’s a picture of the engine in relation to the aircraft. Click on the picture to see what I mean.

And they thought some fancy software would solve that problem? Take a close look, and imagine seeing that from your airplane seat – very weird. And dead people.



excellent read. Thanks for the link. And you’re right - that picture just looks creepy weird!

After he ushered in an era of consumerism and control of corporations during the 60s those corporations, their media and politicians spent the 70s turning Nader into a pariah, thereby enabling them to expand corporate control to the extent that we see the 737 Max as just one in a series of examples of corporations’ license to steal and worse. The Trump regime’s number one goal is to make sure that corporations’ licenses to steal and worse have no expiration date, and what remains of consumerism vanishes post haste.


The guy belongs in jail-----it’s called manslaughter-----this guy didn’t want the planes grounded after a second crash-----and note that they still aren’t flying-----because they can’t fix the problem???

So the US is in the middle of a constitutional crisis and not one article about it??? The president is accusing democrats of an attempted “coup”. I have been ignoring most of the Russia stuff-----but right now you are dealing with a president who thinks he is above the law. Right now every American should be saying screw the law----Will democrats ever get a backbone???Most likely not-----we are headed for a dictatorship.

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LOL - Delusional

Japanese executive behaving in the way Nader recommends

True, however…
… in China they would just execute him!

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no statute requiring businesses to be moral.

True - they are only obligated to make PROFIT.
IF corporations were people they be they’d be locked up for criminal sociopathy

So when Bernie wins - Can Ralph be head of Consumer Protection department of something similar?
Maybe make is a cabinet level position?

The “old” term for what is becoming the norm in our society is “fascism”. Only a few of us are comfortable using that word because it brings back a time of world chaos. But it is indeed what we now have in this country and it should scare people because with it you get all the other bad things (authoritarian dictatorships. state religions, propaganda organs etc). Trumps followers are just like the Germans of 1933.

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Capitalism is a failed system. (Proof in the pudding.)

And more to the point, how do these A holes live with themselves.


Thank you Ralph for your tedious essential research and your knowledge. You have been a champion of the people for over six decades.

Very disheartening that it just keeps getting worse. That’s what happens when their is no accountability for the robber barons.

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Ralph Nader concludes his open letter to Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg with " You and your team should forfeit your compensation and should resign forthwith ."

How wimpy. I will bet that he, and the people on this site, wish that Sen. Warren’s Corporate Accountability Bill were already law, and more, thus that CEO Dennis Muilenburg would be canned at once, a la Tim Sloan of Wells Fargo, and jailed immediately a la Carlos Ghosn of Nissan/Renault in Japan. [Remembering that Carlos Ghosn is still entitled to and will receive a trial on the charges made against him.]

Boeing CEO is a disgrace to the country, the memory of the deceased who died in his defective aircraft and the once venerable company that he presumes to lead. Under his watch Boeing developed a flawed aircraft that was intended to save cost and expense in favor of a ‘new build’ aircraft but to the detriment of passenger safety. He has also cut quality control expense in the rest of the company while paying himself an exorbitant salary. He is a disgrace to the notion of corporate stewardship and must resign.

The American Corporate CEO ‘Club’ are enablers because there appears to be an unwritten rule in this club to never criticize another CEO. These guys lose credibility by the minute because none will ever stand up to criticize another member. Their influence and Boeing’s as well also appear to extend into the government bureaucracy because it now appears unwilling to police corporate institutions in accordance with the law and the public interest. What was the name of that bureaucrat that approved the 737 SuperMax? I doubt we will ever know even if someone endeavored to try find the individual. Can anybody here say ‘Cover-up’?