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Forget Air Force One, The Pentagon Wasted $125 Billion Last Year


Forget Air Force One, The Pentagon Wasted $125 Billion Last Year

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday suggested that he would cancel a $4 billion Boeing contract to build a new fleet of Air Force One planes, saying he wanted the manufacturer to "make a lot of money, but not that much money."


yea, with a miniscule amount of what the pentagon spends the nation could assure that all buildings are safe from fire and that money would be available for improvements to needed housing. We wouldn't have these dead young people in Oakland. With a miniscule amount of what the Pentagon spends we could house all americans and make sure all are well fed. That is apparently not the agenda of our so called "leaders."


Sayimg the Republiscums & Dimocrats want to cut waste, fraud and abuse in the DoD is laughable. This is how they get campaign contributions. Drain the swamp, indeed. The whole place was built on one, MIC-KEY MOUSE.


T-dump telling Boeing that Air Force One will no longer be needed. I am sure that thrilled the Boeing execs to no end. If T-dump insists on using his jet, it will create yet another freebie revenue stream for him along with giving him the opportunity to NOT allow ANY press on HIS aircraft at ANY time. What a monumental SOB...he puts Satan to shame.


" and reinvest any savings in combat power"

Long may the Pentagon waste money on bureaucracy rather than waste money on wasting people.


$125 Billion? Every penny spent on preparing for and waging war is a waste.


"All we are saying...is Give PEACE a Chance!"


We don't have the best military, we have the most expensive military.


Oh no, we can't cut that waste! Where I live we would suffer a gated community housing crisis. Actually our whole state with its 29 military bases would endure unimaginable sufferings. Private schools would close, fundamentalist Christian churches would close, retirement communities would be decimated. Worse still the Cubans might invade! Fine politicians like Rick Scott and Marco Rubio wouldn't stand a chance of being elected. That waste that the Congress and the Fed creates out of thin air is our life blood. Please don't even think about cutting it.


This 125 billion lost in the Bureacracy is a fraction of the monies that are just wasted.



All you need to do is a Google search using the name of one of these new projects followed by BOONdoggle , yet the Companies making these things are rolling in profits.

A single shell for the new Zumwalt class destroyer is close to 1 million.Fire 10 of these at some tent containing "suspect terrorists" from off shore and you just blew up 10 million dollars.

That same Zumwalt vessel costs 4.4 billion per vessel and the ship brke down and had to be towed to port on its maiden voyage.

by the way Glenn Greenwald sent out a telling twitter on this 125 billion per year of "waste".

This waste is TWICE what Russia spends on its Military each year. The Pentagon claims Russia a threat to the existence of the USA as it pisses away twice as much money each year as those evil Russians spend. If we were just looking at this from the perpsective of dollars spent, the Pentagon is twice the threat to the existence of the USA as are the Russians. Round the lot up and try them with treason.


Congress put US taxpayers on the hook for $20 plus TRILLION dollars to bail out the five too-big-to-fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets when they crashed the economy in 2008. Thanks to Dodd/Frank and other "reforms" those banks will control 50% of US bank assets when Trump takes office next month. The next time those banks crash the economy US taxpayers will be on the hook for many more trillions.

Compared to the bail out travesties $125 billion is chump change.


By comparison: The National Renewable Energy Laboratory had a 2015 budget of 357 million. That's million with an m. And they had to cut many of their solar staff last year.
So one the one hand a bloated military (with its ~200 golf courses around the world) and on the other hand an institution that holds our technological energy future in its hands, starved.


I don't see any real Positive Changes under Trump, but rather that The Pentagon will dominate Him the way he dominates His own employees.

"Thank you Sir, may I have another!"


Indeed, the Preatorian Guard is either loyal to the Emperor or not. Trump will have to ask himself how badly he feels like being assassinated. Either the Praetorian Guard will feel like protecting Trump or not.


Never mind who knows how much money is spent on all the alphabet soup security and intelligence agencies/bureaus who do what we'll never get to find out because shhh its a secret...... Watch what you write in your emails or the NSA will get you!


Hey Common Dreams and staff writer Nadia Prupis: I think you got some facts mixed up in this article--maybe you need more editing help? The Pentagon's yearly budget is $580 billion (not counting of course, their access to undisclosed funds). They could, the study states, save $125 billion over 5 years, not yearly. So that would be $25 billion per annual budget. If you do the math, that makes saving 4+ percent each year, by cutting out wasteful spending. The original article did state that the Pentagon spends 23% of their total annual budget on "core business operations." or office jobs, not military functions or overseas projects. The authors of the study did not state or imply that 23% of the Pentagon's budget was wasted per year. I rely on CD, so please check your stories!

($25 billion a year in wasted spending is bad enough, anyway)


Does anyone remember the hammer and toilet seat cost revelations. I can't remember the exact figures but I will bet that a toilet seat in the Pentagon cost more than the public ones in Trump Tower, As for Trumps own Throne the Pentagon might be saving money!


Forgot to add: and how much does T-dump think it will cost to outfit his private plane (at taxpayer expense) with all the safety and defense accoutrements that are standard on Air Force One, a truly one-of-a-kind aircraft built specifically to carry the U S Pres. and VP around the world in safety.

On the other hand, let T-Dump use his own jet and see just how "safe' he is flying anywhere in the US or the world. Just paint large red bull's eyes on the nose, both sides of the fuselage and tail, along with same on the underside of both wings. Stupid is as Stupid does! (Forrest Gump)

And T-dump will soon see just how much clout Boeing has in US and World politics.


Just a million of that wasted money would have enabled me to do TONS of good here in Milwaukee!!


It is clear to me that the Pentagon is populated by people who believe in peace. Your government declares undeclared war on all and sundry and gives the Pentagon money to kill people. The Pentagon then spends it on toilet seats and hammers. Be grateful!