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Forget Andrew Jackson. The Right Thinks Trump Is Calvin Coolidge!


Forget Andrew Jackson. The Right Thinks Trump Is Calvin Coolidge!

Michael Winship

Republican Calvin Coolidge, who in 1923 ascended to the presidency following the death of the corrupt and dunderheaded Warren Harding, was a man of few words. But some of the most famous of the few were, “The chief business of the American people is business.”


On the day the silent Cal Coolidge died, the usual literary crowd was gathered at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC. A waiter approached their table and announced: I regret to inform you that President Coolidge has died.

There was silence for a moment, then the snarky Dorothy Parker remarked "how could they tell"?


Dorothy was a national treasure, one of my favorites, "Ducking for apples -- change one letter and it's the story of my life.”

― Dorothy Parker


Excuse me Bill, I love you dearly, but hadn't you noticed? The Republicans, who style themselves conservatives, are nothing, if not motivated by greed and self-interest and little else. Greed is their principle motivating factor. Where did you get the idea that greed was not the coin of the realm of the Republican Party?


"The chief business of the American People is business."

The Chief Business of 99% of the American People is dancing to the tune played by the .01%.


GOP = Greed over Principle.


Exploitation reigns supreme and it just got it's greatest shot of adrenaline laced steroids since Reagan unleashed the furies of neoliberal economics, with even more egregious tax cuts to the top 1%. Thanx???




The rightwing agenda is class warfare worldwide culminating in the collapse of globalization which leaves all nations unable to feed their starving masses, while the wealthy set up sustainable luxury retreats staffed with servants. Globalization which leaves every nation vulnerable to its imminent disruption is their final solution to the world's population explosion. Trump was their candidate most comfortably able to proclaim "You're fired" as the bodies are cremated by the hundreds of millions.


At least Coolidge had knowledge of what was/is required to be president of the U.S. even though he was VP to the second worst, second most corrupt president (Warren G. Harding) until the appearance of the current mendacious megalomaniac in the WH, CC also had an extensive resume of political positions. DJT's first 100 days were far more destructive than the Teapot Dome Scandal. That debacle was pretty well confined within the US borders whereas what the demented demagogue does reverberates around the world spreading all manner of toxic trash (of the Trump kind) in the process.


Thanks Bill for giving we the people a voice, all these past decades, since your earliest political days with JFK's s successor, LBJ - a horrendous time in our history, then - and an equal horror story today, with the obscene possibility of an unnecessary, purposefully provoked WW III, by at the narcissistic imposter occupying our Oval Office. Adding insult to injury, our leaders may allow, without regret, the certainty of Climate Catastrophe to engulf our beautiful world any day, anywhere, without a fight. See you tomorrow at the March - a sacred responsibility - I agree with Naomi Klein. It's been an honor to have lived at a time, even such a horrific historic time, with such good people as yourself and others.