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Forget Bernie Bros — the Worst Trolls Work in Corporate Media


Forget Bernie Bros — the Worst Trolls Work in Corporate Media

Adam Johnson

One of the more popular pastimes of establishment media pundits is complaining of their various “trolls”—anonymous, faceless basement dwellers who lurk online and harass with aggressive, non-stop vigor. But a recent online dust-up started by Washington Post columnist Philip Bump made something clear: When you factor in actual impact, big media pundits troll just as much as—if not more than—any random egg avatar on Twitter.


The problem, as always, is a failure to stop the Corporate Establishment Media from communicating its outright Lies and Misdirections. If we all do not know by now that there is no real difference between The Establishment of either wing of our One Party System then we are in greater trouble than I imagined. The thing that really torques my jaws about the Clinton Trolls is be attacked as "anti-woman" anytime I make a criticism of her. I was raised by two staunch Liberal Democrats here in Texas during the 1950s and 60s. My Mother is still a staunch Feminist and FDR Democrat! My daughter is my only child. I for one do not want my daughter to have to endure what my mother did as a woman. My late father was a union activist and as local president and was at JFK's "birthday party" in New York when the "famous" appearance by Marilyn Monroe occurred - we watched 8mm color film while the rest of America saw it, as I first did, in black and white for a few seconds on network TV. We all know that JFK was a womanizer and that today it would be out front and center in The Corporate Media. Not so much because, as POTUS, he deserved it but because his positions on taxation of the ultrarich such as the Kock Brothers and their ilk and especially his belief that any form of capitalism had to be regulated to keep it in bounds (could have been stronger but What The Hey his father was one of the most infamous Free Market Capitalist of his time). My question here is am I to be considered to be anti Democratic Party for merely pointing out facts about JFK as I often am for rightly pointing out facts about The Clintons? At least with JFK he was a Democrat. Something that can not be said of the Clintons.

Thanks Mom and Dad. They were, and my Mom still is, very exceptional people who taught me that all of us are more than "created equal" than we all are equal. We are equal regardless of the fact that throughout our long and twisted history as a species inequality HAS ALWAYS BEEN the key to The Establishment of Any Kind, Time or Place obtaining, holding on to and passing on power!

So I find it very disingenuous when I am hit with the "anti-feminist rant" every time I criticize the Witch Of Wall Street and her mate Warlock Willie. I hold both of them in equal contempt because of their politics, political policies implemented and devoted service to the 0.0005%! In my opinion you could switch the gender between them and still have the same self-serving Corporate Drones - only with an even more deceptive package of delivery. I watched my Mother struggle in her own life and marriage. My father was very much a product of his time when it came to women. However, Mom often working as a salesperson holding in-home parties selling to other women made more in one day than my father did working all week at the metals plant. She was able to pay for a housekeeper/baby sitter, help buy a new house and pay it off early without living above their means. The new house was modest. It did not have air conditioning, a dishwasher or other creature comforts that were becoming available at the time. My fondest memory of the only real luxury of that house is the hardwood floors - when it was built in the mid 1950s hardwood floors were still a viable option in a middle class house. Of course this is reflective of one of the greatest economic times in the history of our country benefiting We, The Rabble. And it was Democrats of the FDR Era that brought it to us today. An Era which The Clintons as Corporate-DLC New Democrats came to office to end - and they did! So before one calls me a Bro or a Troll please think of where you are coming from?

We are in too Frucking Much trouble as a nation, a society and an economy (which is not Constitutionally ordained) too allow business-politics as usual. If you are fat and happy where you are then you will choose the lesser of two evils and vote for an Establishment Candidate from either Wing. If not you will help return the FDR Democratic Party to power and end the almost 40 year reign of The Reagan Regression and our One Party System.

We, The Rabble,
Our Political Revolution,
Sanders 2016 and Beyond.


You commentary should be an article itself in CD. 2016 and beyond, indeed!!


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I admit I am a Bernie Troll a Bernie Bro....Thats me so what......everyone has already picked out who they support...I doubt anyone could convince someone else to vote another way just by reading some troll comments...But if I am a Bernie troll others are Hillary trolls or Trump trolls or Cruz trolls anyone who is not in agreement with an article is always called a troll.....Nothing new there...Some news sites eliminate comments because for some reason they hate trolls...lol...words offend them...So thin skinned they cant accept the fact that everyone does not agree with them....Me I enjoy trading barbs or facts with said trolls....after all everyone has a right to bitch...If you publish an article I disagree with and you dont like comments on it then quit writing quit being a wuss...