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Forget Bibi: Let’s Hear More from Our NATO Allies


Forget Bibi: Let’s Hear More from Our NATO Allies

Jim Lobe

As a framework deal for a comprehensive nuclear accord between the P5+1 and Iran becomes more likely by the end of the month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu and his U.S. allies are stepping up their efforts to sabotage any agreement through the Republican majority in both houses of Congress. A major part of that effort, at least for now, is to try to get as many Democrats as possible to attend Bibi’s address to the Joint Session of Congress next Tuesday.


While I appreciate all of the work that the author has done to develop the details for this article, I can’t help but feel that he should have spent a little more time on analysis.

I’m not sure what Lobe expects from Hollande, Cameron, and Merkel. None of them has shown any more backbone in dealing with Israel and Netanyahu than the vast majority of American politicians.



Good question: “Why should Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be offered a preferential speech before the U.S. Congress, while the key European members of the P5+1 are offered no such platform?”

Answer: Because AIPAC owns the US Congress?


“… Israel is one of our closest and most steadfast allies …”

Is that a correct description of a relationship where AIPAC pretty much dictates what goes down in Washington?
Is that a correct description of a relationship where Israel could not subjugate that part of the world without the USA providing the arms, chemical weapons, etc.

I see the relationship more in terms of horse and rider. The rider (Israel) needs the horse in order to survive. And it has control over the horses head. If the rider dismounted though, the horse is quite capable of finding its own way to a totally different set of destinations.


Zionist Israel is no more an ally of America than Zimbabwe. Rather it is more like a vestigial parasitic twin, one that has attached itself and whose survival is dependent upon drawing the life blood from the autosite, or viable host. The Congress of The United States serves as ‘specialists’ in the ‘Special Relationship’ like surgeons. The difference being they are not performing procedures to make the two individuals capable of independent life or normal growth but rather severing and cannibalizing the host for the sole purpose of benefiting the invasive organism. The people waiting outside of the operating room who are paying the bills for all this very expensive surgery and are hoping and praying for a life for both but they seem not to know that the surgeons and the alien organism have made a deal to sell off the body parts of the host.