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Forget Consumer Protection. Under Trump-Appointed Mulvaney, CFPB Is About Deregulation

Forget Consumer Protection. Under Trump-Appointed Mulvaney, CFPB Is About Deregulation

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Agency's new mission statement makes "regularly identifying and addressing outdated, unnecessary, or unduly burdensome regulations" the top priority

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It appears that as long as Trump is seen as the defender of white people his supporters will stay with him even though his actions may be detrimental to their financial situation or health.

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The first item on his agenda is to rename it the “Consumer Forced Penetration Bureau”. I guess you can flag this post if you want.

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Warren’s original vision was an agency to protect the interests of ordinary Americans. Trump’s vision is an agency that puts the interests of his class – the billionaire class – first.

“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” – Warren Buffet

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Amazing. I tend to wonder if the ‘dumbing down’ apparently presumed by the statistically informed cabal is actually way more sensitive and will be more willing to have their inner hero tapped o cross lines currently serving as civic and social fragmentations.

Once the consequences of the reversals being imposed begin to impact every day life, and the dependency on autocratic means gets meaner, maybe we really will have a revolution. On that note, Gill Scott Heron has been proven right - it would not be televised.

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I’ll carry the flag and set the pole horizontally at about the height for an average USAn to ‘bend over and smile’ and see if the responses are the same as running it up the flagpole to see who salutes.

Do you really want to know how to stop the Trumpbots in government serving only the Trumps of America, the multi millionaires and billionaires? We have become a nation of, by and for the Trumpbots? The multi millionaires to the multi billionaires?

Wake-Up peoples…there is no america. All these headlines and postings refer to america. Are we all in a dream-state here? There isn’t an agency within this government that hasn’t been gutted. You all better come up with a different name and flag.

Remember when progressives said Trump was better on banks and trade? I remember those threads right here. Good times.

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“by empowering consumers to take more control over their economic lives.”

Translation: “by telling Wells Fargo customers it’s their own fault when the bank rips them off.”

Yessir, gotta love that GOP-style “empowering”. They empower poor people by saying, “Get a job, loser!”

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Pardon moi? Eh? “Consumer”? Not on yer life! I’m a life-long Citizen. So, where is Citizen protection? See what I mean? How the banksters have eff’d with our right to be citizens? “It” is still being used. Used to abuse. To abuse our government “Of. By. For. The People.” By contemptuous, foul usurpation of our American-English language. Citizenship. Right to be Respected. Honored. As Family. Reverend Barber and “The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival” is coming to a congressional office nearby! lol YEAH!

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As boldly arrogant as this administration is, it’s surprising the words, “Consumer” and, “Protection” haven’t been banned from the CFPB.

I suppose they don’t want to be “too” obvious about their intent to screw us.

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You have to wonder if the people who voted for Trump understand what this means to them? Probably not.

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There is a huge side of this which nobody realizes and that the WTO angle which means all of his changes, all the GOP’s “deregulation” locks in permanently in a supranational trade agreement so wont be reverseable.

its extremely irresponsible because foreign firms wont be able to be prosecuted any more than American ones as they loot our country, even if they commit fraud, because we failed to prosecute US firms, they will get a free pass…

the GATS is a trick - the biggest con job in human history- that takes away democracy by turning entitlements to corporations and foreign countries to block our own and other countries rights to regulate, it privatizes everything in a one way, ever increasing manner.

Including health care:

For example: education:

That means another nightmare like 2008 is coming and another huge looting of the treasury.

GATS caused the last nightmare by being the reason the Clinton Administration cited to get rid of the Glass-Steagall Act- read here

World Trade Organization: Document GATS/SC/90/Suppl.3 28 February 1998 (98-0709)
United States of America Schedule of Specific Commitments Supplement 3 (Page 31)
Attachment To The United States Schedule: Additional Commitments Paper II

— to see the “standstill” effective freezing regulation after 1998 - and exposing it to a roll back (so the ACA had an escape clause from the start showing the two parties complicity) which is why the ACA is being rolled back (and why people with pre-existing conditions will probably be excluded from affordable health care ) see
WTO | legal texts - Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services

Also see

The Potential Impact of the World Trade Organization’s General Agreement on Trade In Services on Health System Reform and Regulation in the United States
Nicholas Skala, International Journal of Health Services, Volume 39, Number 2, Pages 363–387, 2009

see also:


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I can’t quite figure out which of Trump’s horrendous appointees that I most detest. It’s really a tight race, with Mulvaney and Sessions, neck and neck, out in front. Several others are hot on their heels, though. I’ve never seen such a gaggle of liars, thieves and sociopaths in any Administration in my lifetime!

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Yes…coming soon, to a shithole near you. Really, really near!

While consumer protections help us, I hope anyone with common sense and knowledge choose not to use Wells Fargo and banks like them. Of course they are legion. Try a credit union.