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Forget Fear and Loathing. The US Election Inspires Projectile Vomiting

Forget Fear and Loathing. The US Election Inspires Projectile Vomiting

Barbara Ehrenreich

Back when America was “great” – say, in the 1970s – the most unpleasant emotions a presidential race might inspire were “fear and loathing”. We expected our political process to provoke antagonism and ennui. We did not expect it to trigger projectile vomiting.

But this year is different, with psychotherapists reporting widespread depression, insomnia and digestive problems among the electorate. Record numbers are voting early, by mail, as if to purge themselves of all connection to the proceedings.



However I must take issue with the phrase, “our democracy.” It is not my democracy, and it never has been.

That said, this paragraph is unparalled: " But the war has already started. A historian could trace its beginnings to deindustrialization and the massive layoffs of blue-collar workers in the 1980s and 90s, leaving the victims to the thin pleasures of methamphetamine and gun ownership. Liberals advised the erstwhile working class to get an education so they could find a place in the “knowledge economy”, and offered them Trump University and its many equivalents in which to do so."

Yes, Bernie Sanders would be 20 points ahead of Flump at this time if he had been allowed to be the democratic nominee.

Lots of democrats like to blame Nader for Gore’s loss (not true), but they
should now blame the party apparatus for this close race. True.


“Back when America was ‘great’ - say in the 1970’s…”

1970 was already Seven Years into post Dallas, CIA control of our Government.

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Imagine the hatred that is going to be poring out into the streets on Nov.9th if the Trump supporters hear from Trump that the election was rigged and stolen from him.

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Standard Operating Procedure for Banana Republics.

Trump is correct when he says the election is rigged. He fails to mention, however , that he is part of the rigging. Nobody could run such a limp campaign unless they were planted to assure that Clinton wins.

Trump is now ready to ramp up his new TV network and do what he does best…broad based abuse.


Funny how “progressive” things Trump says compared to Clinton when it doesn’t affect him.

the very epitome of Democratic party elitism, … a politician who is so robotic that any efforts to analyze her motives risk the charge of anthropomorphism.

Well said, Ms. Ehrenreich!


I doubt they’ll have to wait for Trump to hear that. But why would we imagine he’s not part of the grift here, given his record and the fact that DNC funds went to his nomination?


Indeed. Wished I’d written that. Never thought I’d see “projectile vomiting” in an opinion piece headline either.

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