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Forget His Fancy Lotion and Chick-Fil-A, Pruitt's Gutting of EPA Rule Threatens Drinking Water of 117 Million Americans


Forget His Fancy Lotion and Chick-Fil-A, Pruitt's Gutting of EPA Rule Threatens Drinking Water of 117 Million Americans

Julia Conley, staff writer

As Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt faces mounting ethics controversies, his agency on Friday advanced a proposal to roll back a clean rule designed to limit pollution in the drinking water of about 117 million Americans.


It is a little hard to understand who the political supporters of Trump can be so obsessed with government regulations that they are willing to give up protection of their drinking water. It seems equivalent to religious fanaticism. Apparently they would rather get sick then have regulations.


Just how the hell is this scumbag not committing crimes by his continued deconstructing/reversing policies that protect people passed by both Dems and Reps?.. and why the frell are our elected so-called representatives not demanding his ouster?

Is it corporate profits above all else? is it that republican and conservative families will not be affected or just blind ignorance and arrogance by scum pruitt?? Clearly if pruitt was not doing what the ginger pig wanted he would be fired toot-sweet, so the buck apparently stops with the mental illness, ignorance, lack of wide experience and education of trump, der Führer…a clear and present danger to life and health that must be stopped!

If these destructive poisonous policies can be shown/proven to have killed or created deadly disease in people the crime is homicide…premeditated criminal negligence leading to death, and first degree, that should bring execution or life WO parole!


Good reading by you but we live in a very sick society. Doctors kill more people than almost anything else and drug companies are above the law.

Death by Medicine


The quote from some greedy pig recently was that “good health is bad for business”. The “health care” industry and their co-conspirator Insurance industry and big-pharma are parasites, feeding off the lives and health of citizens…anything is OK is a vulture capitalist system that rewards greed, usury and lies…


Hi I like alot of what you post no matter where it is. Have you heard of Gary Null – he wrote that movie along w alot of others. this is his website which has alot of good people on here


Drinking water polluted by and laced with fascist ideology. What could possibly go wrong…?


Get ready to fight for Mother Earth:

September 8 but tune in on June 19: https://350org.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_W3pRYbBlQbafNGbQfXkm1w?utm_medium=email&utm_source=actionkit


Having worked in wetlands subject to the regulations mentioned in this article, I can attest to the idiocy of Pruitt’s initiatives first hand. My students and I worked among the alligators, snakes, lightning, wild boar and the poachers who hunt them and know them well. Wetlands are so valuable that in addition to naturally occurring ones we create many to help “polish” our wastewater streams (by removing nutrients) before the waters sink back into the aquifers from which we draw our fresh water and from which our local springs emerge. On behalf of every student that I and my colleagues mentored, every scientist and engineer that worked in concert with our efforts to protect our precious natural resources, I offer Mr. Pruitt a big FOAD–and soon.


I remember saying to someone after that dark day in November 2016 that, when this thing is all over, when the fun has officially stopped, you will barely recognize the USA.
Their plan has been two fold, and is working like a charm. First of course was to defund, mismanage and run nearly every government dept into the ground. The second, and probably most lethal, is that this Trump presidency has destroyed Americans confidence in their government. That was of course the Koch plan all along. They couldn’t force fascism on Americans, as that had been tried before and failed miserably. No, they had to get Americans to WANT and accept fascism as a viable alternative to our democratic republic.
Mission accomplished.


Sure, Gary is a great teacher…a little nuts (line forms on the left), but his perspective is always enlightening. Met him once and listened regularly for many years on WBAI until I could not listen to angry talk radio politics blather any longer…now its only no ads WQXR classical/opera and my own CD’s of whatever strikes my fancy of the moment…


in addition to POISONING thousands more Americans, pruitt wants help getting his wife a JOB and his daughter ON STAFF at the WH. this man is a disgrace to humanity. Congress, impeach him!!!


It would be so much fun to fuck with this prick’s water as a waiter.


I met Gary myself 2 times protesting nuclear power once in NYC and Helen Caldicott was there and again at Indian Point nuclear 1 year after fukushima. He is actually very smart w health and poliitics and is still on radio 99.5 everyday btwn 12-1.M- Fri. I have been listening to him for over 20 years. I don’t know were you are but that is pacifica radio which started in 1960 and is the only station that I know was against the war in afghanistan after 911. The station is based out of NYC. He still has great people on has guests. I was actually pretty young in the early 60s and was listening to it all the way back then. I protested Vietnam war in the early 60s before very few people were doing it since my parents would take me to those events.


I hear nothing but right wing blowhards on am radio, one after another. Even sports talk radio is all Dump worship. On drinking water, every locale in the US should give citizens a test report on the water quality at least once a month. That no info is forthcoming leads me to believe the quality of the water is widespread problematic. I don’t drink or use tap water in cooking but fill up jugs from machines that claim to filter the water through different processes. Still there we don’t know exactly what we are drinking.


Yes ajo water is not good in alot of places. Everyone should also invest in a shower filter which is not expensive and cleans out alot of stuff…


EPA. Education. HUD. Interior. CFPB. OEERE.

Trump has selected people to manage departments, agencies, and specific programs in which the intended primary objectives of said agencies are the antithesis of their personal ideologies.


Sociopaths. That’s the only people who could do this.


Which is the Koch mark. The Koches are actually libertarians who want to dismantle government so that corporations can run free. They are behind trumps cabinet picks. Yes, they are actively trying to end all of these agencies. They are also crazy psycho like their daddy was with some insane belief that these programs also make us communist just for having them.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they also want that war with Russia.


Ms. Conley is correct. If the Trump administration is good at anything, it is distraction. Like a squid escaping behind a cloud of ink, Scott Pruitt’s ethical shenanigans are masking his real crimes. He is systematically and methodically dismantling decades of protections for the citizens, the public lands, and the environment of the United States. His office is wide open to fossil fuel and agrichemical lobbyists, and closed with a steel door to environmentalists and advocates for low income neighborhoods and wild lands beleaguered by the effluvia of fracking, coal-fired power plants, pesticide-laden industrial agriculture, and any other industry that feels entitled to dump its poison in our land, air and water.

Along with his blatant ethical violations, he should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity…