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Forget Mueller. Forget Impeachment. A Million People Should Surround White House and Demand Trump's Resignation

Forget Mueller. Forget Impeachment. A Million People Should Surround White House and Demand Trump's Resignation

Ralph Nader

Special Counsel Robert Mueller spent almost two years to produce a $25 million report that is a flat tire. Still unreleased in full to the American people, Trump’s acolyte, Attorney General William Barr, a longtime friend of Republican Mueller, gave us what Trump long craved—by stating that “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities” during the 2016 election.


Have not read the article yet but the headline is exactly right.


Yes, the lame stream media, what a joke. That is why I come here to read the likes of Ralph. Truth to power is a rare find at The Times or the WaPo and the like. The 3 horsemen are taking us over the cliff to be sure. The news being reported today about healthcare, special olympic’s and what have you is obscene.


A friend of mind observed that a bad apple spoils the bunch. It certainly seems like that’s what we’re faced with. Not only the Democrats, but the media have injured themselves so severely that any hope of pursuing the outrages Nader enumerates is fading over the horizon, never to be seen again if Nader’s demonstration doesn’t materialize.

You’re a very smart man, Ralph. Just about the sharpest dude around, so I’m sincerely asking for your expertise on the following. We know:

  1. The Democrats display a consistent pattern of losing-on-purpose, like the Washington Senators vs. the Harlem Globetrotters. Let’s call it the Patsy Pattern.

  2. The consequences of chasing the Russiagate wild goose were easily foreseeable, and accurately predicted by prominent commentators.

Is it possible that the Russiagate fiasco is a consequence of the Patsy Pattern? I’m serious.


Excellent article by Ralph Nader. I agree, forget impeachment, what we need is millions of us surrounding OUR WHITE HOUSE and demand that Trump resign before it is too late: Trump: " I HAVE THE MILITARY ON MY SIDE".


Nader has never made a single statement or observation i did not agree with 100%.
I honestly believe his run for president was the last chance we had to save not just America but our species as a whole.


Don’t forget “the bikers and all the other tough people”.


Surrounding the White House is a great idea. Really.
If that doesn’t work , invoke the John Wilkes Booth clause.


If 1,000,000 people surrounded the WH (hopefully while President Caligula was present) WOULD M$M televise it, or ignore it?


Nit-picky but the Globetrotters’ patsy is the Washington Generals. (The Senators are the baseball team.)


The revolution will not be televised.


Gil Scott Heron . Loved it since it first came out

For you youngsters among us…

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Must have been one of the very first rap tunes


Excellent article as usual from Ralph Nader. Here is my takeaway:

When? What time?? Can you make it as soon as possible??? Can I bring my own lunch along with a sign???


“Dear Donald J. Trump,
#Resigning is just another way of settling out of court. #PlayToYourStrength

  • Harold A. Harcourt

Oh Ralph, you almost had me. Right up to the point where you said,

Please! Not you, too. There is no demonstrable evidence that Russian interference of ANY kind had any measurable effect on the outcome of 2016. And certainly any social media ad buys or postings by Russians were a minuscule drop in the bucket compared to, say, Israeli influence. And then, look at how that was dwarfed by the influence of private, corporate capital.

Or are you suggesting that the intel agencies which you rightly acknowledge lied directly to the American people about Iraq WMD are now to be trusted merely with their “assessments” that Russia hacked the DNC server … when all independent analysis suggests it was an internal leak?

And lastly, Ralph, while I share your disgust with the POTUS, why on earth would you advocate that a mass demonstration of a million people should be organized, using all that greenhouse gas and financial capital, merely to demand the resignation of Trump? I’m sure it would provide temporarily psychic relief, but how would that lead to any correction of the systemic rot that really led to Trump in the first place?

After all, the D’s lost the election to an unqualified, ugly, intellectually and emotionally stunted man whom all “pundits” were certain that even the much-disliked Hillary would beat.

The answer isn’t one that many can swallow, as it doesn’t conform to a partisan view which prefers to blame an external agent, Russia, rather than the undemocratic, pro-corporate leanings and actions of the Democratic Party itself. And 10 million at the gates wouldn’t likely change THAT problem.

So if you’re going to suggest such a massive 1M protest, how about making it one against the role of private capital in elections and policy formation? How about a protest in favor of an immediate Constitutional reversal of Citizens United and other rulings which have so bizarrely conflated corporations with individuals and money with “free speech”? Or an immediate end to all fossil fuel subsidies, emplacement of a well-considered carbon tax, investment in renewables and energy efficiency, etc…to do our part to slow climate destabilization?

Now that’s the protest i’d gladly hitch a ride or bicycle to.


Hi RogerH, yes that’s the only thing I disagreed with. It’s what Bis Bimmy said about that date stamps and times show that it cam from within the U.S. --not from overseas And too, the Hillary had contacted the ex and weird British spy guy----- and as I’ve said before, if the Russians really did this then we can fire all the spy guys-----because they are uselessly blind and dumb: ) BUT, everything else Ralph wrote was wonderful.
If only he had been elected president—what a different and better world we would see! : )


Never mind impeachment, millions of Trump’s victims, regardless of how they voted in 2016, should demand his resignation. A million-people march should surround the White House and peacefully make this demand repeatedly.

I’m in. Even will help organize a caravan from Arizona. But why stop with the White House? Surround the Supreme Court building. Demand that every judge, Federal and Supreme Court, who this illegitimate orange lying scumbag appointed needs to resign. But why stop there? Surround the Capitol until every Congress critter, R’s or D’s, who take corporate bribes resign. #OccupyDC


Point of order - the ‘D’s’ (in the person of the abominable Hillary) didn’t lose the election, they lost the Electoral College (to the even more abominable Trump).


Thanks. You mean there really are professional athletes called Washington Senators? Poor fellows!

So Devious will fund for “regular” people but not disabled. Hope people sue the pantsuits off of her, and it is settled on the courtroom steps.