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Forget Russia, The Real Threat to Democracy Are Corporate Assets Like Clinton and Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/28/forget-russia-real-threat-democracy-are-corporate-assets-clinton-and-trump

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Bloom sez:
“Politicians from both major parties are regularly derided as being little more than corporate shills … (t)hey are human resources for companies and industries doing their political bidding and promoting their political interests.”

There’s a word for that, and it’s not “democracy”. It is, in fact, an F word.


A defining event of modern U.S. politics, particularly for liberals, was the anti-communist witch hunts of the early 1950s led by Senator Eugene McCarthy.

No, no, no, no, no! It was not Senator Eugene McCarthy, but Senator Joseph McCarthy. These two senators were from very different ends of the political spectrum. On Eugene McCarthy, for anyone wondering, easy enough to check the Wikipedia article here.


Maybe Mr. Bloom was confused because both Senators hailed from the same state, Wiscesota. ( That’s Norwegian for Whiskey & Soda ).


Does that F word come with two vowels? Could I buy them and try to solve the puzzle or is it just the people, and not the federal gov’t, that’s for sale?


You can pay for those vowels; I can make no assurances about what you’ll receive for your investment.

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Mr. Bloom, where were you when Ronald Reagan overfed the beast of the Uniparty Consensus, which led us to the sorry state of affairs American democracy finds itself in today? The Uniparty Consensus being just another name for rule by The Corporotocracy or the MIC ( Military Industrial Complex ). Fueled mostly by massively cutting taxes on the wealthy and Wall St. speculators and greedy self-dealers. And then, bailing the rotten bastards out, no less. All part of Reaganomics or " trickle down " voodoo, as the case may be.
It started with Foreign Policy agreements fostered by creating the bogeyman of the Soviet Union invading our spheres of influence ( which turned out to be everywhere that had natural resources of some sort or another ).
For both Reagan and Sen. ( Joe ) McCarthy, history shows, rose to their positions on the backs of " red baiting " and "Commie outing ".
And, in one form or another, this mad farce has never stopped its 24/7 production cycle.
We’re ( 99%ers ) are going broke because of it, too. " Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. "

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Well!!! How very american of you! (-:

Hi ChristopherC:
Thank you, as Joe McCarthy was crazy-scary. I read that Joe McCarthy made his important speech, about Communists to the women club in Wheeling West Virginia. How it went from there to major news is amazing.

Hi mrsannhitts:

Oh Ronald Ray-Gun and his Star Wars. He was a terrible actor, and a lousy liar. If you see his protestations about his permanently forgetful brain you will understand him perfectly. That was 8 years of a fool and his keepers---- and yet he could still create a lot of havoc for Americans---- starting with busting the Air Traffic Controllers Union—which led others in government to plan the beginning of the death of the middle class!
And even worse—he was a terrible actor…
: (


Despite his evil legacy Hillary Clinton in her campaigns and Barack Obama during his regime both compared themselves to, quoted, and praised Saint Ron more than they did for any other previous POTUS.

Another empire being destroyed from within, indeed.


While the author is correct that internal forces are a greater problem, the headline is unfortunate. Russia is also a real threat, and must be addressed with strong action in addition to the internal forces. There is no single source of problems, which, if we eliminate it, will make everything better. We must defend against all sources of disinformation.

Ypu lost me with your throw away line - “a kernel of truth”

Hello, backatcha, Stardust. Thanks for the reminder. Good ol’ Wheeling. It’s where I got my start, too, quite a few years back. Marched to a very different drummer from Sen. Joe McCarthy’s, however. Gee! Maybe that’s why I’m so unnewsworthy!

We’ve gone past fascism, the hand in glove rule by government AND corporations to ownership of the government BY corporations. Politicians are chattel to corporations, with corporate lobbyists writing bills to be introduced by their employees, the politicians. We truly do have the best government money can buy.

…“early 1950s led by Senator Eugene McCarthy.”
This is a horrendous error of non existant fact checking by the author and Common Dreams. The anti communist witch hunts were by Sen. Joe McCarthy a right wing drunk who was eventually debunked and disgraced when he took on the Army.
Senator Eugene McCarthy was famous for running an anti war campaign as a presidential candidate against Lyndon Johnson and then Hubert Humphrey after LBJ was told to bow out by party big wigs. This was a very significant historical race; as anyone who was conscious then knows and younger folk should know. This also was the primary in which Bobby Kennedy ran and was killed in LA.
Common Dreams should issue a retraction. Stupid.


Totally AWESOME!! Love your post.

Welcome to the group, MIF.

It’s like Bruce Fein described, the flea versus the elephants…in the room.

He said that about Ukrainegate, but it’s even more applicable re the '16 election IMO. Really, save for little emphasis on renewable energy sources and jailing protesters, it’s sort of an anti-flea (Fein may disagree with me there, I dunno).

You might be the type that’ll mention Crimea. I’m ready…

Spell checker, and Peter forgot to correct the corrector? I tend to think I’m fair at proofing, but fact is I was reading so fast I missed it too!

Great article, though. Probably only a few not-best-chosen-words.

If CD corrects the name, I’ll share the article.

It’s in public spaces (not at my place), and I hear it driving to work waiting for the weather. I try to forget, but MSM won’t let me.

(citing a comment that starts with a quote)