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Forget Trump; His Party Is the Problem Now

Forget Trump; His Party Is the Problem Now

Richard Eskow

It’s Political Messaging 101: You can’t beat Trump by talking about him all the time.

We should be talking about our economic future, but all we’re talking about our 45th president. Look at this chart, which shows the top story on social media accounts by social category for the first year (more or less) of Trump’s presidency:

(Source: Echelon Insights)


What does her party want to do now?

Sad to say, it doesn’t know.


Representative democracy in the US and Europe is a trick used by oligarchs who can easily afford to fund every candidate from every party in every election.


In the order of presidential succession the Speaker of the House is 3rd in line. When did Nancy Pelosi become the ‘SOTH’???

You can take the last word off the title. Republicans put Trump in office (both the deplorables and the run-of-the-mill repubs). He is just their useful idiot.

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Many thanks for an actually! really! honest headline.


Actually you can forget Trump and the Republican Party, the real problem is the white nationalist movement that has emerged into the mainstream thanks to Trump’s decision to run for president. The problem is out there in the people of America. Basically the problem can be seen as a backlash against the civil rights movement beginning so to speak with Rosa Parks refusal to move to the back of the bus and then sort of culminating with the election of a black president Barack Obama. Donald Trump took advantage of all this pent up anger in millions of white people, which he himself obviously shares, to the Republican primary where it manifested as full blown white nationalism with a proposed wall along the Mexican boarder, mass deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants, and a Muslim ban. The most radical components of this movement are members of white supremacist groups and Patriot militias. But millions of people are part of the backlash and are stirred up daily by listening to rants by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, etc. The best chance of defeating this backlash seems to be to out vote them. Changing their minds so they are more tolerant of other people not like them does not appear to be a viable option at this time.

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Robert Mueller has the authority to investigate and indict any and all within the Republican and Democrat Establishment who have committed crimes that he uncovers within the scope of his originally tasked investigation.

The misinformation coming from both sides of the aisle is a distraction away from their crimes of fraud and theft that have been ongoing for decades.

Give Mr. Mueller the time he needs to clean House, Senate, and the Presidency.

Follow the article. It states both Trump and Pence could be impeached in a Democratic controlled House. With Pelosi becoming president if the Senate convicts. All pretty fanciful. If you mean when was she Speaker, that would be 2007.

There’s always hope for preferred course, nuclear annihilation.

Of course the DamnocRatic Party is divided — at least on the surface.  But the Oligarch-controlled DNC isn’t divided; it’s doing its job of holding down the populist/progressive uprising very well indeed.  And anyone who might think a President Pelosi would do ANYTHING to reign in Wall Street, Big Insurance, Big Pharma or the M-IC has another think coming.  And that’s assuming the DamnocRats manage to re-take the House in 2018.


Agreed! Isn’t Pelosi’s husband the one that is profiting from buying up closed post offices for pennies on the dollar? Yeah, she’s really going to do something for us peons.

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Point taken, sort of. But----

We don’t need to forget Trump. He is a problem, though not the problem. And it might be good to see that second table without Russian Investigation, which is just trumped-up Trump.

And the Republicans, also, are a problem. They are not the problem, and conceivably not the worst of it.

The Democratic Party is indeed divided, but roughly like so:

<----- Voters to the left-----------
-------officials to the right------->

The Democratic Party has purged itself of liberal, left, and progressive influences from its pro-labor and New Deal past. It has embraced a rough opposite:

  • Pro NAFTA
  • Pro TPP
  • Pro war, almost in general
  • Pro black opps
  • Pro surveillance at home and abroad
  • Pro WHO, IMF, Goldman-Sachs, George Soros, Koch, CIA, et alia. Pro corporatist and imperialist.

There is no moderate or left or liberal or progressive electoral option within the “major” parties.


The only problem with the piece is the Dems DON’T have any coherent policies to help the poor, working & middle classes. Nothing.


It is based on “If the Democrats take the House in the 2018 elections…” It assumes (very likely) that Pelosi would be reelected in her district, and be appointed as Speaker of the House.

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There are so many problems in what is left of the American Republic it’s difficult to connect all the dots and identify the worst. The R’Con party majority and dear leader orange mussolini surely the clear and present problem.

The many-headed hydra destroying our nation and world encompasses both political parties, trump, ignorance, greed, endless for-profit war, “religious” subversion of politics, corporate fascism, racist /bigoted contempt for other people(s) and Mother Earth, among the other usual suspects. To Hell in a Handbasket folks, unless the people wake from their many diversions and madness toot sweet!


“The party’s predilection for mingling with lobbyists and other high-dollar donors, as reported here and elsewhere, isn’t helping to resolve its split. And so, leading Democrats and sympathetic pundits have been focusing on Trump’s personality and the Russia investigation instead.”

“Predilection” assumes a choice where there is none. Politicians either cave to Big Money or lose the election.

Direct Democracy

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You’re videos prove to me we have one choice…DESTROY all electronic voting machines.
Even if this were to be fixed, programmers would find another way to subvert the will of the voters.
Thanks for bringing this info to the table.


A main posit of the piece; that Dump is merely the logical expression of the atrocity that the GOP was when he recognized it and stepped, is spot on.
Nor is this a recent ‘development,’ as I can recall the ‘ideas’ spouted by Dumpsters being floated about at 80’s fraternity keggers (not coincidentally, the main guy spluttering this stuff in my chapter had the fraternity nickname of ‘Douchebag’).