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Forget Trump, This Huge Volcano Could Literally Wipe Out Life on Earth

Forget Trump, This Huge Volcano Could Literally Wipe Out Life on Earth

Jake Johnson, staff writer

If only for a moment, this story is forcing many to put the current political chaos "into perspective"


So? Even if Yellowstone was going to erupt soon there is nothing we can do about it. With Trump and the threat of nuclear war there is something us people can do about it. This is just further fear mongering in a way and trying to distract us from something that we can try to prevent.

Still though a message we should take from this is that we should treat the time we have preciously and live our lives to the fullest. Yes that is a cliche message but in between apocalyptic natural disasters and apocalyptic wars started by idiots this message is more and more needed.


This was just what I was thinking reading this article. Accept that that you can’t change and fight tooth and nail for that that you can! (edit) or tooth and claw as the case may be.


With all due respect Jake, the Yellowstone caldera volcano is a big maybe - kinda like someone saying the sun will go dark - so what?

On the other hand the ginger swine IS destroying life and ability for people to just live EVERY goddamn day! His insanity is palpable and immediate and must be stopped - we cannot stop Mother Earths natural phenomena.

MMGW is accelerating and causing the extinctions of numerous species - the others are being exterminated by the trump monsatan poison earth mindset - profits uber alles regardless the cost to all life on earth NOW!

While “thrillride of the summer” films are made on super-volcanoes blowing they are not evil to the core - the malignant trump & co regime are - mass murderers! A clear and present danger to all life on Earth every fuckin day right now!


And the dick [cheney] lives somewhere around Jackson Hole – but don’t worry, he and the cockroaches will survive :scream:


Trumps response will be to delist Yellowstone as a National Park – e.g. Problem solved.


I agree with you, and your statement is not a cliche-it is a reminder of how valuable every day is. At my age (late 50’s) I remind myself every day that the clock is ticking, and to try to find ways to enjoy life more.


I’ll say a special prayer, but only for the cockroaches-that is, the ones that crawl.


It will really help when they start fracking near Yellowstone.


Is there nothing we can do? What about laying some geothermal pipelines underground into the volcano? Might not this draw off some magma and nearby communities might have the benefit of the geothermal energy? It might be a way of solving two problems at once.


Please realize that when scientists say it could go off at any time they mean geological time. So that could be tomorrow or a thousand years.

It seems to me we live in an age when our media folk have all turned into Chicken Little. Some things happen that should be upsetting us: Hurricanes, Forest Fires, the growing plastic blob in the Pacific, the dying off of fish. But all the media wants to do is hyperventilate about one thing after another and never talk about SOLUTIONS.

Before they can get done with the hyperventilation of one thing, before they can move on to a serious discussion about the reality behind the thing they’ve been hyperventilating about and what we need to do solution-wise, they’ve found something else to hyperventilate about.

They remind me of Allie on American Horror Story: Cult where watching the news can put her in a panic attack.


You are correct, and I agree with living life to the fullest - you never know when something (natural disaster, human disaster like Trump) can bring it to an abrupt end! But I’m still grateful for stories like this - I like to know about the world around me, especially the natural one. And for once this is a natural phenomenon that humans didn’t cause; as you say, nothing we can do about it. Puts it all in perspective, though, doesn’t it?


One things for sure, when the super volcano in Yellowstone blows it will ruin a lot of people’s and animal’s lives. After all we can’t do anything about it, take note and move on to things humans do have control over and concentrate on those. There could be a giant meteor to strike Earth again as happened 65 million years ago, which ruined countless dinosaur’s lives and others too. We can do something to help ourselves but it will take political action, individuals certainly can help but we need real systemic top to bottom action or volcanoes or meteors really won’t matter if we’re all dead. Yeah, the sky will fall some day for sure but until then let’s all do something that actually matters.


I’m 63 and should pay heed but I always find myself reading Common Dreams or Counterpunch daily, I can’t help it. Kinda like looking at a scene of a bad car crash; you have to look but just may not like what you see.


USA Today is a newspaper, not “the magazine”.

Emphyrio - agreed, it is a big maybe - and no reason to ignore clear and present political eruptions in Washington. A more balanced article on the still alarming Yellowstone supervolcano is at:

This article concludes with one estimate that the chances of a Yellowstone cataclysm happening are similar to those of being struck by an asteroid.

I concur with others here who suggest that we keep our eye on the ball in play right now.


They are already fracking close to the southern locked section of the San Andreas fault. Goodbye LA

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I agree that there’s nothing to be done about Yellowstone. But what exactly is it that I can do about Trump?

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This is irresponsible hype. A better link:


No, life on earth doesn’t get wiped out every 100,000 years. That sounds like fake news.

Maybe the supervolcano wipes out most species on earth every 100 million years, or about 1 in every 1000 supervolcano eruptions. This would be consistent with the geologic record.

So, the chance of a mass extinction from this volcano in the next 50 years is 1 out of 2 million. Vegas will be happy to give you odds because if the volcano blows, Vegas is already gone and you’re stuck with a no-good winning lottery ticket nyuk nyuk.

Now, the odds of a mass extinction from climate change in the next 50 years are, if governments don’t act, close to 100%. You don’t need to be scared of this assuming that you and your kids don’t mind dying of hunger (or from whatever) someday. You can always go whole psychosis hallucination and name yourself “death boy” or “death girl” in the meantime.