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Forget 'Vote By Mail'—To Safeguard the Election, Put on Your Mask and Vote Early In-Person

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/23/forget-vote-mail-safeguard-election-put-your-mask-and-vote-early-person

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I shall be in line on the first day of early voting in my battleground state. If a Trumptard gets in my way, woe be un to him. I have five years of “no more” bubbling up in my soul. Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty is might thirsty.


Hand him 30 pieces of silver WiseOwl. It worked on Judas and at least he did the right thing afterwards.

That sounds right to me - I would vote in person were I an American. Of course there are people who cannot - that’s fine.

But the idea is correct I think.

There is a new book just hit the bookstore shelves in Calgary -

“Battlegrounds: The Fight to Defend the Free World” (2020)

by H.R. McMaster, Lieutenant General retired, National Security Advisor, for a time.

It looks mighty interesting -

I am almost finished Madeleine Albright’s 2018 book “Fascism -A Warning”. It is a page turner - I am learning lots - vignettes of all the authoritarian leaders in the world today, most of whom Albright has met with, often as Secretary of State.

I don’t see how one can be informed, unless one is informed.

You read - varied sources, which must include very different points of view and life experiences.

Then one looks for convergence - where those lines intersect is the best approximation to the truth as I see it.

PS: I am also reading Thomas Homer-Dixon’s “Commanding Hope” (2020), and several others.

Lot of work.


Ever since Trump took office our local post offices have been hobbled…some days the mail carrier doesn’t even show up, other days the carrier is delivering after dark. My truck registration renewal form that I have previously received via USPS a month before due date showed up a week AFTER due date in July.

Although our all-mail-in state provides free postage I put the ballots into the drop box that is in front of the County court house and will certainly do so in October, seeing how at least some of the GOP’s October surprises will include further hobbling of the USPS. Don’t be surprised if there are widespread faux Covid-19 surges at local post offices so DeJoy can shut them down.

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This is a VERY important piece that needs to be circulated to as many people as possible ----especially in swing states.

You would not believe the shit I have received in the mail regarding mail-in voting.
Blatant attempts to suppress my vote instigated by trump and his enablers.

I fear many people still do not fully grasp what is going on and what is at stake here.

When I ordered my vote by mail ballot it was months ago----- RBG was still alive and there wasn’t the over the top assault on the postal service along with trump now tweeting and shouting constantly that voting by mail is fraudulent.

There are signs all over my town to be “smart, safe and vote by mail”.

The numbers of Dem voters who plan (or planned) to “safely” vote by mail are large.

Trump supporters vote in person——they don’t give a shit about covid or anything except hate, power, intimidation and control.

Dems want to be safe and vote by mail which will help trump stay in power. So much for staying safe.

Voting by mail is not smart or safe now——that is playing into the hands of trump and his enablers. He will have mail-in votes nullified as fraud and be fully supported by SCOTUS.

The level of intimidation is ratcheting up where I live. Biden signs destroyed regularly.

More loud, ATV’s/UTV’s driving around the streets with HUGE trump flags . . they must take off the mufflers for this loud noise? And of course they are not ticketed for blatant noise level violations. The sound is literally deafening.
They just roar through the streets with smirks on their faces.

I’m taking my mail-in ballot into the town hall, surrendering it and voting in person early.

Please get the word out. Many people don’t know they can still vote in person if they registered for a mail-in ballot.

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The only good thing about those Trump flags? They’re extremely flammable.

Agree. In the past I’ve always voted on election Day. This time I’ll be voting Early (in person) for the first time.

I support the USPS but right now, under Fascist control, I don’t trust it.

I have been calling out the warnings contained in this article for a long time. The way Democratic party-allied groups, along with progressive groups, are encouraging voting by mail as a kind of “strategy” is going to be absolutely catastrophic. It is unavoidable that a certain significant percentage of voters are going to forget to sign the ballot envelope, or make other mistakes that disqualify their ballot. Meanwhile, the Trumpists will all be voting in person - which has a zero percent vote rejection rate.

Manually carrying the ballot will not change the ways your ballot can be disqualified if you make mistakes. Just MAKE SURE you EXACTLY follow the ballot enclosure procedures and make sure you SIGN AND ADDRESS THE OUTER ENVELOPE!

Also, in Pennsylvania, if you requested a mail-in ballot and change you mind and vote in person, you will only be able to cast a provisional ballot. Provisional ballots are the kiss of voting death - they are NEVER counted!

So if you have already sent off for a mail-in ballot, then vote with the mail in ballot - but carry in in person to the county election office drop-off box - and it has to be in person - you can’t take both your and a family member’s ballot there.

Check how your state accepts, verifies, tabulates, and “counts” ballots to determine the most secure way to vote and to best ensure it gets counted among the choices available.

In North Carolina, where I live, you can submit an absentee ballot, vote in-person early, or vote in-person on election day.

Absentee ballots will be counted on election day if they are submitted (mailed in or physically turned in) and approved by the BOE by Nov 2.

Early in-person votes are tallied (and ballots locked up) though not “counted” soon after the voter votes. They cannot be officially “counted” and reported until the polls have closed on Nov 3. But they are ready to be reported and so that can happen quickly on election night (or probably early the next day if necessary - this is not uncommon).

In-person voting of course is “counted” when the vote happens and officially “counted” and reported once the polls have closed on Nov. 3.

I plan to in-person early vote. But you need to figure out what makes the most sense in your state.

I have been voting from halfway around the world since 1991 via absentee ballot by email. It mostly has been returning blank ballots as I’m still waiting on someone worth voting for but it does show that in-person voting or even vote-by-mail is not necessary. The voting system isn’t reformed because the people in power do not want it so. They want the election anarchy so that they get to do the counting and install whomever they desire.

A national ID would negate a ton of voter suppression measures and actually make life easier when accessing government services including voting. Add a photo to Social Security Cards. For those who fear big brother is watching…it’s too late.