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Forget What Corker and Flake Say. Look at Their Destructive 90% Pro-Trump Voting Records


Forget What Corker and Flake Say. Look at Their Destructive 90% Pro-Trump Voting Records

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While GOP senators heralded as "renegades" for criticizing Trump in public, progressives say a glance at their voting records tell the real story


Corker and Flake are nothing more than the first two targets of Bannon’s hit list to replace GOP electeds who are not 100% loyal to the Trump Regime. Both men know they cannot win against a faux populist GOP candidate who is more fascist than they are.

Put political theatre aside and remember that Corker and Flake both have K Street lobbying jobs waiting for them that pay at least $2 million per year, a major boost from their $174k annual gubmit salary.


Mr. President, I will not be complicit.

Except Tuesdays and Thursdays.


They speak out of both sides of there mouths, what do you expect they are Republicons!


Republican legislators in general need to be kicked out of office. They are the ones that voted for cutting over a trillion dollars from programs to help the poor while giving the rich and ultra rich nauseating tax cuts, breaks and loopholes. They call it supply side trickle down but that theory hasn’t worked for many years. Tax cuts to the rich results in the rich moving their wealth offshore. So the overall effect of supply side trickle down is that it stagnates economies.

The Failure of Supply-Side Economics

From the Real Clear Politics polls summary.

President Trump Job Approval Gallup Approve 36, Disapprove 58 Disapprove +22

Direction of Country Economist/YouGov Right Direction 31, Wrong Track 60 Wrong Track +29


These two are nothing but con jobs pretending to be adverse to Trump and both are flakeyJakes!


For those who want to see how what percentage of the time every member of Congress votes in agreement with the Trump Administration you can find that data at https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/congress-trump-score/

Senator Flake votes with the administration 90% of the time and Senator Corker votes with the administration 86% of the time. Both of those are on the low end for Republicans (With Collins having the “best” number at 80%). The most conservative Democrat, Senator Manchin, votes the administration line 54% of the time.


Just add those two retiring senators to a long list of retired politicians, general’s, etc. that didn’t have the guts to speak out while still in office.


I commend Senator Flake and any other Congressman who denounce the actions of Donald Trump. We should be encouraging this type of resistance, not complaining that Flake doesn’t support progressive causes - he never did. Flake asked fellow Republicans to resist Donald Trump and his poor behavior and that’s something I can support, unequivocally.

Enjoy the win. In my lifetime no sitting Senator has ever called out a President of his own party in such harsh terms. It’s another indicator that Trump is extreme and dangerous. This can only hurt Trump’s image and chances in the next election.


Talk about false moral equivalency. To suggest that Obama and Trump are the same. Did you not listen to Jeff Flake’s speech. Trump is destroying Democracy not just implementing policies that are dangerous.


Talk is cheap my friend. Your moniker is correct though.


But if you criticize Trump even mildly, you become a liberal hero no matter your actual record – even if you’re George W. Bush!


I think this article is confusing an anti-trump agenda with an anti-GOP agenda, which aren’t the same thing. These two senators never said that they were turning into progressives, just that they couldn’t work with trump anymore. They are still conservative politicians and as such, represent the wealthy of our nation–as do most Democratic politicians. And as for supporting “trump’s agenda,” well, anyone paying attention knows that’s an impossible task as even trump doesn’t know what his agenda is. These senators continue to support the GOP agenda and are willing to criticize trump–and for that, they deserve some credit. Which isn’t to say that we should welcome them into the Progressive wing of our political process, something they’ve never asked for.


No doubt about it, it is very difficult (if not a profound imposition) to take a Republican politician seriously. Whether the retirement of Corky and Flaky is sincere or not, there may be some value in having them say unkind things about Don. But point taken: They promote him, vote with him and then only when it’s convenient, do they raise their voices.




True, Mr. Obama and Trump should not be compared. They’re not the same. But the political system is and the overall political agenda. Example: The Patriot Act and the NDAA were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats. Both documents are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution which, in time, will leave us THE PEOPLE, without any legal protection and open to despotism by our own government. What we are currently experiencing in America is the implementation of unadulterated fascist ideology by a cabal of criminals in the WH that is relentless in their immoral pursuit…


Perhaps not in your lifetime, but the first popularly ELECTED African American U S Senator from Massachusetts, Edward Brooke (1967 -1979) (R-MA) was the first sitting Senator to publicly denounce a president, Richard Nixon during the Watergate investigation. Brooke was a “moderate” Republican (in today’s politics, he would be a left-leaning Dem dressed in R clothing) who was known as an opponent of President Richard Nixon, opposing his nominees to the Supreme Court and being the first Republican to call for the commander in chief’s resignation during the Watergate scandal. https://www.biography.com/people/edward-brooke-37418


Flake, McCain and Corker will be replaced by right wing populist extremists. In the meantime, against the President with the lowest first-year approval polling in history, the D-Party stumbles and bumbles, as usual:


I do think there are moderate mainstream Republicans and they are trying to distance themselves from Trump because it is predictable that there will be a Trump backlash. They wish to get re elected to congress so they have to show their voters they are not Trumpbots. That backlash has already started with Trump support in the polls dropping substantially and a large majority of people responding to polls stating that Trump is headed in the wrong direction.


To GOP: Sorry Dr. Frankenstein, but that’s your monster. You don’t get to disavow it now just because it’s running wild.