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Forget What Hillary Said in the 1990s. It’s Her Current Positions That Trouble Me

Forget What Hillary Said in the 1990s. It’s Her Current Positions That Trouble Me.

Benjamin Todd Jealous

Many of Secretary Clinton’s supporters have suggested that there is no significant difference between her record and that of Bernie Sanders on criminal justice. They say, “He supported the 1994 crime bill too.”

They miss the point.

The biggest problem with Hillary Clinton’s record on criminal justice is not the bills she helped her husband push in the 1990s. It is the positions she has taken, and continues to take, as a candidate for president in 2008 and in 2016.

America has its version of Apartheid and the Clintons are part of cementing it.


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Many Murkins are captive to brands. If the author calls Clinton a “progressive lawyer”, brand Clinton will continue to suck more Murkins in.

Did Hillary play golf with Bill at the all white country club they belonged to in Arkansas?

Neither of the Clintons can get past their experience in the 90s of taking rightwing positions in order to win elections. Don’t forget that Bill Clinton cemented his rightwing bona fides in 92 by a gratuitous attack on Sister Souljah and interrupted his campaign that fall to return to Little Rock and sign off on the execution of a mentally retarded convict. Back then, this pandering worked. Now that Trump has redefined racism for a new generation. Hillary is still stuck on obsolete tactics. (I take for granted that neither she nor Bill ever had any enduring beliefs in any position they adopted)

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