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Forget Your Feelings About Trump, Say Allies of NSA Whistleblower, 'Snowden Pardon Would Be a Major Win'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/14/forget-your-feelings-about-trump-say-allies-nsa-whistleblower-snowden-pardon-would


Trump only pardons crooks, liars and cheats. Ed is therefor not qualified by leaps and bounds.


Yes, we should pardon Snowden and bring him back to the US. He is, indeed, a patriot, but can you imagine Trump pardoning a guy who will be an effective enemy of all Trump and the Kochtopus stand for?

Republicans caused Snowden to run. Democrats will have to pardon him. One thing I have against Obama is that he didn’t. Biden can be convinced to do so a lot sooner than Ttump.

This site won’t let me put a link in this post, but if you go to Climate News Network and find a story titled “Climate science’s worst case is today’s reality.” We can not have both another Trump administration and a future worth living.

Let’s get Biden to say he will pardon Snowden the first week of his administration. He’s malleable. Trump’s not trustworthy. What if he’s lying again?

Another Trump administration ruins the planet for any and all life. Runaway climate change, and the story above saying we’re at worst possible scenario NOW means the next place is runaway climate change, which means we can do nothing to stop it and it will last for tens of thousands of years or more. No life will remain, like Mars.

We need to get Snowden back, and we will, but another 3 months, when Biden would pardon him for the votes to get elected, same as Trump, just not at the expense of the life system.


My, my, what difference an upcoming election make.


Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor you can give to an American.

Edward Snowden


Hopefully, somehow, Trump can be convinced to pardon Snowden.

The only whistle blower the Democrat Leadership hates more than Snowden is Julian Assange. It is certain that, with Kamala Harris on the ticket, Snowden and Assange face with be targeted as enemies of the state.


If you missed the last episode of the Washington DC kabuki show, you’re in luck.

Another episode starts every few minutes.


Wanna make a bet?
I put a $50 donation to the charity of your choice on Biden NOT pardoning Snowden.

You willing to match me?


Obama despised whistleblowers and Snowden in fact I know liberals who would not even watch the Snowden Movie because they were so into Obama’s prosecution of him. Trump has great political instincts. This would be a huge win and suppress the progressive vote, people who don’t have a dog in this fight.


What about Chelsea Manning???


Anyone who can forget their feelings about Trump has been on the moon for almost 4 years.
This Trump administration got us here:
Go to (the people running this list won’t let my put in a link) Climate News Network period net and find a story called “Climate science’s worst case is today’s reality” and read that
Woods Hole scientists re-read the climate change data set and found we are at RCP8.5, climate science’s worst possible scenario, just this side of runaway climate change and a dubious future, if a future at all.
I’m not a doomer. Until this my permaculture designs and fiction writing assumed a human future. RCP8.5 is the worst possible scenario, the last spot before runaway climate change. We still had a little wiggle room until Trump came along and did the same thing as Reagan: let the CO2 flow.
So I say another Trump administration and we’re in runaway climate change and it will be like the poles we can’t stop either of them from melting. We don’t have a way to stop runaway climate change, either. Once it goes, there will be no survivors. If the nuclear reactors that are water cooled weren’t decommissioned before runaway climate change, then those few who did the impossible will be wiped out, too, when the water supply burns away and the still active reactor blows up. Between nuclear fallout and nuclear winter (from the fallout blocking the sun) no (or a magical few) living thing will survive.

Snowden needs to be pardoned. He can wait three more months and Biden will pardon him without the arm-twisting Putin will put on Trump because he can. Trump’s done all the damage the human future can afford. RCP8.5 is here and we need to figure out how to back away from it and get out in front of it again.

Snowden’s privacy knowledge is something I personally want for this country to get out from under the NSA. I just don’t want Trump to get a chance to get re-elected from it.


Before the election, they will, like Trump, do what will get them elected.

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Snowden would be dead within a year if he returns tp U.S. It is not a matter of what party is in office, that means nothing, The National Security State does no forgive or forget, Does anyone remember Gary Webb? He courageously exposed the guns for drugs operation conducted by the CIA and Oliver North during the Reagan administration’s war against the people, and elected government of Nicaragua. He was suicided in his motel room. One should read his articles and his book: Dark Alliance.


Yes. Pardon her and pay her for the rest of her life for what she’s gone through. She has more courage than a wolverine. In this movement for liberation of life, we all follow women with more courage than any man afraid of losing what he has.


I remember this. It seemed to me he knew he couldn’t avoid them and he just got drunk in his motel, where they caught him. The NSA needs to be reined in so the people control it and Home Security needs to be broken up and the paramilitaries disbanded with honor and lifelong government support - anything they need, unless they join another right wing militia.

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I’d love to see it.

oh, if he wanted to just molotov the Dems, this would do it.

I’d be happy as hell for Ed, but I probably wouldn’t stop laughing for a solid week.


The Tom Cruise movie American Dream or story? Shows the iran contra stuff clearly.

So I take it that’s a NO on my bet offer, indicating you’re blowing smoke on hopes of a Biden pardon.

If he runs on it, he’ll do it. The trick now is to get it to him, or his campaign manager.