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Forgiving Al-Qaeda in Pursuit of a New Enemy


Forgiving Al-Qaeda in Pursuit of a New Enemy

Jim Naureckas

The New York Times had a story (3/14/15) about CIA money ending up in the hands of Al-Qaeda, an incident the paper described as

just another in a long list of examples of how the United States, largely because of poor oversight and loose financial controls, has sometimes inadvertently financed the very militants it is fighting.


“Al-Qaeda’s responsibility for the single worst massacre on US soil, an attack that has served to justify 13 years of continuous warfare, was not addressed. Why bring up water under the bridge, when ISIS is clearly so much worse?”

In a contest for absolute malfeasance combined with stupidity, the quote above competes for The Title with the diabolically distorted notion that WAR makes any condition better.

And in response to this:

Here’s Thomas Friedman’s latest column in the New York Times (3/18/15):

“Shouldn’t we at least bomb the Islamic State to smithereens and help destroy this head-chopping menace? Now I despise ISIS as much as anyone, but let me just toss out a different question: Should we be arming ISIS? Or let me ask that differently: Why are we, for the third time since 9/11, fighting a war on behalf of Iran?”

Mr. Friedman is either an NSA asset or under direct employ to the MOSSAD. A statement like the one above is suffused with the sort of disinformation that comes off as logical if one does not understand the Back Story which itself is like a cake baked with layers upon layers of lies.