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Forgoing a Celebration of Colonization and Stolen Land, Cities Across the Country Opt to Recognize Indigenous Peoples Day

Forgoing a Celebration of Colonization and Stolen Land, Cities Across the Country Opt to Recognize Indigenous Peoples Day

Julia Conley, staff writer

As cities across the United States aim to honor the millions of people who lived on the North American continent for centuries before they faced the persecution of European explorers who arrived to claim the land as their own, many local governments marked Indigenous People's Day on Monday.

Indigenous activists applauded the move as they urged Americans to also acknowledge the battles First Nations groups are fighting in the present day.


Every seat in Congress should be held by First Nation indigenous women and men, along with the office of the presidency.

Only then will the land, water and air be protected, women respected and peace for all achieved.

Turn America back to its original residents for safekeeping into perpetuity.


Everyone needs to read this book.


Learn about wetiko.

And Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States


One thing to note about these “Western Historians” those that wax poetic about the “Founding Fathers” . When the number “stalin killed 60 million poeople” cited they include numbers lost to war and famine to disease and civil conflict. This number is an utter fabrication but it cited as factual whenever someone wants to demonstrate “proof” that Socialists kill people while Capitalists bring Freedom and Democracy.

Some 98 percent of the First Nations peoples in the United States of America were eliminated by those settler colonists, likely the greatest genocide in history. When this fact pointed out, of a sudden disease and famine and war is NOT the fault of Capitalism or those Colonists. It was somehow just a “natural event” that could not be helped.

To those founding fathers. One of the earliest propoents of the “Superior Race Theory” , wherein psudeo-science used to pronounce one race of people inferior to another and not fit to survive and further suggesting that due to their Innate superiority the Anglo-saxon race would rule the world was one Thomas Jefferson arriving at those conclusions several hundred years before Adolf Hitler.


Columbus was a terrorist. However, going back to tribalism is just as bad. We live on a planet.

Time to accept that and end this ridiculous notion that some race of people has the key to peace and harmony.

The problem is overpopulation and the limits to growth, not Disney versions of utopian tribes.

Blah blah blah…

As you read this millions of climate refugees are living in camps. The ice caps are melting. The population increases at three additional people per second. Habitat collapse is a thing.

We live on a planet.

Waxing poetic about the poor noble savages and wishing that some tribalism fantasy will come true IS THE PROBLEM.

The indigenous people fought and killed each other. They sacrificed people and held people as slaves.

We live on a planet. In a solar system. In a galaxy.

Stop with the tribal fantasies already.

Everyone needs to watch this video.

The idea that some tribes are peaceful and harmonious and it’s those OTHER tribes that are the problem, IS THE PROBLEM. It’s a heterosexist fantasy. And if it doesn’t stop soon, expect nuclear war. Because habitat collapse and the limits to growth have caught up with humans.

This goes to the very heart of our history and essence as a nation. This is how we were “born” — out of contempt, ignorance, and ruthless disregard for different-looking, different-living beings who who happened to be here first.

But, backed by Western notions of state and by religiously-forged hatred which included not only willingness, but actual zeal to kill and eliminate those who saw the world differently, our forefathers conveniently ignored morals, laws, and even their much-heralded property-rights to do as they pleased … and as they could … by force alone. Apparently, regarding ones-self as “Exceptional” is hardly a new practice.

To be true, this largely unspoken part of our “history” shows very ugly truths about our “birth” … and who we are today. The same attitudes shown then invade many schools and neighborhoods, not to mention our penchant to invade and overthrow other nations who do not agree own rules.

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“Men hate those to whom they have to lie.”
–Victor Hugo

Yeah because the Americas from an environmental perspective where in such bad shape when those Europeans arrived to fix things right?

As to them killing one another.

The population of the lower 48 was estimated at 20 million minimum when those Europeans arrived and some claim it as high as 40 million. Once the Europeans finished with their Genocide it dropped to under a million. Now how is it the population could grow when they were so busy “killing each other” and then plummet next to nothing only AFTER those Europeans landed on those shores ?

The Taino’s did not kill each other off. The Beothuks did not kill each other off. It was the Europeans who engaged in mass slaughter and then turned their attention on doing the same to the lands they now occupied. See the Bison as another example. It was not the Natives that hunted them to near extinction and they used them as a food supply. It was your Europeans who had no interest in the food they might provide, but liked making things of the bones and hides that they had no need for.

The First Nations people lived off the land in North Eastern Alberta for some 10000 years. It was not them that started digging it up to get at the tarsands underneath.


Nice fantasy. But simply not true.

Ask the indigenous peoples about their wars with each other. It’s not a secret. It’s part of their heritage. They speak openly about it.

But this revised version of the noble savage living in perfect spiritual and ecological harmony, in peace, always friendly, always true to nature, this is the racist version of history.

Read some contemporary Native American authors and hear the jokes they tell about this nonsense version of history.

And so the Europeans arrived and it got much worse for indigenous people. However, this does not suddenly turn indigenous peoples into magical beings, saintly in mind body and spirit.

Talk about racism. Turning people into cartoons is just as racist and turning them into evil enemies.

Prominent scientists now deride depictions of pre-state people as peaceful. “Contra leftist anthropologists who celebrate the noble savage,” the Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker wrote in 2007, “quantitative body counts—such as the proportion of prehistoric skeletons with ax marks and embedded arrowheads or the proportion of men in a contemporary foraging tribe who die at the hands of other men—suggest that pre-state societies were far more violent than our own.” According to Pinker, the 17th-century philosopher Thomas Hobbes “got it right” when he called pre-state life a “war of all against all.”


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Writing in the journal American Antiquity, Washington State University archaeologist Tim Kohler and colleagues document how nearly 90 percent of human remains from that period had trauma from blows to either their heads or parts of their arms.

Basically, this argument that indigenous people are peaceful and it’s some other tribe causing all the trouble is the basis for ALL HUMAN VIOLENT CONFLICT.

All tribes say the same thing. -----

We’re good. We’re religious. We’re moral. We just want peace. Our religion is about peace. Our tribe is about peace.


We live on a planet. Tribalism will either stop, or we will soon be in a nuclear war.

And if you think that Native American tribes did not engage in wars for profit after Europeans got here, you’re either high, or openly ignorant. Scalping was a booming industry. Native people killed for the highest bidder, each other, and Europeans.

From Hawaii, to Mexico, to Appalachia, native tribes murdered each other, and anyone that got in the way of their tribes.

It’s just that the European tribe had better weapons. And this brings us back to today. Those weapons, now nuclear, will be used if people don’t end this stupid myth of the heterosexual spiritual fantasy tribes living in perfect harmony with nature.

As a native person, I’d say you are a racist white guy spewing bullshit about my people. You really are talking a bunch of nonsense that you don’t know enough about.
You are the one who needs to get educated about native culture. There were a great diversity of cultures here before you white guys came along and messed everything up.


Please don’t feel as if your people have been singled out. Discover spouts bullshit about pretty much anything.


While overpopulation is an immediate concern that will have to be dealt with one way or another, suggesting that all human tribes evolved along the exact same parameters s is just not supported by any verifiable research.
For example, there were thousands of years of peaceful coexistence between tribes in America until the white man invaded, after which there has been a never ending state of war.
Some mutations of humanity are in fact more peaceful and empathic than others.

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This white guy fully realizes that Columbus “found” the Garden of Eden and was too stupid to see it. He didn’t even discover America, he was given a map of the world by Zheng He, a great Chinese admiral.

If we are going to survive as a species we will have to turn away from our current practices and return to a more sustainable lifestyle, like the American Indians.
A more sustainable method of food production.
Less consumerism, a more simple life.
No usury, like the bible says.
Less war, turn weapons to ploughshares.

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