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Forgoing a Celebration of Colonization and Stolen Land, Cities Across the Country Opt to Recognize Indigenous Peoples Day


And the book 1491 by Charles Mann.


Last estimate I saw of the native population here was 112 million –

and the final stages of the Genocide were carried out by forcing their children
into US “Church Schools” just coincidentally run by the Catholic Church & Mormon
Church where parents were not allowed to visit their children, the children were not
permitted to speak in their own languages . . . and where they were beaten and
mutilated, hung, murdered – and sexually abused. Often the children were kidnapped.

Sound familiar?


earthling —

Perhaps we should all run away to the Native American lands which may

be a solution to the “trap” we are in now with fascists to the right of us and

fascists to the left of us?


That is just not true. Read the science article I posted. Or better yet, go onto Native American historian sites online and ask them about the endless wars, the slavery and human sacrifice that occurred.

If you can’t do that, then you’re just turning indigenous people into cartoons to project some fantasy.


First off, that is not a science article. It is an article making spurious claims based based on one data set, while openly admitting to ignoring all contrary findings. In fact, the entire site psudoscience and general BS trying to masquerade as science. Some of the headline gems include brilliant articles claiming roundup does not cause cancer, and workers need to “retake” capitalism. This may as well be posted on monsanto’s home page.
As for the article, the entire claim rests on the finding that close to 90% of remains unearthed show signs of trauma.
Given that these were hunter gatherers with primitive weapons, it would be more shocking if 90% of them died peaceful deaths.


Okay you win. All indigenous people lived happy lives of peace and they were spiritually advanced, living in perfect harmony with nature, until THE EVIL WHITE MAN SHOWED UP!!!

The stories indigenous people tell today of their wars before the white man arrived, are just more white man propaganda.

And anything anyone shows from the archaeological record to show wars and slavery existed have been doctored by THE EVIL WHITE MAN.

I feel so much better now that I know the truth.


Thanks for leading me that book.