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Former 9/11 Commissioner: '28 Pages' Clearly Expose Saudi Support


Former 9/11 Commissioner: '28 Pages' Clearly Expose Saudi Support

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Revealing serious fractures within the 9/11 Commission, a former member of that panel has called for the immediate declassification of the so-called "28 pages" that detail Saudi ties to the 2001 terrorist attack, saying they expose evidence that Saudi government officials were involved in the hijackers' support network.


Yeah..."looking forward" is always the easy way out for these bastards and be assured that the MSM will never press anyone for an answer. We'll likely never know the real story behind the attacks. My personal one is that someone, somewhere in Saudi Arabia got screwed by us in a business deal. You can take your own best guess at who did the screwing.


Two things: Funny how long it took to get an investigation going. And funny how peices of shit like me, excuse me, 'conspiracy theorists', arent so crazy after all.


Doesn't anybody get angry that members of the commission are only now telling us of their questions and views over the report? They have held this knowledge for years and have allowed the public to be misled. At some point there should be a statute that levies a penalty for knowingly keeping information secret that shouldn't be classified. If you had knowledge of someone's involvement in a murder you are required by law to divulge that information. Just saying that you promised you wouldn't tell is no excuse. The commission classified 80,000 documents which most likely were inconvenient for certain people that the commission decided to protect but which should have made public. Tell a judge that you protected a murderer because he and you were friends and see how that works for you?

Enough of these privileged ruling elites covering up their incompetence and errors by classifying information that incriminates themselves or their friends.

That members of the commission only talk now is to their shame as Americans because they have in fact protected people who have attacked us. If soldiers in war do not have to follow an illegal order to kill for example, so too our governing elites shouldn't be able to claim the information is classified when it is illegal or morally irresponsible to keep it secret from the country.


3000 innocent people murdered on 9/11 and Obama wants to look forward? Obama showed he is a coward who knows if he looked backward he would probably find Bush and Cheney were some how involved in 9/11 and to have them indicted for war crimes Obama would be committing political suicide.


One more thing: if they would have been African Americans, they would have needed less evidence to warrant a conviction. Dont get me started on how little of an investigation would have taken place. Why are we waiting for 80,000 more pages? If evidence is so circumstantial with 28 pages, then why not get the actual evidnence instead? All this article does is raise more questions...none of which will be asked publiclly, nor will mass media allow open questioning anyhow, or is it suddenly media is now on our side and set up the questions they want to ask?


Alas, the onion has many skins.

All the noise that will be used on this 28 page "clue" is a deflection.

Those who engineered 911 had things no foreigners had access to...

Like the stand down order for the U.S. Air Force

Like violating the laws of gravity.

Like impact that leaves no traces.

Like materials (nano-thermite) still burning weeks after the buildings were brought down.

Like the files and money that conveniently went missing with the loss of the Towers and that particular segment of the Pentagon.

Like the sudden "New Pearl Harbor" needed for launching already planned wars against 5-6 Middle East sovereign nations.

Like a very effective pretext for rescinding Civil Liberties under the guise of trading Precious Freedoms for allegedly Necessary Security measures.

And so much more.

With TONS of evidence to prove it.

But this rabbit hole will draw plenty of somewhat intelligent people in...

Straight out of Kafka ("The Trial") it's on a par with proving the innocence of all those "worst of the worst" caught in the bounty hunters' driftnets... human beings required to serve as props to lend legitimacy to The Crime of the Century and from it, vast crimes against humanity.

Here's where Andrew Boston's favorite characterization--the sheeple--operates in earnest. But it's the Tag Team in this forum (and others) who will jump on this story as if has merit... that constitute SAID sheep!


No comment from the 9/11 commission about such a paltry amount spent on their investigation, tells me one thing: the 9/11 commissions was a whitewash to try to placate the American people and to exonerate the egregious people that were guilty of orchestrating 9/11 and are still walking around free.


So now what about the 10 billion dollars that stupid New York fed judge has ordered Iran to pay to the 911 victims families? Iran had absolutely nothing to do with 911. What about Israeli MOSSAD, Pakistani ISI cooperation, what about Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz et al internal enemies? Who remote controlled those 757's? What about the rocket that hit the pentagon, the plane load of Osama relatives the only plane allowed to take off, etc, etc...unanswered questions?


Argh! Thou shalt Google first and vent afterwords.

Doublecheck your numbers ahead of time it only takes a sec.


Add JFK, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, and MLK assassinations to that list same old bullshit smoke and mirrors on the part of the deep state.


After checking I think you have the numbers wrong. Some folks cite your numbers but others said the commission spent $15 million which is still small potatoes IMO.


Yes, I saw that video "Loose Change" and nothing would ever convince me that 911 was not an inside job. They most definitely had help --- but the masterminds were in our own gov. The question always is -- Who had the most to gain?


Keep in mind that they may not have had help but that explosives may still have been placed ahead of time by their people who had nothing to do with it being an inside job at all.


I am happy to see more people actually doubting the official government crap because the evidence is so overwhelmingly contrary to the available facts. I hope Noam Chomsky would show more courage and call it what it really is, a high crime committed by the United States highest government officials in cooperation with Israel, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. The US and Britain have power over the Saudi tribal kingdom since they are keeping that kingdom in place and can dictate to Saudis to play circus dog for popular consumption however they have no such powers over Israel for it's participation in 911 events.


Yes true, Obama said the same about the biggest bank heist in history by the banksters themselves and instead of punishing the banks he chose to punish the taxpayers who paid tens of trillions of dollars to prop up the same monsters who committed the crimes in 2007..


The same gangs who benefit from military spending today.


Yeah remember how at first attempt congress had picked that old blood sucking vampire Henry to lead the 911 investigation?


John Lehman sez: "There was an awful lot of participation by Saudi individuals in
supporting the hijackers, and some of those people worked in the Saudi government."

Hmm. Could that be why various Saudi royals and bin Ladens were gathered up and flown home from the U.S. on 9/12-9/13 while the skies were closed to all other travel?


I was about to say something about Israel being involved before I came to your comment. Israel often does things for attention & to be portrayed as a victim. The USA has supported Pakistan for many years & it gave Bin Laden refuge. Obama said Iran was behind 9/11 & Bush said Iraq was behind 9/11. Both POTUS told lies. Neither emperor has clothes.