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Former Bank of Canada Head: Pipeline Protesters May Be Killed. So Be It.


Former Bank of Canada Head: Pipeline Protesters May Be Killed. So Be It.

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As Canada's controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project faces ongoing opposition, the former governor of the Bank of Canada said that protesters may die but that the government should push the project through anyway.


From the article:

“There are some people that are going to die in protesting construction of this pipeline. We have to understand that.”

“Nevertheless, we have to be willing to enforce the law once it’s there,” Dodge said. “It’s going to take some fortitude to stand up.”

Yeah, it takes a lot of fortitude to attack unarmed men, women and children while dressed in body armor and equipped with automatic weapons, tear gas grenades and water cannons. I wonder who taught him that?


Mr Dodge, how do people like you get into high positions. Mr. Dodge you are a fucking moron to suggest murdering protesters and selling that tar sand crap to others. Are those “others” going to use your tar shit on this planet or did you not think that far being blinded by the proceeds?


The Canadian police and military should refuse taking orders from assholes like Mr. Dodge


If the pipeline people are stupid and/or depraved enough to even think this, much less speak it as at least one dunghead has, they will be lighting the fuse of things that will spell their own doom!

The PTB are disregarding the enormity (understatement) of climate change - MMGW - and its consequences, and bowing to the continuing pressure from the fossil-fuel conglomerate pigs, from wells to pipelines to export facilities to FF energy dependence are committing a planetary crime. We must for our own survival force FF to remain in the ground and a massive “Manhattan Project” like government-driven mandate to enhance/accelerate/pressure the world to come-up with some plan to stop the slide further into uncharted areas. Government if it is worth a goddamn (obviously excepting the ginger pig & co) the attempt must be made - what do we stand to lose, and what do we stand to gain!?

Gatherup the scientists and people that can put 2&2 together and regardless of “cost” put them all together in some place to come-up with an answer! Science is an actual “thing”, biblical hocus pocus and belief, no matter how fervent will not save the world…wishin, and hopin, and prayin, ain’t gonna get it!

Back to the brute force used to maintain the status quo…IF people are killed by company (or any) goons there will be hell to pay and the outcome will be very ugly…if there is any common decency, common sense or concern for the Common Good left on earth, the adults must demand and demand until a path other than the current ignorance and ignoring the potentials to serve last century’s big-money are front and center, and the threats smashed!


I don’t believe anyone has died in a pipeline protest yet in the US or Canada. The statement is over-the-top rhetoric that should have no place in this dispute. It should be condemned by Canadian authorities.


Sadly, the kind of person who would think to disobey a direct order is unlikely to put on a uniform, but there is precedent: the Bolshevik revolution succeeded because at some point, the Tsar’s troops heeded the peasants chant to “Turn the guns around!”

One important difference is that the Russian Imperial Army conscripted its troops—for a 25-year hitch!—while today’s Western armies are, at least nominally, all-volunteer.


The closing paragraph of the article:

His comments about the pipeline protesters come days after he accused climate activists of making it harder to enact policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and said Canada should “sell our hydrocarbons, which we produce, to foreigners at the highest possible market price…including the sale of bitumen from the oilsands, while demand for oil is robust and still growing.”

So, he’s already on record as supporting the killing of millions, hundreds of millions, billions, along with mass extinction, from pollution and climate chaos, for short-term corporate profit and the “national” economy. What’s a few protestors on top of the biggest mass-murder in human history?


"Nevertheless, we have to be willing to enforce the law once it’s there," Dodge said. "It’s going to take some fortitude to stand up."

Enforce whose law? The unjust law of those who would steal and rape Mother Earth and trample on First Nations’ rights? No, when faced with such “laws” enacted by downright criminals it becomes our duty to defy them.

Fortitude? To murder people? No, Dodge would show fortitude if he showed respect for the Earth and those who fight to protect her.


Volunteer because real opportunities are non existent for them. Today’s military and police folk come largely from the poor deprived uneducated and ignorant backgrounds. They are prone to violence because they lack ability to think and to analyze and rationalize. Which is not by accident but rather long term neoconservatives strategic planning for at least the last 40 years.


Actions planned for September 8



I understand, which is why I qualified the term “all-volunteer” by adding “at least nominally.” It’s conscription by poverty and a lack of viable options—almost as if by design. (sarcasm alert!)


As humans overpopulate and rape the earth, the few people who value non-human species and the biosphere will be slaughtered by the corporations, their employees, and the police/military agencies.
In South American countries, many environmentalists have been assassinated already.
In North America, animal rights activists and environmentalists are officially viewed as terrorists.
I’ve always looked to the book The Monkey Wrench Gang, and the manual Ecodefense for guidance.
The question is stark: will you defend your mother the earth, and how much are you willing to sacrifice to protect innocent animals and the biosphere?
The people who rape mother earth will kill you if they get the chance, and the Bank of Canada monster is only saying out loud what is already clandestine official policy.


It is hypocrisy and close to lawlessness for a public servant to pick and choose what parts of the law to enforce, and then after making that choice say that they had no choice but to enforce it because it is the law.


And the truth seeps through that basically they are murderers if they get a chance.


Sounds like the propaganda campaign by the oil and gas industry to blame population for climate change instead of fossil fuels. Those are the trolls showing up on liberal boards spewing that it’s over-population, that I’ve ran into so far. Just saying. The rest of your post was fine, but that opening “over population,” stick out like a stinking fish.


And yet we have to finally notice that these “public” servants are not what they seem: They serve the interests of all those who simply want more and way more above and beyond basic necessities. In the end this leads logically to expanding inequality, environmental degradation and war. Notice how our military, our soldiers do not serve as a defense force at all but as offense forces for Empire and Empire will never be satisfied.


There is a reason a banker’s heart is said to consist of solid black granite. As for this one’s head, it seems to be similarly dense judging from this oxymoronic (and also moronic) statement (emphasis added):

“. . . he accused climate activists of making it harder to enact policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and said Canada should ‘sell our hydrocarbons . . . to foreigners at the highest possible . . . price . . . including . . . bitumen from the oilsands. . . .’”


I would suggest Ms. Germanos that you cease the insults. The Prime Minister has been insulted by greater entities than you, so stow it or at least learn how to spell his name (Justin not Justine)!


The best way to lie and deceive is to use as much compatible truth as possible while doing so. Overpopulation does cause problems. Burning fossil fuels causes problems. And an overly large and increasing population avidly burning fossil fuels compounds the problems with burning fossil fuels. Reducing the use of fossil fuels per person reduces the problems as does reducing the number of people using fossil fuels. Yes, the oil and gas industry is being very deceitful when they blame over-population for the problem, they are attempting to misdirect our attention from themselves by pointing to another factor that plays its part in the problem, they are using some truth in service to their propaganda campaign as they continue to profit at the expense of the health of the planet and its inhabitants.