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Former Blackwater Contractors Face Sentencing for Role in Notorious 2007 Massacre


Former Blackwater Contractors Face Sentencing for Role in Notorious 2007 Massacre

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Four former Blackwater guards face sentencing Monday for their role in the deaths of 14 Iraqi civilians during a 2007 massacre called "Baghdad's bloody Sunday."


it is only the low level foot-soldiers of Blackwater that are being held accountable. [Blackwater founder Erik] Prince and other top Blackwater executives continue to reap profits from the mercenary and private intelligence industries.

These guys have been sacrificed so that right-wing commentators can claim that justice was done in Iraq and the mercenaries are not out of control.



Four more suckers who believed their superiors when they said they would take care of the “troops.” When will they ever learn they are the fall guys for the real criminals? Cheney sneers and says, “I’d do it again if I had to!” But all he did was sit on his lazy ass in the White House while he forced and coerced others to do his filthy bidding. He is the ultimate coward masquerading as a hero.


I thought that Cheney was talking about his avoidance of military service during the Viet Nam war when he made that statement.



Oh the poor mercenaries sell your soul and pay the price for your silver.


Echoes of My Lai where only the low end of the chain of command was held responsible.

I’d rather see these four Blackwater guys traded for, say, G. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, and Condi Rice. For starters.


Sacrificed? They pulled the triggers didn’t they? Would you be happier if they got off? That any kind of justice was done-even to little creeps-is heartening. Now you’re free to go after Cheney and the bigger fish. Good luck.


“It’s clear that these fine young men panicked,” said District Judge Lamberth

What’s clear, is that they are Mercs who Kill for MONEY.

Ethics Check Here >>>>>>>>>>>>


I agree. Justice has to start somewhere and this is better than letting them walk away, scot-free. The Iraqi families don’t necessarily know or understand who Cheney and Bush are or feel, as we do, that they are out of reach. They do know some military types killed their loved ones and for that, they will get some closure with this decision. It is sad that the true perpetrators will walk away… for now!


While the crimes that have been born out of the illegal occupation by the U.S. can easily fall on the architects of the war, it is also the responsibility of each individual who participates in this war to act in a humane and compassionate way. However the contractors at Blackwater and in many cases our own military, recruit people who posess the sociopathic skills required to kill indiscriminately. If someone is a gun loving, insecure, violence oriented, ex-military type who hasn’t had their full share of spilled blood yet, they will line up for these mercenary jobs. Naturally the mercenary companies promise the same protection that these exsoldiers had in the military, but the truth is that the mercenaries are expendable. These fly-by-night troops know that they may be held accountable, but given the incredible firepower they have and the tacit approval of the US government, they simply can’t resist their racially motivated kill instincts. In short I’m happy to see these sick individuals locked up, but the recruiting methods haven’t changed one bit.


I only hope that both I and Dick Cheney live long enough for the world to bear witness to Cheney being tried before the International Criminal Court for his direct conspirarcy in the illegal US invasion of Iraq.


Haven’t we done enough damage in Iraq? I really don’t think they want us there.


Maybe you should try rephrasing whatever it was you said. On the other hand, it’s not beyond the wit of mortal man to imagine.


one life in prison for 14 civilian deaths. blackwater mercinaries deserve no mercy for their heavy handed conduct, support and facilitation of war crimes. send them to guantanamo.



Cheney will probably die before that ever happens. So I motion that we freeze him and his stolen Frankenstein heart right now, so when the technology catches up, we can thaw him out just in time for grandfathered “enhanced interrogation techniques” that he himself said were not torture.

Now I’m against “Abu Grave”-style treatment of politicians who destroyed mainstream America, but I’m sure we can find some Black-Water types who will willingly flip the switch on Chainy.


This reminds me of the similarities with the Abu Grahib sentencing of a few “bad” apple, when Stanford Professor Zimbardo reflects on the dramatic visual similarities between the behaviour of the participants in the Stanford prison experiment, and the prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib. He looked at the situation the soldiers were in and considered the possibility that this situation may have induced the behaviour that they displayed. He began with the assumption that they may have been “good apples” in a situation like that of the Stanford prison experiment, where he knew that physically and psychologically normal and healthy people were behaving sadistically and brutalising prisoners.

Either way, whether the debate on whether most people are good but capable of doing bad evil is not relevant here, as much as the fact that the system put in place by Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, Bibee, etc is one of extreme evil and contempt for human life and aimed at dehumanizing any and all considered enemies of the USA.

The USA and its system of justice is rotten foul and the whole world is tired of the smell. This article should also teach a lesson to any and all mercenaries who believe they can make easy bucks on these operations covered by illegality and secrecy. At the end… make no mistake whether you 're a mafioso or a government agent who served the selfish interests of ambitious and callous despots, you will take the blame, while they will get all the awards you can think of.



How many times are we going to fight that fake war? When I left in 1991, there were no-fly zones all over the place and hundreds of satellites staring down. No one could even sneak a truck in, since my pals in F-15’s were flying patrols over the place every morning. When bush-the-Inferior claimed there were WMD’s despite UN Weapons UNSCOM nuclear inspector Scott Ritter saying there were none, I about fell out of my chair.


Be sure to read the fine print. It’s so true.


Ah-now I see it. Thanks for the enlightenment.I had no idea.I guess they flagged you for stupidity.


Justice would see them serve their sentences in an Iraqi prison; it would demand a life sentence of hard labour, rebuilding Iraq’s infranstructure (they can start by building a prison for themselves).


► Yes, they did. But this is what American servicemen call chicken-shït, where you pin the rap on a couple of people and let yourselves off the hook.

As if the US didn’t slaughter Iraqi civilians. No, never in a million years. These guys did it