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Former CDC Chief Urges Current Director to Publicly Denounce Trump Handling of Pandemic as 'Slaughter'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/07/former-cdc-chief-urges-current-director-publicly-denounce-trump-handling-pandemic

A good protest for people who might have the wherewithal to pull it off would be nude protests (with masks of course) in major chain stores that have spoken against mask usage - or maybe to govt. offices, I don’t know, but if being without a mask is “freedom” then antimaskers should be pro nudity as well. Would probably be a protest to get lots of attention and point out the contradiction of being antimask but pro pants. I wouldn’t want naked people scratching their butts at the salad bar - its a health risk - just like not wearing a mask now is a health risk.


Trump and his gang are guilty of mass slaughter in how they’ve handled COVID and in their gutting of environmental, consumer protection, and workplace safety regulations and agencies.
They’re domestic terrorists using COVID and other tools to “cull the herd” and eliminate Democratic voters.
Osama bin Laden only killed 3300 people and he was branded as enemy number one.
Trump is far worse, and did it to his own country, assisted by the GOP and his cult.
They should all be viewed as traitors, and face the penalty for that.


AHHEMMM… There is a reason he is the FORMER director.

Redfield has chosen his bed. He will have to lie in it, and perhaps die in it.

He has been complicit in this slaughter of his fellow Americans.

Murder by intentionally obfuscating the facts to please one man is worthy of his indictment in the deaths of the 210,000 who have perished.


Day late and a dollar short. If Dr Foege had done this when Frieden was politicizing the CDC to secretly enter the Drug War over opiate medication, a helluva lot more than 200k Americans would be alive today.

The reality is that the CDC has been converted into a shadow FDA for 2 straight presidencies now, and it wasn’t Trump that started it. And we needed those old hands to speak up 4-5 years ago when the secret committees began “studying” several social phenomenon and labeling them as “epidemics” in order to justify steering out of their lane whenever the FDA displeased an administration.

Still, it’s a start, although I think it’s likely a bit late for the CDC to recover from nearly 7 years of rank political machinations, one of which has been far more lethal than covid so far and is still continuing to this day.



We need to do more than denounce Trump for slaughter… we need to imprison him. This fake president failed on every level possible level from a deadly virus to massive justified protests in the streets to endless war to growing poverty and homelessness. He is unfit beyond the shadow of a doubt. What criteria is exactly needed to oust an unfit president??? This one checked all the boxes and then some.


All true Carol and well said. It is so exhausting keeping up with this stupidity. It almost seems like a waste of time as things change minute to minute. Millions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$going to Trump campaign? how? why? Who?

The “supremes” need to be disbanded, worthless sycophants have the majority. They are like Iranian Ayatollahs.

Get the fricken money out of politics. Like I said this is exhausting as I have said the same thing for years now under both parties but dems are by far the lesser of the evils.


The problem with your statement, like so many government claims, is that there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that bin Laden, who was holed up in a cave thousands of miles away in Afghanistan while hooked up to a dialysis machine, was the one who orchestrated those attacks on September 11, 2001. The works of David Ray Griffin, along with other people such as Barry Zwicker [see his book called Towers of Deception], and the powerful five hour documentary called September 11-the New Pearl Harbor easily confirm this assertion.

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The U.S. government’s response to the covid pandemic was not a failure for the ones who designed it. It was a brilliant success.

“Success,” for the oligarchs who control Washington, DC (including both major political parties), is measured on very simple terms: more power, control, and wealth for the oligarchs; and less democracy, less fairness, less wealth for the masses. On these terms, the GOP-DNC response to covid was a scintillating success.

Let’s be candid, shall we?


“What criteria is exactly needed to oust an unfit president???”

A congress that is not unfit as well. I won’t bore you with the list of actions that republican members and democrat members as well, have done (or not done), to ensure Trump stayed in office.


Your on the right track, but Griffin and Zwicker get hung-up on the demolition theory, scientific data proves that’s not what brought the towers down, dig deeper.

If you wish to go deeper than that then I strongly suggest that you see the five hour 3 DVD set documentary September 11-The New Pearl Harbor as Italian director Massimo Mazzucco explores such as issues on this subject such as:

  • Parallels between Pearl Harbor and September 11

  • Air Defense

  • The Hijackers

  • The Airplanes

  • The Pentagon

  • Flight 93

  • World Trade Center

  • Building Seven

Mazzucco looks at the positions of those who reject the official version, the 09/11 Truth Movement, and the position of those who support it, and allows the viewer to make up his or her mind on this controversial issue. I have a number of documentaries on this issue and this particular one is by far the best of the lot. If one were to look at this subject objectively one would have to conclude after viewing this meticulous film that the official story simply does not hold up to scrutiny.

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I probably should have written that Osama “allegedly” did 9/11. Whoever did it, they killed far less people than Trump and the GOP, who have created the equivalent of seven 9/11s so far.

My best guess is that Redfield is not motivated by evil intent, the hallmark of so many in the Trump Death Cult; rather, he’s a man lacking the intellectual power and, more importantly, the strength of character to responsibly direct an organization like the CDC, especially during a killer pandemic. He lacks the constitution necessary to stand up and speak the plain truth to and about a man like Trump.

Listen to him speak, watch his facial expressions and demeanor. He’s sane. He understands the difference between right and wrong, responsible and irresponsible, safe and dangerous. He’s just not strong enough to meet his responsibilities to the American people in the face of a tyrant and he’d probably be “in over his head” in such a vitally important position even in normal times.

The CDC is but one of the many departments and agencies of our Federal government that’ve been so severely compromised as to be rendered dysfunctional and unreliable. The transformation of those agencies into enforcement divisions of the Trump Death Cult is well underway and will certainly be fully completed if Trump is allowed to remain in office. It will be Trump unbound by convention or by law. It will spell the end to any remaining semblance of democratic government in our country.

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The criteria at this point in time is to get out and vote. It seems to be the only way we are willing to show him the door.

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The trump virus is still killing 500 - 1,000 innocent souls a day. When 200 per day were getting killed in Vietnam we lost our collective minds, and did something about it.


Hitler’s quote is appropriate for the U.S, government’s lies about 9/11: " MAKE THE LIE BIG; KEEP ON SAYING IT; AND EVENTUALLY ( THE AMERICAN PEOPLE) WILL BELIEVE IT"!

And I would add, censor any alternative 9/11 theories by people like David Ray Griffin and Steven Jones as “wild conspiracy theories” even though they prove the most egregious and wild conspiracy of all, is what we have been told by our fascists, because it has been proven mathematically impossible what the government claims!

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If you have proof of that statement, please share it…thank you.

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Regarding the American War on Vietnam it should also be pointed out that our political leaders have not lost their collective minds concerning the millions of Vietnamese who died at the hands of the U.S. military where we see so-called liberals such as Carter and Obama believing that the United States has no reason to apologize for what this country did to those wretched people.