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Former CDC Chief Urges Current Director to Publicly Denounce Trump Handling of Pandemic as 'Slaughter'

AMEN!!   Section 4 of Article II of the Constitution declares that “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”   Section 3 of Article III states that “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”    Whereas Tweetle-Dumb de­clared several months ago that the U.S. was “at War with the Corona Chinese Virus”, and that he was therefor “A Wartime President”, it’s very clear to me that he most assuredly IS guilty of Treason since so many of his actions in recent months have quite obviously given Aid to this Enemy of the United States.

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He gets a cut of everything they pass, I would imagine. That’s why he’s still alive. He produces. A few days off with some monoclonal antibodies from his golfing buddy, and he’s good to go.

When he gets Barrett in The Supremes, she’ll be back with her old team that worked on Bush v Gore - Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. No more of that pesky ACA crap. I’m sure they have a long list of marching orders.

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I viewed one of Mazzucco’s videos, he gets some things right, but gets a lot wrong also, for example he spends a lot of time on the planes and flight paths on that morning, this is a “dead-end” set up for investigators, any one who has investigated the situation any length of time (I have hundreds of hours invested), will tell you there were many of these “dead-ends” set in place to confuse, block, dumbfound, etc. anybody from getting close to the truth. He also uses Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers, as a reference, big mistake. Not to disparage the members, I’m sure most are honest, but Gage is a “gatekeeper”, and won’t allow anyone in the group to entertain any other theories, except what he has approved, that’s his job. Gage’s theory of demolitions fails to answer many questions about the destruction of the towers like: Where was all the debris, there should have been about 20 stories of debris for each 110 story towers, yet there was less than 3 stories, some areas of the inner plaza, almost none. Why didn’t the amount of demolitions needed to bring down these buildings register on seismic instrumentation that morning? How did demolitions cause materials like Steel and aluminum to disassociate from itself at the molecular level? How was the “bathtub” not cracked or fractured anywhere, when supposedly 2 towers with 500,000 tons of material each, fell on it, not including building contents?
Gage has no answers to these and many more important questions. I would point you to Dr. Judy Wood, for the answers. Her bio is under the "about " tab in the link below, you will find she is much more qualified than Gage, with a PhD in material science, and a Masters in material physics. Then I encourage you to click on the “video” tab, then “presentations” for a 2:00:00 + lecture where she discusses how she came to her conclusions using scientific data, not speculation. as most others do on this subject matter.


I believe your correct, and no chance of EIM4A either, with Barrett on the court.

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Here is the story of one: a 28 year old OB-GYN resident in Texas, who was forced to wear the same PPE day after day. HCA owns her hospital:

Texas doctor, 28, dies of Covid: 'She wore the same mask for weeks, if not months’


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The “official story” was just that, a story. The elites don’t want us rubes to know the truth behind the power grabs the Duopoly parties commit, and they’re willing to kill as many innocent people to create the illusion of their manufactured “story.”

This “pandemic” is another.