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Former Commish Michael Copps: 'Maybe the Worst FCC I’ve Ever Seen'


Former Commish Michael Copps: 'Maybe the Worst FCC I’ve Ever Seen'

Michael Winship

In just a few short months, the Trump wrecking ball has pounded away at rules and regulations in virtually every government agency. The men and women the president has appointed to the Cabinet and to head those agencies are so far in sycophantic lockstep, engaged in dismantling years of protections in order to make real what White House strategist Steve Bannon infamously described as “the deconstruction of the administrative state.”


Ever since Bill Clinton and Congress enabled media consolidation in 1996 each year has seen an FCC worse than the previous year. There is no end of that trend in sight.


That is absolutely not true. Have you already forgotten about the net neutrality (internet as common-carrier telecom service) rules under Obama/Chairman Wheeler’s FCC just 2 years ago - which are currently being dismantled?


Since January 20, the FCC has basically become just a subsidiary of the Verizon Corporation.


After years of public pressure and being confidant that corporate tribunals (enabled by TPP, TTIP and other regulatory capture schemes disguised as trade deals) would have the power to end net neutrality, Team Obama near the end of term 2 approved rules.

Even if Trump and Ajit Pai don’t end net neutrality, the GOP’s ongoing stacking of Federal Courts with right wing judges at all levels will enable net neutrality legislation (and all other legislation) to be controlled by right wingers’ law suits.