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Former Guantánamo Chief Being Investigated for Torture Is a No-Show at French Court Hearing



Today is Super Tuesday, and clearly both election front-runners are dubious.
US voters are asked to choose either a man whose many faults include a legal action against him for 'fraud' - former workers on his Washington construction project alleging he withheld pay, income tax and national insurance, plus he has support from the Ku Klux Klan, and may have had business dealings with the Mafia.
But the Democrat candidate is part of the current administration and so shares responsibility for the record at Guantanamo - and if that record was defensible, why is Miller not answering these serious charges of torture?


Unfortunately the US, itself is a criminal nation. It only gets away with such disdain for international law because the international community allows it to do so. If the Western nations, which do pay homage to the law of nations, were to insist that the US also abide by the law, it would grudgingly do so because it knows that it is dependant upon most of the rest of the World for its standard of living. Sanctions against it would create social and humanitarian havoc in the US and blood would flow freely in the streets. Just see how the standard of living would drop like a stone if the US dollar were no longer the reserve currency!


I'm surprised there have been so few contributors to discussion of this important report. Very surprised to find it buried so low down after many other far less significant reports.
Wake up, Common Dreams - this is a major issue!