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Former KKK Leader David Duke Says 'Thank God for Trump' After President Shares Anti-Muslim Tweets From UK


Former KKK Leader David Duke Says 'Thank God for Trump' After President Shares Anti-Muslim Tweets From UK

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Trump has legitimized the far right in his own country, now he's trying to do it in ours."

A woman wears a Donald Trump campaign hat that she has altered while speaking to a member of the Britain First security team during a protest titled 'London march against terrorism' organized by far-right groups English Defence League and Britain First. (Photo: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images)


" Trump is promoting hatred of Muslims."

Why? The only reason I can come up with is Trump and his fellow oligarchs see the Muslims as a threat to their vast wealth; otherwise, it makes no sense to me. The economic, elite are paranoid of Muslims; there can be no doubt about it!


No, Trump himself neither hates not likes Muslims, but he sees the value of the masses to hating an official enemy while he robs them blind…Recall Orwell’s “Emanuel Goldstein” and telescreen-supervised “One Minute Hates” to see how it works…


I agree. And if you are Trump going after the Republican base and baser than base voters, you have to pander to White Supremacist racists. Such as David Duke. Thank God for Trump? My first thought is that guy that is the opposite of God in that other other hot place.


and the never-ending tsunami of stinky, racist slime from the president* and the republican party goes on and on and on.


Fascism is the ideology of hatred. It is difficult to love Fascism to death. To end it will take many, many infuriated people with a plan…


I’m with you on this. I think that, generally speaking, Islam is really a useful target for the dark overlords of rapacious capitalism to utilize taxes to support their global financial dominance while pretending otherwise. Wealthy Islamists do the same thing and are annoying competitors against American international domination. Consequently, as the Rockefellers would say, they need to be eliminated using every dirty trick in the book.
Neither religion (Islam & Christianity), wants to admit the ideology that drives conflict is not religious but economic and political. But religion always summons the zealous troops!


Trump’s whole campaign for president was based on hate. He has never stopped campaigning since his first day in office. This is just part of the campaign for 2020. He can’t govern effectively given his severe limitations in knowledge and skills so he campaigns which he as actually is good at now that he has merged campaigning with crude entertainment. As long as Americans can accept a president who lives in the gutter and tries to bring everyone else down there with him he can keep this scam up and Americans can keep pretending that they have a president when they don’t actually have a real president at all.




Yes. Some may recall that Bill Clinton campaigned and won, in part, on a pledge to spend the money saved by no longer having to outgun the Soviet Union (“Peace Dividend,” anyone?) on infrastructure jobs. That kind of talk didn’t go down well in places like Electric Boat, General Dynamics and the Lazy B Ranch (Boeing), so a new Emanuel Goldstein had to be conjured up. Et voila, “Islamofascism” is born.


The Fascists know if there’s any planning to be done it will be done by their co-conspirators in the Police & Security State. They’re legally protected and have been infiltrated: by hundreds of thousands of militarized security forces, better armed than most modern nations, with a long documened history of shooting and killing human rights activists, et al. Anyone who gets in the way of Trump and his wealthy Fascist supporters will face the wrath of a majority of white people. 52% of white women and 60+% of white men voted for the White Supremacist Trump and his policies. Who says white people don’t stick together? The Kochs, Bradleys, De Vos & Mercers have spent $Billions to make sure they do.
That’s the way it is in America and in Britain. The proof " is in the pudding " , so to speak. The pudding may be nasty now, but give the wealthy Brits a chance and they’ll get the average white royal subject’s taste buds dull enough to eat any shit they can or desire to dish out. Can I have another, sir?
Trump is a symptom of the rot of white privilege and wealth, backed by white law and policy, a majority white ruling party and international white law enforcement agencies. David Duke is not only President Trump’s friend, he’s currently the friend of a majority of white people. And, " with friends like that, who needs enemies “.
” America’s only god is money ", Malcolm X. We should probably add white supremacist political power, just to be fair and accurate. And, the Brits are our closest allies and kindred spirits, too. " God save the Queen " and all that tommyrot.




I think Trump’s vilification of minorities is just a ploy to give his supporters a target for their anger.


The Republicans always get the majority of white votes although maybe not always the majority of white women. I believe Trump did better than Romney with the white vote. Trump clearly energized the white supremacists who probably often don’t vote. He didn’t win the majority of total votes but because of the electoral college and the way the vote is now polarized flipping a few blue states was enough. I think some credit for this disaster should probably go to Putin who ran a tremendous social media campaign that the Democrats didn’t even know was taking place and the right wingers in Wisconsin who passed the ID law which seems ot have given Trump that state. The white nationalist movement behind Trump is strong in Europe and probably in some European countries stronger than here. Many white people are voting according to their baser instincts and ignoring the whole history of the Enlightenment and its values. Biologically we are tribal and that is the way many people are voting. They want to reverse what many regard as progress in human rights for all. The battle for human rights for all must continue.


Breitbart, FOX and Project Veritas combine to make DJT’s version of Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth.” (S. Huckabee) Sanders the Snarly is the female PR rube from Arkansas akin to “Samuel Goldstein” without the eloquence of speech.


Not God. Thank Satan if you like what Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan is doing. The Mango Mussolini definitely serves Satan.


She is truly a piece of shit.


See my comment, below.


The most baleful of bird calls from Citizen KKKane


White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, dismissed concerns about the credibility of the videos, telling reporters: “Whether it’s a real video, the threat is real. [Trump’s] goal is to promote strong border security and strong national security.”

I can only conclude from reading that statement that truth is irrelevant when it comes to the greater “good”