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Former KKK Leader David Duke Says 'Thank God for Trump' After President Shares Anti-Muslim Tweets From UK

Good for who? Racists, xenophobes, self-appointed militias, white supremacists, potential construction firms under the Trump, Inc. umbrella operations? There is absolutely nothing “good” about DJT, his family, his businesses, his administration, his cabinet, his prez-a-dunce-y or his dreadful appearance. SHS the Snarly, the Arkansas rube and Duke make quite the pair of prevaricators and purveyors of hate who both have several volumes of the Jim Crow laws filling their library shelves. Add a dash of Moore to make a wicked cauldron of pure evil.

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Yeah, thank god… Ares (Roman god viewed primarily as a destructive and destabilizing force),perhaps? Duke is a godless serpent of Satan in human form.

And to think I was just reading comments here suggesting progressives shouldn’t vote as some kind of half-assed protest. Progressives who want everything but do nothing. Sounds like winning to me—for Trump.

This means Common Dreams is being trolled by Trump, Republican members.

It’s not being trolled. The active Trump Left just can’t get its head around how stupid it is, that’s all. Instead of acknowledging honestly how big it played itself during the election, it has to yell about 90s-era policies and both-sides-do-itisms.

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Yup, not voting or voting for faerie dust candidates in protest brought us to the hell we are in right now.

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Trump unrepentant and scolds British PM for complaining

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Demented, deranged, delusional and WOEFULLY UNFIT FOR THE OFFICE let alone leading anything except a pep rally full of gun-toting, bible-thumping, white-sheet-wearing fools. Poster boy for ISIS recruitment. The US flag lapel pin should be ripped off and replaced with the hammer and sickle or swastika (the current Russian flag has the same colors as the US so is too close for comfort). Those tweets and video re-tweets mirror his declining mental state and overt racism while fulfilling his insatiable need to be validated. He will continue to alienate each and every ally we have around the world while placating and sucking up to the likes of Putin, Duterte, and Erdogan. And his targeting the UK PM shows his lifelong disdain for powerful women (or any woman for that matter…misogyny).

Donald Duck loves David Duck and David Duck loves Donald Duck, So… take a wild guess about violations AGAINST THE LAW!!! and hone to visit,