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Former Koch Agents, Fossil Fuel Industry Hired Guns Now Staffing Trump's Federal Agencies


Former Koch Agents, Fossil Fuel Industry Hired Guns Now Staffing Trump's Federal Agencies

Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog

On March 8, ProPublica obtained “beachhead team” rosters with the names of hundreds of temporary staffers the Trump administration has installed in federal agencies, including the Department of Interior (DOI), Department of Energy (DOE), the White House Office of Management


The blueprint for raping and pillaging Wisconsin via the Koch Brothers/Walker is being used by Team Trump for the whole country:




i thought Trump was giving the country back to the people.


He’s shaking the system up!


What will The Establishment say?


I don’t know but you know they are running in fear. We sure showed them. Thank god Clinton’s not in there!


Yes we need to shake all that money out of the pockets of the poor that they are hoarding.


Who needs Medicare or Medicaid anyway, right? Those billionaires are running in fear now!


Trump told the truth; he is giving the country back to the people…HIS PEOPLE!


I am getting sick to my stomach!! Damn I just ate too.


Where did all the Bernie or bust posters go?


They’re organizing a seige of Trump Tower.


One of the 1st things Scott Walker did in office was cancel the Talgo HSR project. The Talgo trainsets were originally engineered in the USA during WWII. You’d think Walker would be proud to support this American made product, but no. The passenger-rail era was hamstrung into its now useless state by the big railway moguls, especially Warren Buffett. Union Pacific hauls more mixed goods. Buffett’s BNSF is known for mile-long tanker car trains. The engine that connects us, my foot.


I am so glad you pointed this out Wellan -----as hard as it is to wrap one’s head around the fact that Walker et al. intentionally thwarted train travel in Wisconsin----killed it.

Why ----one would reasonably ask . . why would he turn this down??

Here is one take:

“Walker’s bristling hostility to the notion of mass transit is deeply ingrained in the Wisconsin Right, which sees high-speed rail as an insidious expansion of the public sector. In the calculus of Walker and his allies, spending on highways and the health and climate costs of pollution do not count as subsidies to auto transportation.
Thus, Walker drew more than nine times the contributions from highway contractors than his Democratic opponent Tom Barrett.
Furthermore, some elements of the Right oppose smaller mass-transit projects that would allow more inner-city residents—disproportionately African-Americans and Latinos—to seek jobs in the suburbs, a prospect that they clearly did not relish.
Popular African-American talk-show host Earl Ingram, Jr., a former A.O. Smith worker himself, was among those at the rally. He vowed to stress the issue of the rail project to his listeners. "I’m going to keep pounding away on this.

The fact that we have no decent rail system in this country is inexcusable. I almost got killed on the I90 between Tomah and Madison just last week and that flashback (Walker/Talgo) came to me.

For those who missed it: