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Former Military Chief: US Created ISIS—And is Poised to Repeat History



Whether Cheney and GW were or were not actually involved in the 9-11 attacks, it is clear they used those attacks as justification for implementing the agenda outlined in several neocon publications from the 1990s. For instance A Clean Break - A New Strategy for Securing the Realm (1996) clearly specifies regime change in Iraq, then Syria, on the way to Tehran.

So, to pretend that the US "made a mistake" when it unleashed chaos in the Middle East simply flies in the face of the actual facts. The US, Israel, Turkey and the Saudis have been working hand-in-glove since 9-11 to bring down every independent actor in the region. Thus Gaddaffi had to go too.


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The intervention of Russia has helped to expose the lies that were being told us by our Governments and our media. They now have to come up with a new story as to how this all some "error" or miscalculation.

The formation of ISIS was deliberate. They are hired guns and nothing more and work for the Western Governments.


Wait for Flynn to get his own show on Fox News.

Keep waiting.


" Sorry but military folks like this saying this was a "mistake" only serve to obfuscate what is really happening."

True. Because there is never any accountability for the war criminals like Bush and Cheney who should have been locked up a long time ago and sent to Gitmo because they are culpable of such horrendous and egregious war crimes, much worse than all the prisoners put together in Gitmo!

Same thing with the recent cold blooded, blatant, planned and purposeful bombing of the hospital run by doctors without borders in Afghanistan; by saying it was a "mistake" they must feel that exonerates the culpable of this most evil war crime. Obfuscation also because you never hear from the people in charge: " yes, a mistake! And now the people guilty must be held accountable"!


Goodness me. I am surprised. The USA got it wrong. So 3 million dead Vietnamese and 3 million dead Cambodians were not proof enough of the mendacious stupidity of USAian foreign policy?


There's more to it than that. The U.S. tortured Iraq beginning with the gulf war, then sanctions, then shock n awe then the endless occupation. Most especially the demonization of Sunnis because Saddam was Sunni, then Malaki and assorted u.s. backed militias killing, jailing and torturing Sunnis- and firing all Saddam's military
leaders- you can maybe imagine what levels of rage all this begat- so yeah it is blowback, and if you heard IS has very savvy leadership, it's true, and these are Saddam's old elite commanders now doing all that


And ISIS or ISIL capitalize on the chaos, destroyed infrastructure, and lack of cohesive government in areas where the people are reeling from the destruction and chaos and offer health care, education, hospitals, housing, food, etc. but not without their price: complete and total allegiance to ISIS with the threat of death or torture for any disloyalty. And the US along with GB and other allies created the chaos, destroyed infrastructure, installed a petty dictator (Malaki in Iraq) all in attempts to usurp the fossil fuel reserves and exert hegemony over the pipelines...NOT to establish a "democracy" or any other BS reasons made public. Rumsfeld, Cheney, GWB, Wolfowitz, Perle, et alia should all suffer the consequences of their flagrant mishandling of the situations in the Middle East. Obama simply continued to carry their banners.


Why not identify the neo-con intellectuals, such Michael Flynn's behind-the-scenes associate Paul Wolfowitz?


That was no "error." Not even remotely.


Great list; would only comment to the German vice-chancellor that it's not that Turks are "unpredictable", rather their gov't. is predictably and obsequiously obedient in following the orders issued by its handlers as is the German gov't. considering Ukraine, and all in violation of their own security.


These patriots know how to accomplish a mission.


all very true, and in addition, ANYTHING coming from the U.S. govt must be taken with a grain..... isn't it obvious by now that 911 was planned and executed by the U.S. and the Israelis.


More and more myth, while no one with a brain can deny the topic that the attack on Iraq based on lies, has been the base of creating ISIS, but the
imagination and pure paranoia of this thread shows the results of the imagination of those who should be hospitalized has run wild.


AKA Shock Doctrine


And i look forward to the probing questions in the upcoming presidential debates...


Mike Flynn, war criminal and to boot a really bad liar. He knows full well that the attack against Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11. He also likely knows that the official mythology of 9/11 is so much bullshit.