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Former Nixon Aide: Drug War's True Aim to "Disrupt" Black Communities


Former Nixon Aide: Drug War's True Aim to "Disrupt" Black Communities

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The former top domestic adviser to President Richard Nixon admitted years ago that the so-called "War on Drugs" was crafted to target black people and anti-war leftists, according to new reporting.

The April feature of Harper's, an investigation by journalist Dan Baum into the widespread failures of drug prohibition, includes an excerpt from a 1994 interview between Baum and Nixon's adviser, John Ehrlichman, who died in 1999.

One passage in particular went viral on Tuesday:


How many lives and communities did these scum ruin for political gain?

I wish I believed in a hell so I could believe they were burning in it.

But there is no justice. If there were those responsible for torturing prisoners would be prisoners themselves, instead of making appearances as respected elder statesmen on MSM.


The same thing is still going on today, only now the narrative has changed from drugs to xenophobia and Islamophobia. By getting the public to fear Muslims ( Cruz, we need to patrol the Muslim neighborhoods) and to associate and demonize Muslims with violence.


It’s always welcome when someone on the inside admits what has for years been obvious to us on the outside. Of course, selling all that heroin (and crack cocaine) and marijuana to blacks and radicals also made a pretty profit for the dealers on the inside. And the “War on Drugs” also gave The Empire one excuse after another for planting US military on foreign soil.

All in all the “War On Drugs” has been very very successful - for those on the inside!


This is supposed to be some kind of revelation?

Here’s a bit of people’s history for you younger people here.

The hippies themselves promoted pot smoking as a way to make people more leftist (as they conceived the notion of “left” anyway) because it “mellowed you out” and made you led “uptight” like the “straights”** were. As a high-schooler in the early 1970s, I was part of a picked-on minority of straights who didn’t smoke pot. And I was proud to be even more radical left than the freaks*** without smoking pot.

So of course everyone back then understood that Nixon’s “War on Drugs” was an attack on the hippie left.

But in 1976, I realized that whole cultural association of pot with the left was coming to an end when, in October, a roommate from Princeton, NJ who smoked a lot of pot yet was a straight “preppie” looking type decided, over a doobie, to vote for Gerald Ford, not Carter, for president.


** “Straight” - The term for a well groomed, neatly dressed, non-pot-smoking person with conservative political views. It was generally derogatory. It did NOT mean “heterosexual”. Queers (“gay” was not invented yet) and anyone remotely suspected as such, were feared and reviled by freak and straight alike.

***“Freak” - The term for long haired, bearded, pot smoking, ragged jean or Oshkosh-bgosh overall-wearing, sexually licentious countercultural types - it was not at all derogatory.


" But there is no justice."

All the proof one needs of that statement is when Ford pardoned Nixon, who was among other things, a war criminal that was responsible for untold thousands of American soldiers and probably millions of Vietnamese lives. If there was justice, both Nixon and Ford would have been incarcerated.


This has been known and alluded to for years.

It worth pointing out that officially the USA played no role in a wealth of Coups the CIA helped orchestrate the world over even as those labeled as “conspiracy theorists” claimed that involvement.

This is how they operate. Deny deny deny and ridicule the opinion of others and then when it far too late to do anything about it ( the anti-war left was destroyed) assure the populace it can never happen again.

The system by design promotes criminal behaviour at the top and has put the sociopath in control.


You may wish to have a look at this fascinating book. It has an odd history, researched by psychoanalysts at an institute in Poland and lost many times in KGB raids. Finally published here by some editor with strange beliefs in aliens; but notice the quotes contributed by Zimbardo and Pappe. It is absolutely a book to be taken seriously.


“Legalize it all,” he writes.

Indeed and tout suite!


Oh, belive in it–they have transformed our Mother Earth into a hell for far too many!


And the black lives and families they intentionally destroyed makes them bestialized men.

The countryside was cold and still
There were three crosses upon the hill
Each one wore a burning hood
To hide its rotten heart of wood

And I cried
Father I hear the iron sound
Hoofbeats on the frozen ground

Down from the hills the riders came
Lord, it was a crying shame
To see the blood upon their whips
And hear the snarling of their lips

And I cried
Mother I feel a stabbing pain
Blood flows down like a summer rain

Each one wore a mask of white
To hide his cruel face from sight
and each one sucked a hungery breath
Out of the empty lungs of death

And I cried
Sister raise my bloody head
It’s so lonesome to be dead

He who rides with the Klan
He is a devil and not a man
For underneath that white disguise
I have looked into his eyes

Brother, stand with me
it’s not easy to be free



Nixon and Ehrlichmann were nothing but cold-blooded sons of bitches. And despite it being “bad Karma”, right at this moment, I hope the bastards are burning in the unique customized Hell they deserve to burn in. Them as well as so many others from that time. What a psycho Nixon was. And yet he became president…


It looks very interesting. I shall look it up.


As a former “street freak” (and proud of it) I would call you on this as an over simplified explanation of what was going on then…especially the 10 to 15 years prior to your time. (I realize this is a limited forum.) Certainly, getting high was considered a revolutionary act by some, but not everybody did it. Of the 3000 students in my HS only 5 of us got high (and I had more than five friends). The rest wanted to grow up and join the undercover narcotics squad. The “war” on drugs had a extra added attraction to the boys in charge. The CIA became (as shown by testimony to the Church Committee) the major drug supplier in the nation, flooding black and poor neighborhoods with dope and using the profits to finance their black ops without going to congress for money. (They continue this practice to this moment.) It was and is a double pay-off enabling the disenfranchisement of the people most likely to vote against the MIC run establishment. Plus, keeping it illegal keeps the price way up for better CIA profits, and CIA distributors never go to jail. I’m sorry some assholes gave you crap for not smoking. It was the other way around where I was. A first offense possession of one pot seed was punishable by 5 years to life imprisonment, with the average offender getting the choice of five years in the pen or volunteering for Vietnam…usually a death sentence either way. Freaks were subject to sudden violent attack by total strangers at any moment of the day simply because they were suspected anti-war stoners. Only the truly serious grew their hair out…none of the posers that came later were around then. Read Abby Hoffman’s “Steal This Book”. You will find he vilifies the pot culture of the time as a distraction from the real work of the revolution and denigrates all freaks for allowing themselves to be side-tracked. It wasn’t all buds and flowers and not all freaks got high.


Thanks EnemyofWar, I assume you are aware of Gary Webb? Here are two links:


One transfer station, Mena Arkansas…


The real and ongoing tragedy is that even with this knowledge not only do we continue the charade candidates still support this damnation wholeheartedly.


I was a ling haired hippie in those days and it was amazing how nany people wanted to do you harm. The cops were the worst. You could be the nicest person and n the world and Nixon, Reagan and their ilk made it worse by their lying. Manson was the coup de grase of it. That moron was represented as the hippie and Nixon loved it. People were scared of hippies. Paranoia brought on by the right wing to gain power. Sick, sick, sick. The nation should be aware of these purveyors of hate dressed up in three piece suits. They are still out there terrorizing not just our nation but the world.


Thank you EnemyofWar…


Yes, (Committee to RE-Elect the President). CREEP