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Former Nuclear Launch Officers Warn Congress: Trump Should Not Have 'Absolute Power to Destroy Nations'


Former Nuclear Launch Officers Warn Congress: Trump Should Not Have 'Absolute Power to Destroy Nations'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"We and our nation cannot abide being hostages to the mood swings of a petulant and foolish commander-in-chief."

Trump sign


Better to just ban all nuclear weapons from the face of the earth.


I agree, however, as long as there is $$$$ involved…


Amen! I do not know about you, but Trump having the nuclear codes, scares the hell out of me!


Trump shouldn’t even be allowed to have a library card, let alone nuclear launch options.


Like Middle East Wars? You’re Gonna Love President Trump


Perhaps he should be required to have library card and use it regularly. Either that, or limit his TV choices to the Cartoon Network.


Trump and the Nuclear Keys
From the New York Times. Written by Bruce Blair. (One of the signatories of the letter)


While Trump blathers on, his cronies work all the cons. The long cons, the short cons, the family cons, there are cons everywhere, cons galore. He’s a batshit crazy boar, but mostly he’s the first POTUS who’s so openly for sale and an obvious billionaires’ whore. To rid this country of Trump, his cronies and a lot more, will require a revolution of the head, the hand, the heart and the soul, pretty much sea to sea and shore to shore.
Nuclear weapons are the best indicator that a country has an active death cult running its government. We’re wrapping ourselves in yellow and red warning tape, but yet we blindly go on, avoiding all our own indicators of " danger ahead ". The final bendin’ end of things is nigh, it appears.


He would only be able to access the children’s section based on brain cell activity and, who knows, a four year-old might beat the shit out of him and take his book anyway.


Damn. I really was hoping to be the one to beat the shit out of him.


Take a number, Buckaroo, take a number.:rofl::joy:


Banning them at this point would do nothing. We need to stop the warmonger in his tracks, get him out of office.