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Former Obama Campaign Manager Led Austerity-Loving Tories to Victory


Former Obama Campaign Manager Led Austerity-Loving Tories to Victory

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

After the surprise win of the United Kingdom's Conservative Party in Thursday's national election, the spotlight has now fallen on American political operative Jim Messina, who led the pro-austerity party to victory.


Lauren, please note, Max Baucus is the former senator from my state, Montana, not Idaho!


Wonder if anyone out there still thinks there is any significant difference between the republicans and democrats…


The only contradiction here

Is believing there is one


What a shame the politics in my home country of UK is now going to be every bit as disgusting as the politics here in the US - I am ashamed of this so-called ‘progress’ - the UK will live to regret this new development !


To me this article is mostly about people who will do and say anything for money.


And he can slither under doors and around corners without any detection…he goes where the BIG money flows…he and his mirror image, Karl Rove on the Rep side, make quite the pair. Both are paid handsomely for their services, obviously. They are poster boys for campaign finance reform…take the money out of elections and let the people research their voting choices without the obfuscatory and distorted media (print and TV/Radio) ads.


OK. So, what’s the story here? Messina has been a Clinton Dem for years. In the US, we began implementing the austerity agenda as far back as the 1980s, rolling it out slowly, from the bottom up. Bill Clinton, a solid neoliberal, put the austerity agenda into full force.This is when much of the rightward pull (or arguably, the takeover) of the liberal media came into play. Throughout, much attention was given to effectively dividing liberals and the “left,” pitting people against each other by race and class to ensure that there can be no push-back. They won, we lost.

A note on MSNBC: it appears that a comparatively liberal spin was initially used for the purpose of building up an audience. MSNBC then took a gradual, steady right wing turn following the firing of Keith Olbermann. They have played a strong role in successfully pitting us against each other by class and race. The last time I watched it, they were comfortably resting on the political right wing.


No, this overall strategy has been in play since Reagan/Thatcher.


Yes, there is, as we have clearly seen since the 1980s. The Republicans write the agenda, and the Democrats implement the Republican agenda.


“First of all, the prime minister laid out a compelling economic vision, and second you had a campaign that tried to take us back to the 1970s and 1980s,” Messina said of Cameron’s liberal Labour Party challenger, Ed Miliband."

This is classic Clintonism. A group of amoral, Third Way, Blue Dogs, formed a sort of Scipionic Circle round the Clintons and convinced the public that the New Deal and its rationale had become irrelevant in the global world economy. The rest is history. Blair shived Labour in a similar way. Messina, the worst of the “political class.”


This was no surprise to the 10-million twitter followers of Russell Brand. The UK, is a top-down system of government, feigning to seem as a populous, bottom-up sort - not anymore! lol Their system is totally broken, same as America’s. The working Brits are hip, now, like the populous voters here in America, who stayed home in groves, in 2014. No matter who wins, it’s s.o.s. - and more and more people are waking-up, Hallelujah!

Brand’s site might give the uninitiated a glimpse as to why a non-corporate-leaning voter knows he is on the same ol’ Plantation of days of yore!


Simply whorrible.


Neo-liberal, pro austerity, corporate shill Jim Messina and Hillary Clinton working together. Sounds like a match to me. And, if we are unfortunate enough to have her succeed fellow TPP shill Barry the Liar, I’m sure that she and Tory David Cameron will get along just fine. It’s the huge majority of us that will continue to suffer.


One is the right wing in the American one party system and the other is the other right wing.


In case anyone got the idea Messina ran the campaign, Australian strategist Lynton Crosby was campaign manager. (If Messina was toxic before, associating with Crosby will make him immune to any antidote.)


Though wishing would make it so; we’d all be better off. But I don’t think they stayed home in groves. It was more likely droves.


That would be unfortunate; I’m always saddened when evil people die unrepentant. But wouldn’t it make sense to put him on the No-fly list? A terrorist danger to the US and the world? Seize his bank accounts and assets; let him live out his life in exile on that small island, gathering coconuts and hunting and fishing and driving a cab.


USAian spin-doctors playing games with the British elections? And I thought we had got shot of you lot in 1783!


Hillary Clinton will never get this woman’s vote precisely because she is in bed with political operatives like Messina. Clinton has been on a crusade to become the first female president her entire adult life, and has actively been campaigning for it since the day after her husband left office. And she is wildly wealthy, so why isn’t Messina already on her payroll? Why did Messina go off to England to help secure Cameron’s win with just eighteen months until our own election? If Messina supports Hillary, then can we assume her positions match Cameron’s? And if that’s the case, why would Democratic women, or any woman for that matter, vote for her?

And why the hell are American political hacks working English politics in the first place? This is a coup of an entirely different order.