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Former Pinochet Officer, Investigated for Torture and Murder, Taught at Pentagon



When the DOD/Sec State embraces Terrorist Training at the School of Americas
The results became a moot point. This is US Policy, make no mistake


Our nation is being destroyed from within. This is what happens to empires. We must somehow change our government. Our nation is a cancer on the world community spreading poverty and death every where. The force and violence we use on people in other nations is now coming home. Our democracy is gone and our standard of living is plummeting. It is our duty as citizens to rise up and change this awful situation. Hopefully we can do it politically and vote out all the corrupt. That means we have to recognize that the two major political parties are equally evil and never vote for either bunch of greedy psychopaths again.

What we have now is a government by the vastly wealthy and what we want is direct democracy. We need Representatives who will vote as directed by their constituents and not follow the directions of their corporately funded political party or the very rich who give them generous bribes. We need some honest moral and ethical people in our government. There might be one---but I doubt it. Vote them all OUT!


The main job of the pentagon is to destroy democracies, including in the US.


"His hiring undermines our moral authority on both human rights and
in the war on terror," Chris Simmons, a former Defense Intelligence
Agency and Army intelligence officer who specializes in Latin America,
told McClatchy. "If he is in fact guilty of what he is accused
of, he is a terrorist. Then who are we to tell other countries how they
should be fighting terrorism?"

The Onion


Mr. Covarrubias is nothing but just another torturer and murderer that happens to be Amerika's thug, like so many around the world that there are too many to name. And the fact that Mr. Covarrubias taught at the Pentagon for 13 years tells you that the Pentagon condones murder and torture as long it is their murderer and their torturer!


If there were a countervailing Department of Peace, where negotiating were developed rather than Waring, we would be so better off. Why isn't that possible?


I applaud McClatchey for their reporting on this. It may also lead to the structure of our Reagan era culture of overthrowing regimes.


Amerka is a nation of the most corrupt of war criminals. Kissinger is surrounded by war criminals like the drone murderer Obama, and war mongers like McCain, Graham, and so many more that he has immunity from prosecution because the people like Obama that protect Kissinger among others, know they are protecting themselves from being indicted for war crimes.

Like the quote from Obama:" We need to look forward". Not look back at what this most egregious war criminal Bush... did in the past.


"His hiring undermines our moral authority on both human rights and in the war on terror," Chris Simmons, a former Defense Intelligence Agency and Army intelligence officer who specializes in Latin America, told McClatchy.

if one wants to be brutally frank, there never was a time in History that the United States of America had "Moral Authority" to undermine outside that which they simply CLAIMED as their own and this was true from the very first when those pilgrims cited a "moral authority" to slaughter the lands original inhabitants.


Things have fallen apart for the 'American' identity. It is deeply mired in absurdity. To maintain any discussion with it is now obviously non-nonsensical. The point of reductio ad absurdum is long past. Its much touted wisdom has always been conceit, its wealth mere riches, its adults mere kids.
Chris Simmons is a snide apologist for this. After all, for 'American moral authority' to be 'undermined' America has to have or at least have had some.
It is now abundantly clear that all claims to the latter have always been absurd. It never has had any. The very founding of the USA has turned out to be the cause of an absurdity so monstrous as to be well known by all even those in denial the whole world now. Ask the NA "Indian".
God, what an embarrassment. Those who do not accept this better wise up. They have mountains to dwarf the trillions of toilet paper 'dollars' to move if they wish to reclaim any morality for the USA. Far better to cancel the entire thing; encase it in a sarcophagus to dwarf Chernobyl's.
The world will do better without the USA and would have better had it never been. Some identities never reach a level to justify the description human. All they ever touch turns to dross. .
Fascists and Nazis believe force rules. The fascist at least entertains the idea that this rule will be to the benefit of all. The Nazi only serves self no matter what else he says. This latter is the much touted American Individualism.
Trickle down boys and girls. The waste pipe awaits.


Actually, I think it was far more complex, and devious. I think the criminal Nixon White House and their dirty tricksters were able to successfully drive a "wedge" between labor and peace-youth (natural allies), think Karl Rove, he's a descendant of that horrible group which has caused unimaginable death and grief.