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Former US Drone Techs Take European Stage to Condemn Bombing Program


Former US Drone Techs Take European Stage to Condemn Bombing Program

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In Brussels this week, two former U.S. drone technicians are speaking out against the aerial bombing program as the European Parliament gears up for a hearing on unmanned warfare and the U.S. prepares to confront its own legacy on drone strikes.

At an event with campaigners on Thursday, Cian Westmoreland and Lisa Ling, who worked on the military's drone technology systems, criticized the bombing program for what they say was a lack of recognition for human life.


Here are the voices of two people of moral integrity and courage. Kudos to them all!

To be a “whistle-blower” today is to expose inhumanity and profits above all else, even people, and our politicians are so devoted to war and death, usury and exploitation, greed and arrogance they will do anything to keep the truth-tellers silent and the public uninformed.
Instead of lauding a persons integrity and dedication to the Common Good, they are threatened, hunted, prosecuted and imprisoned. Our so-called “leaders” are no more than criminals that work to keep the public ignorant of the truths of what is being done in our names!

True leaders of such courage and integrity have paid the price in a small plane crash, an open-car motorcade, walking thru a hotel kitchen or standing on a motel balcony…countless often nameless others as well… .so-called 'leaders" we are left with usually have no integrity or moral compass, or courage…and now silence critics.


I appreciate Westmoreland for finally coming forward, it’s just too bad he didn’t feel “horrible” before he helped build the fucking slaughterhouse…


These people/creatures are completely evil and out of control.


“Lack of recognition of human life” Hey, if you cannot see your targets (from your remote control unit in Nevada), then how can you tell if they are human or droids or robots…a potential defense??? (Snidely written) Remote-controlled killing by drone separates the pilots/targeters far removed from their targets thus there is no visible carnage or up-close-and-personal observation of the destruction and devastation. Also makes it easy for the DoD to avoid head counts (of the perceived “enemies” or non-combatants) and conduct any reconnaissance in the aftermath…no U S personnel are needed on site and the “enemy” kill rates can be inflated (collateral damage has not been recognized by the military/DoD since Vietnam). Out of sight, out of mind. Our nation (and others participating in drone warfare or mine warfare) has sunk to an all-time low both domestically and internationally… the spoils wrought by hubris, nation-building and worship of the almighty $$$.


“nontraditional battlegrounds like Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya
since 2009, leaving out figures for active war zones like Iraq and

So Afghanistan and Iraq are now TRADITIONAL battlegrounds for the USA?. What a marvellous cultural tradition has the USA.It can now claim that traditionally that it is at war with people who have done it no harm.


Some may percieve, perhaps not incorrectly, that a death rate is trying to be achieved which meets or better yet exceeds the birth rate in certain countries; but Lord God in Heaven, such a waste. A mother, regardless of nationality gives birth to and painstakingly raises a beautiful son or daughter in hopes they will live long and prosper only to see them killed senselessly. Pray, brothers and sisters that God will be merciful and help us in all countries turn away from the beastly temptation to hate and kill which is always of the Devil and his objective in stoking war.