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Fort McMurray Wildfire Grows Tenfold as Mass Evacuations Continue



... linking those factors [climate change, fossil fuel era] amid an ongoing tragedy risks appearing insensitive to the residents' ordeal.

"Anytime we try to make a political argument out of one particular
disaster, I think there's a bit of a shortcut that can sometimes not
have the desired outcome," he said.

That is some of the stupidest shit I ever heard.

Between 80,000 and 90,000 people have already been forced to flee from their homes

and "suggesting" there are human-behavior based reasons for this, rather than it being some beyond-control "act of god", is a problem? "Insensitive" to their plight? As Scrooge said, "I'll retire to Bedlam."


Talk about insensitivity. What has Fukishima to do with this tragedy? Even the other fires elsewhere? Your lack of empathy for these people right now and right here is weird. A lack of empathy!!!


It is typical of politicians to use specious arguments when they are forced to talk about something they would rather not talk about. Dry conditions due to global warming are the root cause of the fast spreading 'hot' wild fire. Whether it was sparked by a lightning strike or a careless match or cigarette butt is immaterial. The dry tinder forest is the cause of this fire's rapid advance and that needs to be talked about.

The role of global warming is what this fire is about and not some silly karma bullshit either. Just plain hard science and the hard facts straight out. The forests are dry and that is not normal and that results in giant fires like this. Think this will be the only one? Expect this kind of big hot fire to happen over and over because the dry forest conditions are due to global warming.

These poor people - this city - may be only the first to be destroyed in North America by the changed conditions. The fact that conditions have changed needs to be talked about whether a politician wants to talk about climate change or he doesn't! It needs to be pointed out specifically because it is the cause of this.

Global warming caused this fire and will keep causing more. That should indeed be what is discussed.


Yeah okay sure. So what does Fukishima have to do with this fire again? In fact what does Fukishima have to do with global warming and the changed forest conditions? I missed you explaining that?


I think it important to recognize these just working people. They are not the one percent nor were they born to great wealth. They come from right across Canada, many of them from small centres where the only jobs are work at a Wal-mart for minimum wage. Others have seen their own jobs out sourced due to NAFTA or other trade agreements.

A good many are from regions with Chronic unemployment or off farms trying to earn enough extra money just to pay down debts and keep the farm in the family.

Added to that mix are migrants and refugees from abroad from places like Somalia and Latin America. Contrary to what so many claim the majority of these people want to work and do not just get into Canada so as to draw welfare.

Up until recently there was always good paying jobs up there even for peoples that were uneducated and only had known life in a village in Somalia.

They are decent people. All along the highway going South people from small communities are turning out to help be they Muslim or Buddhist, Jewish or Christian or Atheist. Mosques and churches and synagogues offer up their lots for parking and their temples to sleep in.

A woman offering free meals at a roadside cafe on the road out put it this way. She said these are our people. They come from our communities. They pass through here all the time on the way out or in and always stop here to eat or buy gas. They are always friendly and treat us with respect.

Yes there needs to be a reckoning and a refocus on just what those tarsands plants mean as far as our collective futures concern. But let us not villify people who do as so many around this world do when such disasters strike when they come out show the compassion people are capable of.


Thanks for appointing yourself sensitivity cop.

Meanwhile, the real world does not give a shit about your sensitivity.


First nations updates - Alberta wildfire updated May 6, 2016


Even in a disaster like this one there are heartwarming stories:
It is poignant, that those who have suffered the most also have the greatest amount of empathy. Canada is receiving an injection goodwill and exemplary leadership from their newcomers, which we could well do with here.

Some advice to the GOP nominee: Print that out and stick it on the mirror you use daily and fix your pompadour.


You stand in wood knowing fire is quickly surrounding you and breathing ash for days at a time battling to keep that from happening and yeah you might be more sensitive to fires. Some people here are so full of talk on this site that they have become remote from the need to have done something themselves. This forum is losing the activists and the doers in favor of the opinionists with little actual connection to the things they comment on. Dorm room debaters grown to maturity? Nit picking spelling and minor points.

I respect the fires and I do feel for these people. That doesn't mean that I don't feel for others involved in a tragedy but you have to be remote to think it all gets lumped in together. So you or he should go up to those people in Alberta and start talking about Fukishima and so forth and they will look at you like you are insane. You are the insensitive ones for not connecting with people in a real way in their particular tragedy except maybe in that typically remote intellectualism very much like do politicians who also 'feel your pain' etc. Just what has Fukishima to with this? Nothing!

Those people passed by the flames and that is way too close since radiant heat can cause gas tanks to explode. Yeah I have some sensitivity for what they are going through. Too fucking bad if it doesn't meet with your approval okay!


Another piece that focuses only part of the tragedy and implications of MMGW of this fire, the effects on a city created to exploit the Tar Sands - the human tragedy.
This is a consequence of the utter failure of politicians world-wide to really face the situation and act forcefully for decades or even now. The COP 21 "summit" was a charade and continuation of business as usual zero enforcement or any really significant change in the activities of humans, only empty promises and more decades of delay! Hey, gotta sell those oil & gas leases, right Mr Obama?
This piece fails any mention the disastrous consequences/effects on Native Tribes and their society and wildlife - on the environment itself. The destruction of the ecosystem will spread and consume vast areas until major rainfall - but weather patterns are shifted and we may be witness to much more destruction and tragedy before this disaster is ended


Send your contributions to the Red Cross. People's generosity could help the Red Cross offer larger holiday bonuses this year for its upper management. May be they can redecorate their headquarters again, like they did with the California Earthquake money years ago.

There must be a better place for people who want to help out to send their money. The Red Cross has a long history for using funds that have been collected for a particular disaster for other things. The Red Cross operates in a manner that is close to criminal.


" best way to help is to donate to the Red Cross." hmmm, I hope there are other local groups. Red Cross has been questionable in the past about actually getting $ to people. I think their top people make big $


You prove my point. I guess you feel those chemtrails are at fault for this fire huh? Very empathetic!


-- where Geoengineering Watch is apparently a corporate troll site. Corporate trolls don't care how many people die or how many people lose their homes and their livelihoods. That's why huge corporations need laws to constrain them.


Excuse me but what does that have to do with this? Equally if in a thread discussing that tragedy if someone inserted some comment about Fukishima or this fire that would be insensitive to those victims ...yes it would.

The problem with emotive responses to news items is that they all are indirect experiences. A fire in Canada,, a drone attack somewhere, Fukushima or whatever... They are all news stories ultimately and the emotional response is to a news item. When someone has a more direct connection to something they move out of that commentator zone of emotionality and their responses often get less polite because they have some actual connection to their responses. They see that standard 'politician's response' which seems very much like the comments of many people on this site and in other forums. You know how the politicians say how they feel your pain? Sure they do. See that geoengineering response? Also part of that 'news item emotional response' commenting. He doesn't feel their pain though he thinks he does. Geoengineering is important he would say. Yeah okay, opinionists rule?

It is all the same to people who sit at home and have no specific connection to news stories except their opinions. Excuse me... In fact please forgive me... I have tasted the ash and breathed the smoke and slept on the ground exhausted knowing that in the middle of the night that it could get hairy as hell because you just don't know where the fire will go and it is close enough that they tell you to get yourself ready to evacuate before you go to sleep. I feel real bad for these people because I remember actually and while I have sympathy for victims everywhere... This particular kind of thing is not just another opinion for me. So sorry. Please go on writing your opinions but spare us the raw emotions (sarcasm) experienced when writing about something sitting safe at home. Or maybe you have some real world experience that you might share instead. How about that maybe? Why don't you do that?


Thanks for taking over yet another thread with your personal umbrage that everyone does not stick to what you insist are the boundaries.

We are sharing our real world experiences, and our views on matters that concern us and the world.

Please, give us another lengthy reply that asserts your personal umbrage, and outlines the boundaries you insist on. In keeping with your standard practice of being unable to stop or hear, i'd expect you to contribute at least five more useless posts along these lines.


Here's some more irony for you out here in the real world. A property owner in Ft. St. John BC went on Facebook offering his vacant properties to shelter Ft. Mac evacuees. The problem is that a fire has now sprung up near Ft. St. John and the whole town may have to be evacuated in turn. This is what we are dealing with now, and for who knows how much longer.


Wereflea - considering what you are saying in another of your posts here, it looks like you and tomjohnson are on the same team. You are saying the same thing about climate change. tj was not being insensitive of the people in this tragedy.


I'm sure this has been stated in other related articles, but what was the cause of the blaze and is the presence of all the bitumin, chemicals, and gas waste in the area a cause of it spreading so rapidly?