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“Fort Trump” in Poland Is Another Dangerous, Delusional Idea


“Fort Trump” in Poland Is Another Dangerous, Delusional Idea

Mark Weisbrot

Should the United States build a permanent military base in Poland? Dangle a couple billion dollars in front of Donald Trump ― who seems to see himself as America’s premier arms merchant, when he’s not using the presidency to make money for himself and his family ― and you can see his eyes light up. “Fort Trump,” we will call it, suggested Poland’s president Andrzej Duda, who knows how to manipulate an insatiable ego.


Russia did not interfere in the 2016 presidential election. No evidence has been presented. Why does Marc Weisbrot repeat that lie.Why does Common Dreams publish the lie.
And why does CD also publish his life that Crimea was illegally annexed. Was Crimea illegally transferred by Kruschev in the 50s from Russia to Ukraine. Do elections count.


This is from the NATO Website, NATO has expanded its grip on East Europe by extending into ex Warsaw Pact nations which they agreed never to do, NATO has involved itself in Multiple Conflicts from the Balkans to the Middle East, destabilizing nations and bombing Countries so as to put in place "Western Friendly Governments.

They send warships into the Black Sea, The Baltic Sea and off the Russian Coast in the Pacific on "freedom of passage"patrols.

According to NATO when Russia has troop exercises inside its own territory, it provocative, When NATO expands its borders Eastwards or has troop exercises In Poland, Norway and the like it a legitimate operation of self defense

Here Russia Today responding.

Here in interview with John Pilger.


Well a small handful of Russian people did, not the govt., but their impact on the elections was zero. I agree with you, I’m long past tired with this Russia, Russia, Russia BS, while ignoring our real election problem, gerrymandering and vote theft.

Fort Trump in Poland, makes perfect sense when you’re trying to start another war with Russia.


Its sad, but somehow interesting to witness nature’s ways, like sending conservatives to kill us off.


I truly do not understand where our so called “leaders” are coming from or what is going through their diseased minds. Russia is not and never has been a threat to the U.S. They do not seek empire and their nuclear weapons stockpile is defensive. Russia never invaded Ukraine or Crimea (though our lying press keeps pushing the bullshit story that Russian aggression is responsible for the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government (see Victoria Nuland and Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the neonazi coup that overthrew Kiev’s elected government). The bottom line is we have far too many neoconservatives hell bent on controlling the financial and military activities on a global basis. Russia and China refuse to play by Washington’s unipolar desires so the propaganda flys. This all reminds me of a personal story on a smaller scale. I’m a Texas land surveyor. Many years ago we had a Rodman from Wisconsin who claimed to be an expert on snakes. One morning we got a call from him at Brackenridge Hospital Emergency Room. He had been bitten by a Western Diamondback rattlesnake and was undergoing antivenon infusions. We asked him what happened and he told us he saw a small rattlesnake on the ground and was trying to pick it up when it but him. Russia doesn’t mean us any harm but just like that rattlesnake, if we keep fucking with them we’re going to get bit and the warmongering neocons are every bit as stupid as the Rodman who tried to pick up a live rattlesnake.


Putin has just about had enough I’m afraid, I’m not a big fan, but can’t blame him. Everyone in this country has been trained to believe the US saved the world in WWII, when it was the Soviets who repelled 10 times the number of German divisions, than the Allies did on the western front, and lost 20 million people in doing so. It’s why I’m a fan of the saying “Don’t poke the Bear”. Then the US claims we won it and snubbed the Soviets after the war, all to start the Cold War to increase the money for the MIC (lots of facts left out for time and space). IMHO that’s basically what’s going on with all of this resent saber rattling, it’s always about the money with that bunch, and to hell with the people of the world.


Putin’s primary motivation to interfere with elections in the US and elsewhere is to enhance The Soviet Union’s and Russia’s century long propaganda campaign within Russia to convince Russians that the US and other nations are all messed up and no Russian in their right mind would want Russia to do anything the way other countries do.

While Russian interference may not determine election outcomes, it does influence citizens’ world view in those nations.


I’d say Russia does not have to be a threat. Even a bear in a zoo becomes dangerous if one is fool enough to walk in and slap it.

And it seems that there are a good few people in American and even European government who imagine that it is wise to provoke a conflict earlier rather than later, thinking along Huntington, Brzezinski, Wolfowitz sorts of lines.

Sadly, these ducks seem to have taken over the pond.


Fat chance that Poland wants a base–like they have not had enough troubles with Western and Eastern powers passing through, and want that big fat target painted on their communal forehead.

No reason has emerged to believe that Russia played any significant role in the '16 election. There is no cause to criticize the gestures that have been made towards dialog with Russia; there is every reason to criticize this continuation of NATO’s move east.


If the greedy fools keep poking the snake, or bear, will eventually strike at what it deems an immediate threat to its well being. Only fools poke at venomous snakes. After all, all they want is to be left alone to do their own thing. For some reason (greed and power lust by a select portion of our population) that just doesn’t seem within reach. Unfortunately the indispensable nation certainly isn’t short on its population of fools. It seems the entire planet is more aware of what our so called leaders are than we as citizens of the U.S.A are. Oh, and about WWII.Yeah Russia and the Red Army lost a lot of souls in their defeat of the Axis. After the war we prance around like God’s gift to the free nation’s of the world where had it not been for the Soviets we would have been slaughtered like sheep on D-Day as well as other infamous battles. I remember growing up in the late fifties to early sixties thinking how great capitalism is when compared to communism. The “free” market and system of profit were the best. Well, at that time period in our history capitalism worked fairly well because of the regulations forged in FDR’s New Deal and a progressive system of taxation. I like to think of the taxes and laws to a governor on an engine. The governor on an engine prevents it from developing too many rpms and eventually destroying itself. The antitrust laws, taxes, and laws such as Glass-Stegall provided the same protection over the economic engine. Now that those protections are gone its anything goes, including geopolitics and IMHO we have been put on a path of no return unless we put a collar on the capitalists.


And your proof for this ridiculous statement is???


" which violated international law ― or Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election. "
Are you purposely trying to destroy your credibility??


Worth a read.


Predictably, the friends of Putin descend on this already badly skewed article to try to tilt opinion even further in the direction of Moscow.

Full disclosure: I hate Trump, and I have hated him longer and harder than Weisbrot has.

All Weisbrot has done here is regurgitate a bunch of warmed over Kremlin arguments against NATO, i.e. against defending the world order that has served the US and its allies well for decades.

Russia has been sulking about its self-inflicted defeat in the Cold War, when its foolish policies finally drove it into economic, political and social stagnation from which it could not recover. Despite what Weisbrot and other commenters here claim, NATO enlargement was entered into reluctantly, driven by the reality that Central Europe had no interest in serving as an unwilling buffer zone for Russia, and so exercised their right to request membership in NATO. (Before you start: yes, it is a right, one accepted explicitly by the USSR and by Russia as a part of the Helsinki Final Act.) While Russian analysts have trawled through statements by various US politicians in the 1989-91 period to “prove” that the US “promised” that NATO would never enlarge, they have never been able to explain why such a pledge (if it was ever made) would have been believed when the US does not run NATO - it is a genuine alliance where all members have equal voices. (I don’t expect current-day Russians to understand that, because they are brainwashed morons, but that is the truth about NATO: it’s not some mirror image of the Warsaw Pact, which was a fake alliance disguising a master-slave relationship.)

What has Russia done since enlargement started to earn the trust of NATO countries? Nothing. It has conducted two highly inept wars on its own territory, decimating the population of Chechnya in the pursuit of a few thousand irregulars, then thrown its hands in the air and handed the entire territory over to a psychotic, Kadyrov. It has waged cyberwar against Estonia, tormented Georgia and dragged it into a pointless war in 2008 (one in which Russia’s cowardly army badly underperformed, incidentally), and attacked Ukraine in a fit of pique that its puppet there had abandoned the country. It stole (there’s no other word: Putin is literally a little thief) territory from Ukraine, sparking the greatest crisis of European security since the Berlin Wall was erected, and then for good measure unleashed a bunch of LARPing idiots on the Donbas to play stupid war games that have killed over 10K and displaced millions - all so Putin could get his stumpy little mini-Putin hard. And Russia has then meddled incessantly in European and US politics, while defending the side in the Syrian conflict that is responsible for 90% of the casualties. It’s sickening, and the only thing that comes close to matching it is the incessant efforts of people like Weisbrot to paint this as the West’s fault. Disgraceful.


PS people who want a sycophantic roll-over to Putin are the natural supporters of Trump. That is exactly what he has done for two years, and will continue to do until he’s impeached. Own your president, fools - stop pretending he’s not perfectly aligned with your simplistic, fact-free naiveté.


Zero Hedge is a pro-Russian front. Once Trump is imprisoned and the damage assessment is carried out, that will be one of the first Moscow shell organizations that goes running back to Putin.


And we know who writes your paycheque. Joined CD one hour ago did you?


Hired and paid actors to Circulate boards such as this to post their “pro-western Freedom loving democracy is great message” courtesy of the Brits.

The Red under very bed message had its run under McCarthy and you guys figure “hey if it worked once”.

It was NATO that destroyed Libya by the way. The Libyans now being sold in slave markets or drowning at sea to escape the freedom that “democracy loving , freedom loving defenders of the world” NATO brought them should be thankful!